In all indigenous and natural peoples of the earth there have always been gatherings for cyclical ceremonies and rituals. One of the purposes of these events is the gathering itself. People have an organic need to see each other, to communicate, to laugh together, to dance, to exchange and to share. People who seldom see each other despite their love because of the distance can then exchange news from their respective villages, exchange goods they don’t have in their area, elders share information and wisdom that helps their communities, young people can seek and meet their soulmate to create couples, celebrate marriages, and so on. There are very important reasons for these gatherings which have been held as part of the cyclical celebrations of all the peoples of the earth for millennia. Even the animals have times when they gather in large numbers.

There is great wisdom in this, the wisdom of nature. We have seen for centuries that when we deviate from the natural way of life, our potential, abilities and capabilities diminish. In recent years, many scientists and knowledgeable people in their respective fields have stated that humanity is in an accelerated state of decadence, degradation and degeneration on all levels, social, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Dark forces have taken control of governments in the name of a pandemic they have been preparing for decades. This pandemic has been created to enslave us, to make us captive creatures, cyborgs, chained to their technology in order to feed the immense technocratic system that is destroying our ecosphere. The recent introduction of genetically modified insect organisms into the DNA of those receiving vaccines against this so-called virus is the most blatant evidence of this[1]. For this reason, restricting the flow of information and thus encounters between humans, confining them in their homes, is very important in order to succeed in this horror movie transformation that is taking place right before our eyes without the population being able to react.

Creation, the natural world around us, contains everything we need to manifest our highest potential. We need to harmonize with nature and ceremonies are one way of doing this. Above all, ritual and ceremony are ways of creating communion, communication and harmony with nature. Our human nature is an integral part of this.

Thus, ritual and ceremony are not occult or esoteric or magical events; there is natural magic in them, of course, but they don’t need to be shrouded in mystery. Why we do the rituals and how the ceremony works must be very clear to those who conduct them.

In my years of teaching, I always started by saying, “don’t believe a word I say, evaluate, look before and after to assess whether the practices are helping you, whether they are effective. Can they increase the quality of your lives, of your daily life? ‘One of the reasons why we are in such bad circumstances today is that people have not developed the necessary discernment. For centuries, the norms of the system have been imposed by force everywhere, so this attitude of taking everything the authorities say without discussion, without examination, without discernment, is understandable. But the consequences are disastrous.

You know our spirituality can be really logical and rational. We should not wrap our spirituality in mystery, in a context where you don’t really understand what you are doing and why. Religions that are institutions that seek to impose dogma as governments do today, these religions have wandered so far from the Source that their believers do many things that they don’t understand, nor why they do them. They speak with blind faith rather than with reasonable and logical thought.

We don’t usually associate spirituality with logic, but if we approach our spirituality with all that we are, with our whole being, which is also mental and emotional, then we realize that we really do need these moments of collective participation in the subtle, luminous and invisible dimensions.

A survey done in Canada a few years ago asked a representative portion of the general population if they believed in an afterlife and if they had or knew anyone who had had an experience of communication with a friend or relative who had died. An overwhelming majority of the people surveyed had such a belief and/or had such experiences. This aspect of human existence is non-existent in education, government organizations and mass media. Governments have become the new religion. Restricting the freedom of human beings to see each other and controlling all aspects of their encounters is literally a criminal method of enslavement, as it is detrimental to our developmental capacity and our emotional and mental health. This is why we really need to rethink our way of life and no longer trust this technocratic civilization that is global today and which advocates a materialistic existence, controlled and maintained by technology, bureaucracy, laws, blind justice and police and military violence. In this world, magic, nature and freedom are relegated to the past.

Our rituals must be truly effective and powerful. Ritual is a way to communicate with each other and with nature. So it must remain something that is natural and logical.

Question from a reader: Do you think that if someone tries to do a ritual or participates in a ceremony without believing in it, that it puts an energy that will prevent the desired effect from happening?

Of course! Communication with spirit requires a sincere commitment. Such a person could also limit the effects felt by other participants. It all depends on the strength, power and wisdom of the person conducting the ceremony and the people participating. Normally, in indigenous and natural communities, all are of one mind and this kind of situation does not exist. It is a modern phenomenon where people are skeptical. Some people do not believe in an intelligence that created the universe and underlies all of Creation. This is part of the degeneracy we talked about earlier. How these people can live without the psychic guidance of the Primordial Intelligence that underlies the world is a mystery to me. I remember how bewildered and stunned I was as a young boy when I first met an atheist. I have come to understand that this is a huge handicap that modern civilization has created to make the person ever more dependent on their technocratic way of life.

We can return to a natural spirituality. This spirituality still exists in all indigenous societies around the world that have not been overly formatted by religions. It exists in many, many natural communities that have been created in recent years. Many people still celebrate these rituals with the natural phenomena that then appear to confirm that nature has heard us. I have trained shamanic practitioners who are active in the world conducting these ceremonies (find them on The wisdom that teaches us how to conduct these rituals and ceremonies are embedded in nature. If we live close to nature, in communities, we will naturally recreate a ritual practice, natural and logical.

Elders entering for their Spiritual Elder Ceremony through the ceremonial arch

We can recreate paradise. Then health will return, a relaxed and easy way of life where it is no longer necessary to chase after money, fame or subsistence all the time. We will be able to share on a daily basis the human warmth in all kinds of encounters that are so enjoyable and meaningful for our development. It is about living intelligently as human beings. Not as slaves to false information, as cyborgs and biorobots giving without question their vital energies to technology and in the form of taxes to a system that pollutes and destroys our ecosphere. It is so much more pleasant and healthy to live in paradise, on the beautiful mother earth with its birds and flowers, its vegetables and fruits! We will achieve this by creating our family domains. It is then that in the communities of family domains that our ceremonies and rituals will be reborn and they will be logical, rational and harmonious, dictated by wisdom and the knowledge of nature. Magic will then once again be activated in our encounters and we will be able to experience the wonder and enchantment of being in right relationship with the world around us.

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