THE ELK – totem animal

The elk speaks to us of endurance. This totem teaches us how to measure our efforts so that we can provide constant energy without burning out. This is a particularly important medicine in these times of great stress. It is a factor that we all need to take into account. Indeed, recent studies show that we have one thousand five hundred times more stress today than our pre-industrial ancestors. This is why almost all of us are deficient in vitamins D and B12. The blind supporters of modernity then have the nerve to tell us that we are living in a time of great progress! In fact, quite the opposite is true. If progress there is it’s the machines benefiting from it.

An often shared story about the elk tells how it escapes from extremely ferocious hunters like the cougar.

At the base of a forested mountain, the elk, sensing the presence of a cougar, took off running towards the top of the mountain. From the start it set a steady and constant pace. The cougar, seeing that it was discovered, took off after it at full speed. He was much faster than the elk and the distance between them quickly decreased. The elk did not falter nor did it increase its, speed, purposely yet calmly running for the summit. Seeing the distance diminish, the cougar again broke into a mad dash. But he was easily exhausted as he struggled to keep up with the elk. So the cougar had long since given up the chase by the time the elk reached the top of the mountain, with still energy to spare, barely out of breath.

The elk is also an animal that expresses itself through many different sounds. It is particularly fond of the company of its fellow creatures. It is one of the only animals that enjoys the company of its fellow animals of the same sex, except during the mating season when the other males become adversaries that they fight to obtain the right to procreate. A male then has a harem, sometimes up to twenty females. This is why the seduction medicine of the Native American flute is associated, in many First Nations, with elk medicine.

People who have elk medicine are thus beings of great energy, who always reach their destination. Even if they don’t get there first, they get there with energy still in reserve. They know how to measure their efforts and cultivate their endurance. They know how to recharge their batteries with others and are loyal friends who can be counted on. They know how to express themselves, and find great joy and power in their ability to express what they experience and what they want. They are gregarious, needing to work with others or in the public eye, and will be successful in almost anything they undertake, because they know how to work at it with energy, perseverance and regularity.

The elk man will defend his partner and family with great determination and energy. He is an excellent family man, always open and attentive to his family. On the other hand, his great energy means that he is also inclined towards other women and very comfortable in multiple relationships. He is loyal in his own way, for despite his inclination to multiple relationships, he will never abandon his family and will always provide for his own. He is often a chief, a leader and a boss.

The elk woman expects her man to seduce her with volubility and conquer her with energy, and will then be completely devoted to him, comfortable in her relationship with such a man. She takes pleasure in the tasks of the house as she never tires, knowing how to draw from her relationships and her times of reflection the energy to always be happy. She is a particularly devoted mother to her children, especially when they are very young. She can also take a leadership role in the workplace, especially if there is a predominance of women in her environment. She will then be an enlightened and easy to love leader, who does not impose her authority but rather is obeyed by her co workers desire to please and emulate her.

Use the medicine of the elk to cultivate stamina and know how to measure your energy at work. Use its medicine to seduce the woman of your dreams! And finally, use its medicine to support you during exceptionally demanding times at work and in the family.

This is the medicine of the elk.

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