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Conscious Earth Alliance

Free Online Weekend Conference, July 10-11th 2021

“Neo-humanism versus Transhumanism”

Welcome to our second online Conscious Earth Alliance Conference! In this conference we contrast two emergent and dissenting cultural movements – Neo-humanism and Transhumanism.

Transhumanism is a hyper-modern school of thought that explores ideas like engineering the human genome, utilising wearable, implantable or nano-technologies in the body and interlinking the human mind with Artificial Intelligence: cool or crazy? Presenters look at what agendas may be working in Transhumanism behind the scenes. Neo-humanism, in contrast, believes the entire living world is one cosmic family and that our highest human enhancement comes through inner development.

Join our talented and dedicated speakers who explore these themes in the context of a covid-crisis world seemingly in the grip of extreme corporate and governmental agendas.

Please share this invitation among your awakening friends who also see the need for us to stand up in defence of freedom and genuine democracy.

Zoom meeting info:

Meeting ID: 871 6758 1410    Passcode: 526133Time zoneSaturday 10th JulyCESTIntroduction to CEA July ConferenceClosing, sharingEndSunday 11th JulyCESTWelcome & Introduction“The human march to all round liberation”. Presenter, Peter Jadinge, long time student of Neo-humanism, the spirit of which its propounder, P.R. Sarkar, expressed in these words: “The universe is mine, all living beings are mine. I am to serve them…” “Protecting freedom in a covid-world – The World Freedom Alliance”. Presenters, Chairperson, Maneka Helleberg and well-known President, Dr Dolores Cahill.

14.45 15
15.00 55 “Hidden power and secret agendas behind the pandemic and alternative therapeutic solutions”. Presenter, Joachim Gerlach, entrepreneur and truth seeker, has been involved for many year in development and sustainability projects.
16.00 55 “Corona virus “crisis” and mRNA Vaccines: Pandemic or Transhumanist agenda roll-out?” Presenters, Chris Lonsdale, entrepreneur, published journalist and truth seeker and Patrick Botte, biologist, co-inventor and electro-physiologist.
17.00 55 “Beyond the dark occult and transhumanism”. Presenter, Harald Kautz-Vella, a German scientist and author of “The Chemistry in Contrails”, 2012.
18.00 15 – Break –
18.15 40 Q&A, discussion and responses to earlier presentations, host Ravishekhar
19.00 55 “How neohumanism can free humanity from emerging totalitarian systems”. Presenter, Ravishekhar, teacher of tantra yoga philosophy and practices, activist
20.00 20
13:45 15
14.00 45
14:45 30 “The Lozanov method – a natural approach to accelerated learning”. Presenter, Amar Fernandes, environmental activist for the last 30 years involved in forest and river preservation in the Amazon/Atlantic rainforests in Brazil.
15:15 45 “The Awakening of Humanity” workshop. Presenter, Radha Cohen, Trauma recovery and Gestalt psychotherapist, nutritional endocrinology health coach and co-founder of ‘Living Total Wellness’.
16.00 15 – Break –
16:15 30 “A doctor’s view of the agendas behind the pandemic”, Dr Kjetil Johansen, Norwegian medical doctor in private practice; emphasises food as medicine and follows the principles in Functional and Integrative Medicine.
16:45 30 “Oneness strategy”. Presenter, Dr Elke de Klerk, Co-founder of Doctors for Truth in the Netherlands, whose motto is: “Let us unite people to bring back truth and ethics into the world of medicine”.
17:15 45
18.00 20 “The Humanist Movement, its origins and activities”. Presenter, Jon Swindon, retired architect living in London, UK; volunteer in the Humanist Movement since the early seventies
18:20 30 “When technology didn’t rule the world”. Presenter, Blue Eagle, a traditional shaman of Abenaki, Algonquin, Pawnee and French Canadian descent.
18:50 20 “Neohumanism versus Transhumanism – some closing thoughts”, Presenter, Ravishekhar
19:20 20 Closing and sharing
19:40 End

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