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Questions from a reader: I remember a DVD in which you spoke at the foot of Mount Bugarach in France about ecovillages, rainbow family camps, schools of peace …, in any case an important collective dimension. Now, through your blog, I no longer find this dimension, but rather an approach that seems individualistic to me, each one his “home”, his hectare of land… Have you changed your mind about this? Isn’t the New World one of cooperation, of collective achievements? Olivier

This question calls for an important answer. Indeed, having searched all my life how to reorient our lives in order to re-harmonize with the earth, to stop destroying nature and work with it, to start living again rather than suffering all our lives in an inhuman system, I had come to believe that the solution lay in the return to the communities of yesteryear. The Eco villages, the Eco hamlets, the rainbow family communes, the communities that sprang up in the 1970’s and 80’s, based in large part on First Nations traditions, were our hope. That’s what I was talking about in this film on Mount Bugarach in the south of Franc. Many books have been written about these communities. But most of them died before they could be properly established. I have tried at least ten times to create an ecological community. None of them succeeded. The last one that had the best legal foundation and a committed group of people were torpedoed by bio robots. Having

rightly seen that I was the driving force behind this community they also attacked me personally with the help of the national media of the Canadian government and it was an extremely difficult time. 25 years of efforts and work were destroyed in a few months. I was abandoned by my friends, teachers and family in those years. I came close to giving up everything, even life. It was then that I read Vladimir Megre’s books on Anastasia and her project of healing the earth and humanity. It was quite close to what I had imagined, but I was missing this key element: the family domain.

Bio robots[1] are programed to attack anything that threatens the system. Just these days, a small community of people who live in harmony with nature, in France, who have created a small village where everyone lives in yurts, a simple life in a model of community collaboration, has just been attacked by the French state. They are forced to defend themselves in court for the simple right to live together in nature! What can we do with limited resources in the face of these institutionalized monsters? (This article was written in March 2013. I later learned that the yurt village, a simple life with gardens, beneficial for children and the ecology, despite the support of the municipality and its mayor, had to cease all activity, abandon their dwellings and the people of the community were dispersed to the four winds. The reason given? They were not living in permanent housing. Their yurts were permanent dwellings but cost a lot less than traditional houses.)


Anastasia, a Siberian recluse, in my humble opinion, seems to be the most evolved person on the planet today. She manifests all the powers of Man. In order to live in harmony with her husband and family she resolved to heal the planet. She created a grandiose yet simple project to transform our world back into paradise on earth. Her powers enabled her to outpace the powers of darkness and her project was accepted by the beneficial powers that guide humanity (our great ascended brothers and sisters of light). When I read her books written by her husband Vladimir Megre, in those years of great turmoil, I regained the will to live and to continue advocating for life. I suddenly realized that I already had my family domain. The house with the acre of land where I live is my family domain. The oak tree that was planted over my daughter’s placenta grows here. I had always dreamed of something bigger, something wilder, closer to the wilderness, but I woke up to find out that we all have to start where we are now, even if it is in the middle of the city. The land is sacred even in the heart of a concrete asphalted metropolis. We don’t need to wait until we have a community to start the path back to a natural life style. It’s a proven fact that the societies we live in are set up to discourage and undermine community effort. The society we live in, a system where people are associated in an economic, mo

netary relationship where human relationships are optional, protects itself from all models of collaboration that might harm its money-based relational systems. Thus, the transformation must begin at the first level, in the individual and his family. From there, this relationship can slowly expand to other family domains and thus form ecological communities.

The rainbow family that was a main topic in this film, was a global reaction against the system that was epitomized by the Woodstock Festival in 1969. Yet it had no moral and philosophical principles that could guide it, despite its love for indigenous traditions. It wa

s much better than today’s society, but it was too anarchic to form groupings of family domains. Anastasia came to restore the basic principles of the family. In my book “Le Cercle de Toutes nos Relations[2], I have outlined these eternal principles that could guide humanity. It’s a synthesis of Indigenous philosophy and Anastasia thoughts. Since Anastasia and her husband are Russian, and her books have sold millions of copies, hundreds of communities of family domains have been formed in Russia. Dozens of them are created every year. The state contributes and encourages this movement. That’s why Russia is being singled out as the big bad country by the media right now. They are one of the only national entities doing the right thing and making good decisions. As a beautiful example they have outlawed GMOs on their territory.

So yes, community, but a community that is made of family domains. The land should belong to the family, not the community. This is the basic mistake that many organization have made in developing community projects. The danger is of one group or person taking control of the community for purposes that are not in harmony with the needs of the family. The family must own the lan

d, for it is the land and the family that sustains human life.

The principles of the family domain are simple. The land must belong to the family, cannot be sold but only passed on by inheritance to the descendants of the family. It must be of an ideal minimum of one hectare, (around 3-4 acres or 10,000 square meters) must draw its food from its gardens, and the products coming from the domain and the family domain itself and its dwellings must be non-taxable by the state. We have a long way to go to achieve this, but the human mind knows no limits. What we can imagine, we can achieve.

Our activity for transforming from a world that is destroying nature to one enhancing it, must be rooted in this vision of family domains. Every family can try to protect the planet on a family sized scale, which is realizable and very nourishing. I feel this deeply and have seen it manifested in many ways, through many signs and many magical moments.

In my spring celebration that has been going on for a few days now and will culminate in the equinox ceremonies tomorrow, as I was practicing the sacred dances at sunrise, greeting my fundamental direction as I began the movements, in front of me flew up from

the tallest tree the first bird of prey of the season. The eagle as one of my totems animals is my greatest inspiration. So, you can imagine the feeling that fills me in moments like those. I know that this comes from being deeply rooted in the land. Nothing comes closer to bliss and ecstasy than experiencing these moments of harmony with Mother Nature.

Words are really too small to express that feeling and the convictions that come with it… But I think I have answered your question at least in part. Even if you have no land, no house, no place to call home, it is possible to dream it, to imagine it, to visualize it and to work towards its realization and help others with the same vision. You will then be a cell of this magnificent being that is being born t

hese days: a liberated humanity.

Peace, Joy and Love

Blue Eagle

[1] My definition of a bio robot is anyone who firmly believe in the current world system and will defend it blindly. This system is run by multinational corporations: ba

nks, military armament manufacturers, big pharma, media giants, etc. who are all united in their greed for money and power. These are the richest people on earth. You won’t find them in Forbes. They remain well hidden from the public eye. With money they control the media and the governments who are all in debt. The people who believe in this system refuse to think for themselves. They soak up and believe all the media say. It has become their religion. Anything or anyone who does not conform to their beliefs are an incentive to be attacked. The brain washing and programming of these bio robots is done through the media and governments. As an example other than the news, look at the big budget films being produced and analyze the underlying messages. You’ll find they are consistent and aimed at discouraging any positive hope for humanity, emphasizing medical technology, no hope for planet earth, great horrible pandemics, etc.

[2] The Circle of All Our Relations, not yet translated into English.

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