We are at the crossroads. Before us is a road and a path. The road is an easy one, accepting things as they are and blending comfortably into the system. This road leads to the decay and decadence of what makes us human, right down to our family relationships, our genetics and our DNA. It also leads to the pollution and destruction of ecosystems and eventually to the end of all life on earth. But it is far enough into the future that the well-off think they will not be affected in their lifetime.  Whole populations in third world countries are already suffering from the pernicious effects of the wealth accumulated by the better off. Also, nature and the earth are already writhing in pain and many climatic and environmental upheavals are being unleashed on the earth. But this does not affect the people on the road, who feed on exquisite foods and intoxicating drinks. They entertain themselves and bask in a thousand refined pleasures, content to let the slaves of the poor masses amass their wealth, technology do their work and doctors look after their health.

The path is arduous and dangerous. Firstly, it is poorly indicated and for millennia those on the road have hidden its secrets. Thus, few people understand the real meaning of life and the keys to health and wisdom. It is not easy to know where to set foot and to walk there requires much thought and research. Secondly, those who walk this narrow path are often persecuted and shamed by those who have chosen the road. The persecutors have at their disposal the huge, blind and terrible machine that is the system and those who walk the path have only humility and wisdom to defend themselves. Thirdly, it is often a lonely path, as few people choose this way.

This path leads to the healing of humanity, nature and mother earth and to life in fullness for our children’s children. But this will come only after many generations. Except for those who will be able to cultivate their family domains and welcome their children into this space of love, few will have the intense joy of contemplating their co-creation in their lifetime. This is the way of the warrior of light who suffers no laziness of thought or questioning when he sees his mistakes. It requires great courage, humility and the strength that comes from truth and faith. Lightworkers are nourished by hope and love. They are not afraid to speak out and fight for truth and justice even if it puts them under the magnifying glass of the leaders of the road.

I have always chosen the path. I have experienced loneliness, persecution, opprobrium, doubt, but also the joy and intense bliss of seeing the small family domains of those who have understood the path and that of my small acre of land, blossoming quietly in isolated areas. I have been confronted with many battles, even in the midst of associations that were supposedly rooted in ancestral traditions. But the perversions of the system have been deeply ingrained and imposed by force for millennia and even those who claim to be part of these ancient traditions are also programmed and conditioned by the system.  We often find jealousy, ignorance and power struggles. They are ready to slander those who say: “These are the basic principles of the sacred circle. They are non-negotiable, eternal and unchangeable“.

But there is one constant in the universe. Truth always triumphs. Light always overcomes darkness. Justice always brings order to chaos. All it takes is time and the courage and perseverance of the warriors of light. In the end it is those who are in harmony with nature who will survive the gigantic upheaval of this planetary cleansing announced by the prophecies. This has begun, slowly building up and is growing with each passing year. All elements this time around.

We are at a crossroads. Have you chosen the road or the path?

Peace, Joy and Love

Blue Eagle

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