1. Introduction

This is an article I wrote in response to many questions about the end of the Mayan calendar. This very accurate calendar ended a 27,500-year cycle on December 21, 2012. I had been invited by a Mayan organization in Merida, Mexico to celebrate the change of era with them. Upon my return I did feel a shift in the energies and wrote a series of articles every morning that became the book THE CIRCLE OF ALL OUR RELATIONS. You can find an article about this event in Mexico to which I have added some comments by going to December 21, 2019, on my blog.

I received many questions that had to do with the prophecies on this change of worlds. Many gurus and enlightened people of all colors and stripes have spoken out on the matter. From the most reliable and enlightened like José Arguelles to the most eccentric of these modern New Age would-be shamans. So, the importance of situating the question of prophecies in its entirety is important.

On the question of prophecies I can speak from personal experience. I can also testify to the fidelity and accuracy of the prophecies that the wise Elders of the First Nations of America have passed on to me. A wonderful book that has documented the accuracy of some of the prophecies is God is Red by the Lakota Vine Deloria Jr.

I have always had visions of the future. Over time and with the guidance of the Native American elders who have guided me in my training for over 25 years, I have come to understand that I have what some call, “the gift of prophecy”. But it would be more accurate to call it a “talent for understanding time”.

Time is not linear as we usually think of it. It is circular, it spirals and it’s elastic. Everyone has experienced this elasticity of time. Some exciting events make a few hours seem to pass in the blink of an eye, while in other circumstances we feel that a few minutes take forever to pass. Those with the gift can travel in spirit downwards on the time spiral into the past (which, surprisingly, is changeable) or upwards into possible futures. This notion is very important: possible futures… Indeed, every decision, every action, every word and even every thought changes the various possibilities of what can happen in the future.

Thus, when Native American prophecies are told, they begin by speaking of the distant past before telling of what is to come in the future. Our history, much older than the history of civilizations[1], is the guide to understanding the future.

When I was a teenager, I saw great catastrophes coming. Later, all the Native American prophecies gave me confirmation to the possibility of a planetary cleansing.

Later, I discovered the teachings of Anastasia. I then understood that a Woman had succeeded in changing the course of events that were taking shape. This Woman grew up in the cradle of the Creator, in the earthly paradise that still exists in some remote areas of the planet where human beings live in harmony with nature. She offered teachings that allows us to reduce the impact of planetary purification in certain regions, to avoid certain ecological catastrophes, to adapt to the eternal values of creation, to heal ourselves and the earth.

I started to apply these teachings into practice. I found that they were very similar to those of my First Nations Elders. They were even of a purer, pristine quality, and closer to the original instructions of humanity.

So yes, human beings have created a very dangerous and problematic situation. But Man can, if he wants to, change this situation and regain the health and happiness of living in an earthly paradise. If we keep our thoughts firmly fixed on healing, paradise and love for the earth and our loved ones, we amplify this reality. If we live in fear, inaction, frozen in paralysis and apathy brought on by the horror visions of the world today, then we amplify these realities. The choice is there.

The powers that be, those enlightened ascended masters of humanity, have accepted Anastasia’s plan. It is this plan that will be fulfilled. Those who persist in following the path of darkness, of fear, of violence, chasing after power, money and the perverse pleasures that damage health and the earth, will be moved to another dimension, to a planet suited to their way of being.

All the promises are fulfilled in our lives when we assume our condition as Men and Women in the natural world. For it is up to each of us, little by little, day by day, to manifest the vision of a heavenly land for all. Anastasia and the wisdom of the Elders of the Indigenous nations who still adhere to the teachings of the natural world have given us a road to follow, a sacred path, a way and a method. But it’s every family that needs to do the work that will transform from a world moving towards oblivion into a wonderful paradise. Every hectare of land on the whole planet must receive the love of the families who live there so that the new prophecy of joy, harmony and the fulfillment of our life purpose becomes reality.

In 2020 the pharmaceutical companies and the banks through a fabricated pandemic, in collusion with the World Health Organization, have taken over the governments of the planet. They manipulated the population through control of the media into believing in an epidemic that was in fact just a bad flu caused by a virus that many specialists have proven was created in a laboratory. The hidden purpose of this fear campaign was to encourage the entire population to be vaccinated. The proposed vaccines contain extremely dangerous chemicals. Some believe it is an attempt to decrease the world’s population, others believe it is to better control people, others believe it is aliens injecting RNA to modify our DNA so that we are more easily be modified and made in cyborgs, and many other hypotheses. Obviously the economic benefits to Big Pharma and Big Banks are staggering! In today’s society, the only way to know who benefits from programed events is to follow the money. One thing is certain, the vast majority of governments, with the exception of Russia and maybe a few isolated small countries, have bought into this psychosis and the side effects and deaths from vaccines are far more disastrous than the so-called covid 19 virus. The economic, physical and emotional damage created by the health measures forced upon the population, confining and imprisoning people in their homes, is infinitely more disastrous than the virus. There has been a level of censorship and disinformation by the media that has never been seen before. It is a gigantic, evil dictatorship manipulated by hidden financial powers and this dictatorship is planet-wide.

So, at this time, summer of 2021, faced with this control of dark and evil powers over the earth, I believe that there is only planetary cleansing that can bring us back to balance. The prophecies will be fulfilled as announced. On the other hand, some countries like Russia will be relatively protected. But America will be completely transformed and will become a tropical region with savannas in the central plains, much like in Africa. In the distant future, in a few thousand years, between 3,000 and 5,000 years, there will be no technology left on earth. All iron and steel will have rusted away and will be gone forever. We will return to balance and a world in harmony with nature. These technocratic civilizations will be swept from the planet and the transition will be quite painful, but necessary. On the other hand, the harmonization plan proposed by Anastasia is still relevant. In Russia they have implemented these measures and the country is doing well, unlike many other countries that are living in this terrible psychosis, a blind acceptance of this fabricated pandemic which is ultimately a fear war against humanity’s freedom to exist as humans. This is the ultimate enslavement of mankind in a blind, illogical and destructive technological and pharmaceutical matrix. But nothing can enslave the spirit and there are many who do not believe these lies and who, instead, are working to create the new earth.


2. Our power of co-creation

The Human Being, Man-Woman of divine essence, was created by the Primordial Intelligence in its own image with similar creative powers within a beautiful physical form on a planet of marvelous beauty that gives us everything we need. Technocratic civilizations have made many mistakes that have caused us to lose our connection to earthly paradise. What we need to understand is that we can recreate this paradise at will. In fact, this is the raison d’être of humanity. We are the gods and goddesses of this world. The earth is waiting for our will to co-create a family domain where we can experience happiness, freedom, joy, harmony and fulfillment of our life mission.

As we have the ability to change our current circumstances, it implies we are also responsible for the current situation. Governments can do nothing to correct the ecological, economic, and environmental problems that threaten the existence of all life on our beautiful vessel, our wonderful home, Mother Earth. Governments could, if they had the will, put in place structures and laws that would allow us to live autonomously and sovereignly on our family domains. But we mustn’t wait for them to do so. In fact, they are conditioned and programed by the economy of this world to prevent us from doing so since it would undermine the profits of the multinational corporations. But in truth, they cannot enslave us, for we are free, sovereign, worthy embodiments of divine will in the world. One day, awareness will be sufficiently widespread: we will have true sages who can transform the current political structures so that they can promote life rather than death. But what is imperative to understand today is that the future of our children’s children depends on our individual choices today.

It is important to understand that we are the architects of our own futures. There is nothing predicted that is immutable. Even astrological predispositions can be changed by man. This has been demonstrated by many sages throughout the ages. In fact, the power of Man is such that he can even change the position of the stars in the sky. I have seen this and many sages have also testified to it.

3. 3. Co-creation in the daily life where we live

Recreating heaven on earth, paradise, is a daily spiritual act. It starts in the kitchen by growing sprouts or placing plants on the windows that we have chosen according to our desires and needs. The family domain can be created anywhere, even in the center of a metropolis. The earth, even buried under concrete and asphalt, is holy and blessed. It, too, deserves to be freed from the gangue of our mistakes. So know that your daily actions to create life are the ones that liberate us and lead us to joy.

When we live in harmony with nature, which reflects the order of the cosmos, we do not need the catastrophes of planetary cleansing. They have been cyclical up to now as we have repeatedly lost the understanding of who we are. Disasters, planetary cleansing, catastrophes … will no longer be necessary if we are enlightened by the understanding of who we are for this world. What is necessary is acting upon wisdom on a daily basis.

How can you act? You are co-creators of earthly paradise. So look to life and not to death. Instead of looking for liberation individually, look at how you can create a natural living space for your family and community of family domains. This is about promoting biodiversity, a way of life where there is collaboration with the natural world. I remember always doing that, even when I was living in the city center. I remember meeting animals, birds, creating gardens, experiencing the magic of communion with nature in the city center. It gave me the wings to get to where I am now. Reflect, create, become Man, Woman and you will cancel all the prophecies of doom and the end of the world that the forces of darkness have insidiously spread in the traditions and the media of the people. Become what you are and all beings will celebrate your divinity in the beauty of the successive generations of your descendants.

4. Steps to manifest the new earth

To manifest the new earth, to restore the earth to the beauty and abundance of paradise that it originally was, to eliminate all war and famine from this world, there are a few steps that are easy to understand and relatively easy to do.

Step 1:

We have to understand what our purpose is, our mission in life. It is important to look at this carefully.

We belong to the earth and the earth belongs to us. The forces of darkness have taken the earth and the understanding of nature away from us by deluding us into believing in technological progress. This has been done by creating private property where our human relationships become an economic relationship based on an artificial value, money. But now we see that we are not happy in this system. In the epicenter of this system, the big cities, there is stress, pollution, noise, loneliness, lack of human warmth and lack of real events where happiness and joy inhabit us for long periods of time… The economic structure and the attachment to this system make even the rich feel poor and we always feel that we never have enough. Some nations suffer from obesity and others from malnutrition. The system, and in fact all systems, are deficient because they can never have the flexibility of nature, which respects natural laws while showing incredible diversity.

Man’s raison d’être is one. The mission of life is the same for all, but it is expressed in as many different ways as there are men and women. This mission is to make our planet a paradise of happiness, joy, peace and harmony and, later, when the whole planet is covered with family domains, to carry this beauty to other worlds. It takes almost a volume to explain properly why we belong to the earth and the earth belongs to us. I will come back to this … but for now let us take for granted to continue this reflection that this is our mission in life.

Ultimately, you must come to the conclusion that your mission is to help create paradise on earth, by yourself and in yourself. You must not rely solely on these thoughts, my words can only be a hint to further your own reflection. To find one’s reason for being is fundamental and everyone must do it within themselves. My understanding, informed by a lifetime of research, study, and intense quests under the guidance of First Nations elders and sages from other ancient world traditions, has shown me with clarity that each human being must take responsibility for his or her natural environment (even in the great city) and gradually, one day at a time, transform it back into paradise. This contributes to his or her development, health, happiness, joy, love, ability to find and keep a loved one, etc.

Step 2:

Once you have achieved clarity in understanding your purpose, you can set short, medium and long-term goals. Paradoxically, it is advisable to start with the long-term goals, as the intermediate steps should be determined in relationship to the long-term goal. You have to visualize these goals clearly and in detail.

Take the time to think things through. There is no point in setting out on a journey if we do not know where we are going. The capacity for co-creation that Man possesses comes from his thoughts tuned to the emotions of what right and true. The act of co-creation, of creating a world of beauty and peace that fluctuates through the seasons in a shimmer of wonder and awe, giving us deep joy, comes from our capacity to conceive and act in the natural world. This capacity is unique to man. Most of the time, this step is skipped, people go too fast. This global technocratic civilization has no interest in people being able to think calmly and come to their own conclusions based on truth. So the educational structures, the programming, the conditionings, the regulations and the laws of civilizations based on hierarchies determined by financial power have created an incessant activity in our lives that prevents us from finding the time and the training to reflect, to think and to understand the world in which we find ourselves. So be aware of this and take the time to do this step well.

Step 3:

Now is the time to energize all of what you have created in your mind: celebrate it, dance it, sing it, draw it, be a little crazy in the expression of the joy of creating. Sound and movement, word and dance are ways of activating in the energy, in the universe, the forces and powers that will enable us to achieve our goals. You can come back to this step regularly. Every time you encounter an obstacle, each time you have doubts, when others seek to restrain you and limit you, you return to the magic of the word and gesture, the magic of the song and dance. This clears the mind, strengthens the will and puts into action the energies needed to achieve our goals. This is the function of the ancient indigenous ceremonies where music and dance bring us into the trance states that propel us into the higher regions of human consciousness. This is sometimes called altered states of consciousness, the path of shamanism. Everyone can experience these magical moments. Put on some inspiring music and let the vibrations carry you through an improvised dance with no ulterior motives, no search other than your own bliss. Follow your joy.

Then is the time for concrete action. Day by day, without stress, one step at a time (remember that we have eternity ahead of us) we progress in the physical world and in life towards our objectives. We have to act, but calmly.

Step 4:

You rest in the joy of contemplation, in the appreciation of your own creation in spirit. As an example: in winter when my gardens slumber, I sometimes look at my houseplants, symbols of all the varieties of plants and trees that sleep under the snow. I see how they vibrate in unity with my mission to promote life and this gives me great joy. We talk, we exchange, we commune and the whole plant world expresses itself through them. My winter rest, as I hibernate like a bear, fills me with a quiet joy, a bliss that is eternal, I don’t know how else to express it. For yes, it participates in the work of creation that of my garden united with that of the galaxies. This is only one example, mine, but what I am trying to illustrate here is that there must be moments of contemplation of your work of co-creation that extends as far as your imagination.

Another aspect of this step is that you also have to let go. Co-creation is just that, a CO creation. We create in Collaboration with the Creator, the Great Spirit, the laws of nature and the universe. Our dreams will come true, our desires will manifest, but it may be in a very different way than what we expected. We have to agree to let Spirit act in matter, in our physical world and, once the creative impulse is given, let it follow its path. There is a letting go and having the humility to accept that our co-creation will manifest itself in often unexpected ways.

5. Finding your life mission

I mentioned in the first step to manifesting the new earth, the reason for being, la raison d’être, that everyone has to find within themselves. I will never stop emphasizing the importance of understanding our role in this world. We need to make a meaningful contribution to the world that’s in harmony with our original instructions.

When we understand our role, our place, our talents, what Creator, Great Spirit expects of us, everything becomes easier. There is no more uncertainty, no more doubt, no more harsh or disturbing questioning. There is clarity, harmony, strength and resilience. Indeed, when we know what is right, obstacles are no longer obstacles, they become challenges. The pitfalls, the unexpected accidents, the people who seek to prevent us from moving forward become tools for refining and developing our capacities and the skillful means of manifesting our purpose.

Thus, the search for our purpose in life is paramount. This is why First Nations have specific ceremonies that lead young adults to discover who they are. But we all have access to our life mission. It is encoded in our hearts. Indeed, if you want to know where your place and role in the world is and how to get there, follow your joy, go after what you love to do most.

6. The Divinity in women and men of the Earth

Many people are stuck in sad jobs they don’t like, with demanding and indifferent bosses. They are deeply unhappy and yet they stay there! They don’t have the courage to hand in their resignation and look elsewhere for a place to live that is more in tune with their deepest desires. The fear of scarcity, the fear of lack, the fear of being homeless, the fear of the insecurities of technocratic society are so intense that they remain in an unhappiness that quietly eats away at them and destroys them. In the long run, they will no longer have anything human, in the sacred sense of the word. Nor will they have the love of life that would allow them to return here, to this wonderful mother earth. What a waste! Yet, it’s so easy to live in this western society: there are so many tools, so many ways to provide for basic needs.

There are also human beings living in incredible misery in third world countries where a lot of fruit and vegetables grow naturally thanks to the tropical climate. A heavenly climate, fertile soil, and these people live in indigence, dependent on shabby and erratic jobs that give them a few coins that are quickly spent on alcohol and other drugs. That is the consequence of believing that technocratic progress, modern civilization, is the way we must go. The knowledge of nature has been lost and replaced by an artificial lifestyle that leads to the destruction of life.

We see clearly in these various circumstances the conditioning and programming of the forces of darkness. The gods and goddesses of beautiful Mother Earth are reduced to distressed and unhappy slaves. And yet, the power we have within us is limitless…

How do we inspire in the hearts of men and women courage and confidence in their divine essence? How can we transmit the understanding that the earth belongs to us and that we belong to the earth? The earth and all the plant and animal beings that live on it (and even the mineral beings for those who hear their voice) are here to serve us. It is easy and a deep joy to grow our own fruit and vegetables, to understand that we can influence the circumstances of life so that happiness and joy are with us. To do this, we must assume our responsibilities. We are men, women, gods and goddesses of the earth. It is up to us to recreate the paradise of our origins. It is useless and debilitating to turn to governments in the hope that they can correct the disastrous situation in which humanity finds itself. These organizations have been created by the forces of darkness to enslave Man. The proof is that they come to collect taxes from our pockets without consulting us. They take our life energy, our monetary vitality to build bombs and cannons. They cover the earth with asphalt and concrete. They give permission to huge corporations to destroy the earth, to pollute nature to serve the economic interests of just a few. So what are we waiting for to take responsibility?

I don’t know how to convey the understanding of our power as humans. The weight of conditioning and programming is heavy, 12,000 years of slavery and manipulation of our beliefs weigh on the consciousness of human beings today. And yet, it only takes one moment of light, of inner clarity to realize who we are and thus become free! I realize that this understanding is paramount to continue to help and heal the earth.

7. Finding the Divine Being we are

What is required to find liberation is self-confidence. Almost everyone living today suffers from a lack of self-esteem. This is by design. This is the purpose of the systems set up by the dark forces to diminish the abilities of people, so as to better control and manipulate them. The educational systems, regulations and laws of countries use the fear of failure, punishment and sanctions to influence people, so that people live in fear and are blind to the realities of the world.

It is impossible to make a captive of our spirit and soul: our eternal being is fundamentally free, unalterable, always pure as at the beginning of time. Nothing can defile or distort the purity of the soul and spirit. Thus, our essence, the deep self, the divine self, is as pure and powerful as it was at the moment of its creation. If you are interested in liberating and unfolding your capacity to be deeply happy, then know that it is within everyone’s reach. All human beings have the same infinite potential. It may take a few lifetimes to fully unfold the divine potential within you, and in fact we will never reach the end of exploring the immense possibilities we have. But today, right now, you can feel the power within you and free yourself from the grip of the dark forces.

Now, how do you access the power within yourself that leads to liberation? Everyone has their own way, their own path. This is what we must understand. We are masters of our own destiny. We were created perfect from the beginning and the potential for that perfection lies within us. We can give leads, suggestions that will initiate or contribute to your self-discovery, but the real work and inspiration will come from within, from your soul. You must therefore give your soul a path, a sacred space-time for its wings to spread.

Just as a musician cannot play a concerto on the first day, so you will not be able to vibrate in tune with the soul in one day or one week. It takes practice and it also takes tuning. One of the best ways to tune our being with the soul, the divine essence of the self, is to contemplate nature. All of nature aligns itself entirely and completely with universal law. That which is natural is true. Man’s words and works are the only ones that can lie and deviate from the universal order. We have the free will to choose because we are co-creators, created in the image of Great Spirit. The wolf does not drink beer and the tree does not smoke intoxicants. They fully respect their original instructions. All of nature does the same. Thus, if we stay long enough or regularly enough in nature, in natural spaces, over time we will begin to vibrate in harmonic resonance with the truth. This will really help us in our thoughts and will gradually free us from the grip of lies, illusions, conditionings and programming. We can also, with various spiritual practices, tune into the soul. We must be beware of the pitfalls of attachment to practices rather than to the purpose of the practice. Those who give too much importance to their spiritual or religious organizations lose sight of their connection to the earth. That is true reality of religion, dogmatism and sectarianism. The goal of the practice not the practice itself is what’s important.

We must never forget that we belong to the earth and the earth belongs to us. We fulfill ourselves by cultivating and caring for a small piece of this land that we call our family domain. This helps to solve problems such as hunger, scarcity, disease, war, etc. Whoever lives off the land is happy and becomes free.

We all have a long way to go. It is one day at a time, one step at a time. Associations are needed to help promote and protect family domains and to offer skillful ways to achieve these goals, but above all, we need to give people the space and time each day to discover and release the immense potential that lies within each of us. This is done by being in contemplation of nature and by practicing a spirituality of personal development that is grounded in ancient indigenous practices that have survived the test of time and the persecution of the dark, evil people behind this technocratic world government.

8. Conclusion: it’s up to us

Whoever has the will, has the ability. This age-old adage is full of quintessential truth. If you think you would like to, but can’t, then you haven’t put enough thought and effort into it. You are like gods and goddesses! How could it be that you can’t? Maybe there are steps and the work started today will have to continue in your next existence, but God knows you are capable. You remind me of my daughter, who was an only child with two parents who adored her and did everything for her. Something was difficult so she would pass the task on to us and say, “I can’t do it.” Most of the time I would say to her: I can’t is dead, try again”.  And most of the time, she would put some effort into it and she would succeed.

We are at the crossroads of time, our choices and decisions today will be reflected into the generations to come. This is not the time to give up or say, “I can’t.” This is the time to take courage and faith and say, “We can!” For our children and their children, for the holy and most beautiful earth mother, for the waters, the winds, the sun and the gardens, for the animals, the fish, the birds and the creepy crawlies, for the herbs, and the fruits, the vegetables and the trees, it is time to say, “We are worthy Sons and Daughters of Great Spirit! Let us honor the incredible power placed in us! Let us assume our divinity and cleanse the earth and our hearts of the mistakes and fears of the past! ”

9. Addendum: Answers to questions from blog readers

9.1. Additional Question about disasters in 2012

So there was this question: “For what perfidious purpose did the forces of darkness desire the enslavement of humanity? Furthermore, what exactly is behind religious books like the Torah or the chain of transmission of the priests, in other words, what faces can be put behind this appellation ‘forces of darkness’? ”

The high priests of ancient Egypt were the first. They enslaved the Jewish people and then manipulated their sacred books and clergy during their 40-year exile from Egypt. They created money and then the bank system. As it is written in the Torah, the Jewish people are the chosen people, chosen by Jehovah above all others, thus having the divine right to lend money to all people and receive reimbursement with interest (the banking system). With the immense power accumulated by manipulating nations with the power of money these high priests influenced all the other sacred books throughout the world creating religions that enslave rather than liberate Men. They accumulated power and knowledge by conquering other tribes and nations, then researching the occult and shamanic information held by the wisdom keepers of vanquished nations, and then killing them off, so they would be only ones holding true power. Their goal: bringing Humanity to the brink of the ultimate catastrophe so that Creator (Great Spirit, God, Allah, whatever name you give to the Primordial Intelligence) would be forced to communicate directly with them.

They have now abandoned their plan, and have rallied to Anastasia’s plan for healing the earth. Thus, the greatest and most important battle of all, a single woman won it. Food for thought for all of you who say, “I can’t.” On the other hand, the gigantic machine that the priests created (the system or global technocratic civilization) to bring humanity to the brink of destruction, continues to exist since human beings have been conditioned and programed to feed and perpetuate, at the cost of their own happiness and health, this system. Even though the high priests are now animated by Anastasia’s vision, this immense machine, the system, created over millennia, continues on its course. It is up to us who were born into this system to understand it and transform it from within.

Few people know who those high priests were. They manipulated governments, religions and corporations from a distance using the occult. They live in an ordinary and anonymous way so that no one can realize who they are. And anyway, it’s no longer important today to know who they are. It is better to focus on a healthy world, on the beauty and healing of the beautiful mother earth and on the battles in the name of the light that still have to be won. We need to bring to justice all those dark biorobots who mindlessly accept the false principles of this financial, political and technocratic system that is destroying the earth. The enemies of these evil people, of this system, are healthy people, healthy environments, the biodiverse ecosystems, family domains and community of family domains, peasant families and indigenous nations.

Today, what we need to understand is that the battle is happening on two fronts. First, in the gardens of awakened families: this is where the most important action is taking place. The earthly paradise has to be recreated on a family scale, and for this a single hectare of land is needed. Healing the earth and cultivating biodiversity is a human-scale action that gives families food, health, abundance, joy, happiness, beauty, meaning in life and it leads to the healing for the earth. Second, we have to use the tools of the system to transform the system. This is a chapter that has begun to be written and which we see growing every day. The small victory of the Kokopelli Association in France to protect the right to use heirloom seeds, which the pharmaceutical companies would like to patent to have a financial monopoly and then promote genetically modified seeds, is a good example. The story of Erin Brockovich defending the people against a huge corporation is another. We must hold to account all those who, in order to gain money and power, have knowingly harmed the physical, emotional and intellectual health of people and polluted the environment. Wherever possible, we must force them to correct their mistakes. To do this, we need to create associations and work together with as many people as possible. We need to create companies that protect the environment and provide products and services that are in tune with life. My elders, especially Sun Bear and Anastasia, have always argued and written that it is right and beneficial to use the tools of the system to transform the system.

This is my understanding of current realities, the result of 60 years of research and reflection. Each person should promote his or her own garden first. Even those who live in the city center can put flowers in their windows and sprouts in their kitchen. It is simple, but it is vital, as through this activity we reaffirm the true purpose and co-creative divinity of Man and Woman. On the other hand, we are not all destined to confront the forces of darkness. It is good then to discreetly support those who do when possible. This system is already failing, but the sooner we put an end to its illogical and destructive activities, the less damage to the environment and to living beings we will have to correct.

Clarity and truth…

9.2 Question about religions and the “promises” of ascension in 2012

Question: what about religions that promise heaven through the pearly gates, or kingdom come, and the ascension “promises” of some current spiritual currents of the new age, that we will now enter into the 5th dimension?

For 12,000 years religions have been manipulated by the forces of darkness. The true light bearers have been crucified and their teachings recovered and manipulated to serve their dark intentions. Indeed, these have been transformed in such a way as to divert Man from his true mission (which is to make the earth a paradise) and turn him towards illusory goals.

Indeed, all religions place Man’s goal elsewhere than on earth. It does not matter what religion. For example, it is written that the Heaven of the Christians is the reward of Man, or the heavenly paradise of Allah for Muslims, or the pure worlds of the Buddhas for the tenants of Tibetan Buddhism, or the awakening and enlightenment coming from the renunciation of all desires and attachments to this world of the Hindu religion, etc. The forces of darkness have also recovered the New Age, which now speaks of the ascension of Man into the 5th dimension. What a good way to divert Man from that which gives him vital energy on a daily basis, than to make him dream of illusions!

Look at this carefully. Do not believe what I write, but look with clarity and detachment at what is true. If we take good care of the earth, it offers us everything we need. The people who live on an ancestral family domain do not need to work hard in the long run as the family domain will give them everything they need; abundant food, materials for their home, a family for joy and love, pure water, clean air, health and a communion with the universe where they can develop to their full potential. So they are happy, healthy and at the peak of their spiritual and physical development. Isn’t this better than this polluted world where people live stressed, worried, sick, anxious, poor, handicapped in body and mind and trapped in illusions?

And what about enlightenment? We can easily define enlightenment as being fully and completely present here and now. It is living in the present moment. All the great mystics will talk about this. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? Why should true spirituality be complicated or difficult to master? If the Heavenly Father/Mother loves us, wouldn’t He/She have made the path to Him/Her easy to walk? Indeed, Creator continually speaks to us, in and through His Creation, this wonderful Mother Earth and the universe of perfect order and beauty. Therefore, being present and aware of the “here and now” gives us the ability to understand and read this wonderful book of ultimate truths that are inscribed in the landscapes of the natural world. Understanding His/Her creation, plants, trees, animals, elements, etc. leads us to understand ourselves and master who we are. So there is no need for religions or ascension. Just the land of our forefathers, our family domain, our rightful daily happiness in our gardens. You don’t have that? Why not? What has turned you away from wanting to live a simple, healthy, wholesome life surrounded by beautiful nature? And how will you get back to the basic truths and reclaim the right to live in this way? Everyone has to answer these questions. This is what it means to be a Woman, a Man. We are co-creators of heaven on earth. If we decide to be those gods and goddesses that nature longs to regain, no one and nothing can stop us. It is, of course, a gradual return that will take place one step at a time, naturally, slowly, day by day. To make the whole earth a paradise again, covered with wonderful family domains, we will have to work for many generations. But every step in the right direction fills us with joy and confidence.

P.S. —Oh yes, and “what about enlightenment?” I hear you asking. I was trained in a First Nations mystery school. When we were deemed ready to prove our mastery of the teachings, we were asked to produce visible light with our bodies. This was done in front of the community, usually in a dark place or at night so that it was easier to see. I passed this initiation and since then I have noticed that whenever I am truly united with divine will, that is, in a process of being conscious and present in the here and now, I give off more light. For me, this is enlightenment. And you won’t have any trouble noticing that babies and very young children, when they are happy, glow! 😀

Light and Love to all

Blue Eagle


[1] History of civilizations being around 12,000 years. Well explained by Arnold Joseph Toynbee’s 12-volume A Study of History (1934–1961). Native American oral history, verified and documented, is something around 127,500 years. Documented in : God is Red: A Native View of Religion, by Vine Deloria, Jr. (Standing Rock Sioux)


  1. A wonderful article. Many thanks for it. It speaks very much from my heart. In my garden, where harmony is at home, come several times a week ducks and pairs of ducks, pigeons to rest. They stay for hours. The little birds bathe in the sand and are happy. The roses, lavender and other plants bloom. They live their first consciousness. The big problem is the people, because they have forgotten about many things, they are conditioned and disbelieving. I am often very sad and it also makes it difficult to work with you. They want everything explained and are skeptical about things that are actually our true origin … I pray that everything will finally awaken.

    Karola Atonka


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