None of us are perfect. But if we are persistent and acknowledge our imperfections without judgement, we can transform them. But then we often realize that the goal was not as important as the path to get there. So our imperfections are, like our loves and passions, the most important things in our lives. They show us the path on which we must walk and where life makes sense, allowing us to overcome all obstacles and live to the fullest of what we can be.

Happiness is the result, not the goal. Happiness comes naturally. There is no need to look for it everywhere and by creating favorable circumstances. Although everyone seeks happiness, we do not find it by seeking it. No, happiness comes naturally when we accomplish the will of our soul. Ah, I hear you, “that’s complicated! What’s the soul?” Well, not so complicated. The soul is the most intimate, eternal and fundamental part of our being. On the physical level, it is located near the heart, but it is also everywhere. Ah, I hear you, “still complicated!» How can I simplify this?

No one can point to a part of you and say, “This is your soul.» Because your soul is invisible, immaterial and very personal and only the person who has it can feel it and give it the power to direct their lives. When we say in some prayers “Thy will be done”, we are talking to the soul. The soul is the part of us that is also part of Great Spirit. It is our personal creator, the one who made it possible for us to incarnate on earth. It is always with us and accompanies us from life to life. When enlightened people remember past lives, it’s the soul that makes this connection, which keeps these memories. It is always there in the heart. The problem is that we ignore it and spend our lives looking outside ourselves for happiness, when in fact it’s within us. For all power is found in the heart, the seat of the soul. If we take the time to look within ourselves, to reflect long and hard on the movement of moods, feelings and thoughts that flow within us, we will see that all these emotions are a reflection of our soul. Our soul speaks to us all the time. It is simply a matter of listening. If we listen attentively, if we look without denying or hiding anything that flows in us, the elevated or obscene thoughts, the negative and positive emotions, the vulgar desires and the high aspirations, we will see quietly, little by little, the will of our soul take shape. It shows us at every moment our reason for being, our mission in life. If we follow this path, if we act according to the will of the soul, we will see a true happiness blossom in the moments of rest. Quietly our life will be filled with true joy and quiet happiness which, like a very calm sea, will smooth out the most turbulent days and the most chaotic events of our lives. Let us remember to always let our soul take the reins of our life. To do this we must look not around us, but within us, where our most powerful and true love, that of the soul, awaits us.


  1. Wonderful true and wise words. Thank you very much for them. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult in this world in which we currently live to walk the soul path, to express and simply be. But yes, the feeling of deep happiness within oneself cannot be described with anything. All love and light I wish Atonka


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