Please Blue Eagle could you tell us about what some call wandering souls?

Yes, especially nowadays, when death has become a mystery to this technocratic society, souls can sometimes wander between worlds. They are often in great distress and try to draw the attention of the living to their suffering. In time, they may even learn to influence the physical world (making noises or moving objects, for example). Some people are also sensitive to their energies and can be very disturbed by their influence and some can see them. I was taught to help these beings to reach the light and I was able to help several families with problems of this kind. I no longer do this work, but I have trained shamanic practitioners in several countries who can help with this.

All this suffering can be avoided if we understand the link between the soul, the spirit and the body and if we have the appropriate procedure to help a person on his or her journey towards the light and their next life. Before our technocratic industrial age, everyone had this knowledge. Almost all cultures laid the body of a deceased person to rest for three days without disturbing it. It was often laid to rest where it had fallen. In this way, the soul had time to integrate all the memories of the physical body before parting with it. The eternal spirit of the person, which knows no limits, leaves the body at the very moment of death. Once the soul has taken the memories, i.e. the wisdom and life experiences, out of the body of the deceased (this can take up to three days as all these memories are encoded in the cells of the body and the soul has to collect them), then the spirit encompasses the soul and can take it into the light and the further exploration of life and consciousness. Thus, peace, quiet and serenity should always accompany death, preferably in surroundings familiar to the deceased, and the body should be moved as little as possible for three days. Unfortunately, this is not the way things are done today. We may have mastered many technologies, but in reality they are not necessary for our happiness and they have invaded our lives to such an extent that we have forgotten our true nature. Let us pray that Man will once again seek wisdom, a right relationship with the earth and that our primordial nature will once again be explored and affirmed.

May all beings find happiness and the true meaning of life.

Blue Eagle

For more info on this subject look here : https://aiglebleu.net/en/2019/03/black-magic-evil-spirits-lost-souls-and-how-to-liberate-and-purify/

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