LYNX – totem animal

The medicine of the lynx is that of secrets and silence. These felines of the northern hemisphere’s boreal forests know how to move without making a sound. Thanks to their wide paws, they can walk on snow without sinking too deep. Their sideburns and the tufts of hair at the tips of their ears give them their characteristic appearance. These additional hairs act like antennae, enhancing their perception of their surroundings.

The lynx is incredibly secretive and few forest lovers can boast of having seen it.

Those with lynx medicine make excellent confidants. They will never reveal your secrets. In fact, it is difficult to hide anything from them: they will guess without your knowledge what you are trying to hide from them and you will never know.

People with this totem are often clairvoyant, but stingy about what they know. Many people who honor their psychics and clairvoyants have what is sometimes called the “Law of the Lynx”. According to this tradition, if you wish to know their secrets and receive the revelations that the blessed of the lynx totem can transmit, you must first share with them elements of your abundance. Indeed, they expect to be paid to share what they know, it is part of their medicine.

The lynx totem can teach you the virtues of discretion and silence.

It is very important not to talk about the secrets of your inner life. For the vision of another, to whom we reveal the important events of our spiritual life without scruples, can dirty and pollute our own perception. We are like communicating vessels and the biased vision of another of what you share with them can influence your own perception and thus diminish the sacredness of your spiritual experiences. Usually, we only speak of our profound spiritual events and understandings to our elders or to those who are responsible for guiding us on the path of spirit. Gossip is a detestable practice that damages the quality of our mental and spiritual environment.

On the other hand, it is very useful to have a practitioner of lynx medicine in a business enterprise. He who knows how to let others speak before he speaks always knows more than the other, and thus has a definite advantage in any business negotiation or transaction.

The medicine of the lynx consists in knowing the secrets, but of these secrets he is not the keeper. He is the one who knows, who knows how to find, but who always remains discreet and silent, wearing the enigmatic smile of the sphinx.

Use the medicine of the lynx to uncover the secrets that concern you and that have been hidden from you. Use its medicine to cultivate the virtue of silence and discretion. There are many advantages to keeping your mouth shut and what you know to yourself. Ask the lynx to help you keep confidences and secrets and so you can be rich, but no one will know, so no one will try to steal your wealth!

There are other aspects to lynx medicine that pertain to them being keepers of sacred text. There is a mystery there that needs to be unraveled, yet only lynx people will be able to do so.

That is the gist of lynx medicine. So much is still in the shadows…

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