There is a special bliss that comes when we are in harmony with the divine will. This harmony that infuses every moment of life gives meaning to our trials and illuminates daily life with the light of wisdom.

The mistake we make is to seek this divine will outside ourselves, in teachings or writings. We will never find it anywhere else but in the depths of our consciousness and reflected on the natural world around us.

Spiritual practice serves as a tuner, a tool to harmonize our consciousness with divine will. In order to see the truth and hold on to it, we need to have reference points, and it is spiritual practice that gives us these reference points. If we lived in perfect harmony with nature, which always faithfully reflects universal law, we would not need spiritual practice. But we are very formatted, conditioned and programmed since before our birth by the artificial world in which we live. So, spiritual practice is essential. When we succeed in maintaining a healthy and regular practice we begin to see with clarity the truth within and around us. It is this vision that gives bliss. It also gives meaning to our lives and the courage and determination to do what is right and good. This is the greatest wealth of all, for no one and no circumstances can take this understanding away from us.  Many religions and spiritualties have confused spiritual practice with its purpose, which is communion with divine will. Practice is not a goal in itself, although some practices are more effective than others. It is not the practice or the dogmas of the various religions and spiritualties that are important but where they lead us, the wisdom that resides in our hearts.


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