In December 1999 I founded a company called Invocation Inc.

For the indigenous, aboriginal, first people of all continents who live in harmony and symbiosis with nature, the spiritual and philosophical truths and realities of the world are read and integrated into the way of life from the world around them. These laws of nature are written into nature by the Primordial Intelligence that created the world. The First Nations of North America call it Great Spirit. There are many other names in different traditions. Despite these different names, it is always the same Creative Intelligence.

Invocation’s vocation is to distribute products imbued with a philosophy that can encourage a return to a more balanced life, in harmony with nature, respectfully of the laws of creation. My spiritual journey, which began at a very young age, to which I dedicated my whole life, has enabled me to acquire wisdom imbued with these ancestral wisdoms. I’ve been able to update them for the modern world in perfumes that are entirely natural and beneficial.

The Native Essences, a particular form of First Nations aromatherapy, are natural fragrances that have specific virtues. Here is the story of the first two Native Essences in this 21st year of Invocation Inc.

I was inspired to create Invocation’s first and most popular Native Essence when I was giving care to Native Americans from the Far North who were hospitalized in an intensive care unit in Quebec City. I had been asked to care for them by a Naskapi elder, Noat Einish, whom I had accompanied a few times on her path. Usually, at the beginning of a traditional healing, we purify the place and the person with the smoke of sacred herbs. But it was impossible for me in the intensive care unit where there was oxygen, closed windows and ever-present medical staff, to use the ritual purification with the smoke of cedar, sage and sweetgrass. In such an environment, the electromagnetic pollution was even denser, the person being connected to many devices. Without purification I found that I was less effective with my energy and spiritual healing. I had to find a way to purify the energies without the smoke.

So I turned to essential oils. I added sweet grass extract to the white sage and Canadian cedar essential oils in corn alcohol to diffuse them quickly into the air. It was then that I realized that I was making a perfume since it was in alcohol. A first interesting mixture appeared, but its smell was frankly unpleasant. I then went to train with a French perfumer— Michel Roudnitska son of the legendary great french perfumer Edmond Roudnitska in the French capital of perfumes— Ville de Grasse —and with an essential oil specialist— Mikaël Zayat— in Quebec, which allowed me to continue my research in order to obtain an effective essence with a pleasant fragrance. I also conducted spiritual research in parallel. Indeed, for my creation to be equivalent to traditional fumigation, it had to be used as an offering. I therefore included a shamanic ritual to its development, in the form of encoding in the liquid the intentions “purification, protection, healing and inspiration respectfully of all beings”. I was very pleased with the result: I was even surprised to find that my native essence was more effective than traditional smudging (fumigation)! I realized that it could be useful to many people. I added a purifying plant essence representative of each of the four colors of humanity: lavender for white race, frankincense for the black race and sandalwood for the yellow race. It already contained several essences of the red race of the Americas. The “Liquid Invocation Incense”, now called “Chiiyaam”, was born and could travel the world, as it would be effective everywhere!

Many, many therapists in over a dozen countries use Chiiyaam professionally. Tens of thousands of users love the calming, relaxing and purifying effect that enhances their daily lives. Like traditional smudging, Chiiyaam purifies the environment and people. To purify yourself, simply spray Chiiyaam on the palms of your hands and pass them around your body with your palms open and facing you. To purify a place, Chiiyaam should be sprayed towards the four corners of the room, and for an object, Chiiyaam can be sprayed directly onto the object or onto the hands, which are then passed around the object. Therapists appreciate the power of its instantaneous action and its rapid dissipation. Only a slight, very pleasant fragrance remains in the air. It helps to sleep, to renew one’s energies after a day’s work and to find inspiration when trying to engage in a stimulating activity.

Miwah’s story began 8 years after the founding of Invocation when we first had several full-time employees. At the request of the women who worked in our offices, I was commissioned to create a more feminine Native Essence, which would have sweet grass as its main ingredient. I turned to the French Haute Perfumery to help me create a fragrance that would complement Chiiyaam, an energizing Native Essence. Miwah is largely the work of the renowned master perfumer, Michel Roudnitska. I contributed to the final phase of its creation and the choice of certain ingredients for the desired shamanic effect.

The assortment of plants that make up Miwah creates a synergy that unfolds over time, like music. The first note (top note) of bergamot and mandarin is light. It brings enthusiasm and is an invitation to creative activities. The second note (middle note) of clary sage and vetiver is floral and richer. It encourages the beneficial energies to remain, to take root. Finally, the third note (base note), which lingers for a long time, is deeper. It is composed of sweet grass, oak moss, geranium and vanilla.

As with all Invocation perfumes, I perform a shamanic ritual when making Miwah. This ritual serves to amplify its properties by encoding the following intentions: to attract beneficial energies, favorable circumstances, clarity and harmony respectfully of all beings.

The use of Miwah is complementary to that of Chiiyaam. Chiiyaam is ideally used first, to soothe, calm, relax and purify. It works immediately, dissipating quickly. After about fifteen minutes, Miwah can be used as a perfume, ideally on the wrists and neck or on clothing, to bring dynamism, enthusiasm and creativity. Its effect will be more gradual, but its fragrance and effects will develop throughout the day.

A little-known feature of these perfumes is that they are crystalline, a structure achieved through encoding. Thus, if the person using them is careful to formulate intentions that are compatible with their encodings when spraying them on, these intentions will be amplified by the fragrance, as if it were crystal!

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Peace and Joy on this beautiful spring day!


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