To address these time-reaching topics let’s start by looking at what ancient traditions around the world say about them.

In the Bible we see the description of the venerable age that some ancient saints would have reached. Solomon is said to have reached over 2000 years, Moses over a thousand years. In the Native American world, I have an elder who met an old Native couple who had been living in seclusion for a long time in an Appalachian forest in the American Southeast. The man died a few years ago at the age of over 800 years. His wife, still alive when my elder spoke about her some 20 years ago, was also over 800 years old. A famous friend of mine, the man who invented rebirth, a method of internal cleansing that uses the continuous breath, Leonard Orr, was very interested in immortality. He traveled to India to find immortals. He met eight people over 300 years old. Among them was a guru who had been living in the same ashram for 2000 years. Every day his disciples write down the words and gestures of the master. The room that contains these writings is filled from floor to ceiling with large volumes that document the constant presence of this man in this ashram for the last 2000 years. If you look closely at the Taoist traditions of China, you will see a special veneration for the teachings of the immortals. They are historical figures who evolved to the point of having the choice to stay in this world as long as they wanted and who gave teachings that are at the heart of Taoist philosophy. They are the ones who created some of the greatest martial arts in this world. If you look at the teachings of Tibet, you will see that an Enlightened One of immense spiritual power, the one who brought Buddhism from India to Tibet, Padmasambhava, more often referred to as Guru Rinpoche, lived in Tibet for several thousand years. He is a historical figure. Whatever the nation, if you look closely at the ancient traditions in harmony with nature, you will find the understanding that at a certain level of evolution the Awakened Human Being has the ability to transcend death and live as long as desired in the same body. Some traditions say that until we have lived at least a hundred years and then some in a well maintained and healthy body with continual spiritual practice it is an illusion to think we can begin to understand and practice the spiritual practices that lead to immortality. I also understand that the will to help others can greatly impact one’s health especially today when there is so much ignorance and a medicated, artificial, synthetic lifestyle with countless diseases of the body and mind.

I studied for 25 years with a crystal priestess in a Native American clan that has retained its ancestral health practices. She said that the three ancestors who trained her died at the ages of 120, 125 and 127. These sages were still supple and lucid at the end of their lives, practicing sacred dances every morning. The decision and act of leaving this world was voluntary and painless. It was not illness that took them, but the deliberate act of projecting their spirits into the other world. This ancient Native American tradition says that a man who leads a healthy life with a minimum of spiritual practices should naturally live a healthy life until the age of 125.

There was an interesting experiment in the middle of the 20th century at a university in this country that I remember. A rabbit’s heart was immersed in solutions of great purity with the essential nutriments a heart requires and animated by electrical inductions so that it would beat at regular intervals, like a real heart. I remember seeing it as a youngster at a science fair in Saskatchewan over 50 years ago. Being constantly cleaned by the solution in which it was bathed, this heart continued to beat, the cells to renew themselves constantly, without accumulation of toxins, for many years, without ever deteriorating, much longer than the life of a rabbit. Leonard Orr said that the immortals of India taught that purification practices allow the body to remain young as long as the will to live is present. In other words, if you purify faster than you toxify the cells can renew constantly. Indeed, if the cells know how to renew themselves, why would they age?

There is an exceptional healer in Russia who knows how to renew the organs of those he treats. When Grigori Grabovoi sits down to meditate on the fundamental original etheric blueprints of the organs or limbs of his patients, it is said that he restores the original programming, the one willed and created by Great Spirit (or God if you prefer this name, or as I prefer, Primordial Intelligence). For example, a diseased organ that had been surgically removed will reappear at the end of his treatment, as evidenced by the X-rays of people whose recovery has been documented in Russian hospitals according to Grabovoi’s books. Grigori Grabovoi argues that death is not necessary, that it is in fact a perversion of the Creator’s original instructions. He claims that we can live forever, in the same body, if we comply with nature’s original instructions. Notaries have documented the testimonials of several families who have seen one of their relatives resurrected by Mr. Grabavoi. These people had been dead, some for several days, some for several months, some for several years! They do not stay with their families, as they had been completely transformed by this experience, according to the writings received from there, but visit them after a period of acclimatization for a little hello! Grigori has written a whole volume which gives several procedures for doing this. I tried this with my pet, a dog I have had for 15 years that died many years ago. That is story for another time. I would say that it was a semi-conclusive experiment. 😀 LOL. I mention this as we really need to expand our vision of health and the reality of mind’s power over matter.

The solutions are within our reach to have a long and healthy life. We were created in the image of Great Spirit, with incredible creative power. If we use this creative power to live a healthy life according to nature’s laws, creating gardens and natural living spaces, we become co-creators, what Native Americans call a True Human Being.

I have been interested for years in our ability to live a very long and healthy life. I have found many natural products and spirit technologies that are said to increase life expectancy. I am experimenting with all of them, retain those that are effective and feasible, and find myself stronger and more vibrant because of them. I have been passing on this knowledge and these products continuously for decades.

But what I can offer you this morning? What I can freely share here is a simple method for maintaining the memory of our subsequent incarnations on earth. It is a way of choosing those with whom we wish to live, from life to life, which facilitates the memory, for then we can confirm with our loved ones our memories from other lives. This method is simple, but like anything else its regular practice that makes it possible.

It could be defined as giving an immortality to the spirit, since it creates a memorial continuity of our renewed presence on earth.


I received the teachings of this method for finding our loved ones from life to life on two occasions. With a teacher from the Bear Clan of the Tsalagi Nation, and in Vladimir Megre’s volumes on Anastasia, a Russian Vedrussian whose family has lived in perfect harmony with nature for generations. What was amazing to me was that despite the distance, coming from two different and very distant continents, the teaching and method were similar. I should not be surprised, because the truth is the same for all human beings.

To find our loved ones from life to life and to remember our past lives with them, there are steps. One prerequisite is to know and accept the notion of reincarnation. I won’t start trying to convince you of reincarnation. Native Americans, like all Asian peoples, know this reality and it has been documented in many books. If you look hard enough you will find this research, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Personally, I have remembered some specific moments of past lives, experiences that contribute to my understanding of the continuity of spirit. It is up to each person to do their own research of this fundamental characteristic of being human.

In many traditions and in all indigenous nations, there are exercises and practices that allow us to feel and realize that we are a spirit that inhabits a body, not just a body. The body is like a garment that we put on to experience life and discover the wonderful power of co-creation, the joy of loving our family, our community and our land. We come to earth to learn, to evolve, before progressing to other dimensions of the spirit and universe. What allows us to evolve is love, for it is the fabric, the web of energy that allows the universe to maintain its coherence.

We experience our multi-dimensionality every night when in dreams the spirit leaves the body to go into other dimensions. It is a trait of human beings to be able to exist simultaneously in several dimensions. In indigenous nations and natural communities, this is a way of understanding and working with consciousness that we are also soul and spirit. The dream world is a real world. Only “civilized” societies discredit the dream world and tell children, “it’s only a dream”. In the real world, the world of living in harmony with nature, people have a true knowledge of life. It is fundamental to understand the true nature of the soul, spirit, mind and body. Through this knowledge it is possible to understand the migration of souls, the eternal journey by which we return again and again to experience life on wonderful and beautiful mother earth.

Thus the first step this knowledge that we have an invisible essence that constitutes our eternal and immortal being. This must go beyond belief to be a truth that we have experienced, that we have felt. I do not give you the methods for achieving this understanding here, as they exist in most spiritualities and traditions. It’s simply a matter of practicing with regularity. For those who have no spiritual practice I invite you to visit a budding web site

The second step is to plan, prepare and care for nature. Either a family domain, a community garden, a farm, a yard around the house with flowers and a vegetable garden, a herb and sprout garden in the house or on the roof, in short, to be part of the ecosystems of planet earth and to care for them with love. This is to create in oneself love for the land. If the child is born into a family domain that has been prepared for him or her, this knowledge is immediately acquired. But for the vast majority of us today, we are orphans of the land of our forefathers, the homeland. We do not have love for the ground, the dirt, because we were not welcomed into a land loved and cultivated by our parents and grandparents. But we can achieve this. This is achieved by preparing our natural little ecological home on earth. When we work the land, we see how the land returns our little kindnesses a hundredfold. When we feel that the earth belongs to us and that we belong to the earth, there is great love that grows within us. The devotion of First Nations to the land of their ancestors takes on its full meaning here. We can then truly understand these expressions, the land of our forefathers, the motherland or mother earth. It is this love that will allow the soul and spirit to return to the lands where our children’s children have incarnated and find our families and even loved ones from life to life. It is love for the earth and our families that allow us to return to them.

The wish to create a family domain, a natural place that belongs to us and for which we take responsibility, even if circumstances do not allow us to realize it in this life, is enough to engender in us feelings of love for the earth. In this way, we will not get lost in the sidereal abysses after death, but will find our way back to the earth and our own. In short, the second condition is to cultivate the love we have for our beautiful planet and to contribute to its ecology as much as we can.

When these prerequisites are acquired, then it is simply a matter of sleeping with your loved one and/or your family under the stars. The stars are beings of consciousness that are in relationship with everything they see. Their light is filled with knowledge that we can assimilate by sleeping under the stars.

Over time, as the family looks at the stars before falling asleep, they develop a special relationship with a single star. The communion, the communication between that star and the family, reactivates in the reborn child’s consciousness the memory of having slept with the same people in other lives. This moment is grand in the stories I have heard. In these blessed moments, under the stars, when the child remembers, the whole family remembers at the same time the relationships they once had. This is the moment when past lives are remembered, activated by the starlight and experienced in telepathic resonance by the whole family. They then remember that the mother was a daughter in a past, or the long time ago father is now my son, the grandmother is now a little girl and the grandfather a little boy. In the starry night, they remember the ties that bind them. These are moments of deep communion between the members of these families, moments of love and intense joy. That little being who remembers, who sees himself or herself surrounded by love, will then be able to remember the one he or she has loved so passionately in other lives. The consciousness and the power of True Human Beings are such that these two beings will one day find each other, as inevitably as rainwater finds the sea. Love that is for eternity, there is no greater love story. It is a reality of the world that was and that is to come.

Welcome to the New Earth!

Blue Eagle


  1. Thank You Blue Eagle for this lovely and powerful Remembrance Teaching. Much Love and Joy. A’Ho! Rev. Patricia


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