The world seems to be sinking into hopeless darkness these days… Thus, now more than ever we need to remember the magical power of the human spirit. For when all other recourse has failed, what always remains is MAGIC! When all hope seems lost, there still exists the divine powers in the heart of Man. This is beyond all logic and understanding, yet these powers exist, as proven by countless stories and facts since the dawn of time. This is something that the forces of darkness and the media carefully hide more than everything else. This is why true spiritualties and shamans have been persecuted for millennia. But nothing can extinguish the spirit of Man! The divine presence in the heart of man takes its source directly in the heart of Great Spirit. The radiance of divine consciousness in Humanity may seem a little limited today, but nothing and no one can erase this presence in us. It is carried by our immortal and eternal souls! In fact, it is that which creates our soul!

What is the source of magic and from which source does it draw its power? From our ecstasy … from our joy and its exuberant expression. Whether it is through spontaneous poetry, dance or song, when the human spirit is carried away by divine bliss, it can accomplish anything it wants. Like this nun whose name I forget, when she worked with her sisters outside, she was often transported in ecstasy by the beauty of the world. She would start to sing and would fly like a bird to the top of the tallest tree nearby to better sing the glory of God. The Mother Superior, indignant, would summon her to come down, and from there she would obey by flying down, but the next day she would do it again, completely carried away by her love of God. And there are many more extraordinary mysteries, but simplicity is often easier to understand.

I’ve been around extraordinary and powerful shamans and the thing that impressed me most in the face of so much power is that they were simple, yet filled with joy and enthusiasm for the splendors of life. Like children they were, if not for their extraordinary discipline. Thus, never say to your children, “it’s impossible” as they have the incredible potential of divine power within them.

We can learn to recognize this joy and cultivate it. As right now, the sun is crossing the top of the mountain and its morning light is of a golden splendor that nothing can describe. This wonderful feeling I can use it to change the nature of the world or write these words of hope. We can learn to let ourselves be transported and carried away by ecstasy and bliss, give it the reins to express itself through song and dance. We can let exuberance carry us further and further away. We can then direct all this energy to a particular person or situation. A sound may come out of our mouth, a shout of joy or a word of strange syllables … remember that and repeat it every time you think of that person or situation … it’s a magic word!

Remember, you are all born magicians and there is a world to be transformed now … for the glory of our children, sons and daughters of Great Spirit!

To accomplish this we need the courage to be who we are. They want to gag us, to confine us, to restrict us, to trample on all our liberties in order to use us, to tax us and to reap the fruits of our slavery to the state and money. Thus, more than ever, we must assume our convictions and principles stemming from the primordial laws of nature. Human freedom is a divine right. As such, all this nonsense will be cleared away. This is the divine plan and it’s inexorable.

Alas, too many of us are completely formatted, conditioned, asleep, unconscious, cyborgs and bio robots of a system that is destroying the earth and nature. Thus, this beloved mother earth will soon also consider that humans are a virus to be eliminated and she will do what we all do when intoxicated. A good honest flu! Her fever shivers will be earthquakes, her sweat will be floods, volcanoes and tsunamis, her cough will be cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes, her diarrhea will throw back into space all those poisons that humans have spread. Of Humanity the only ones left after all this … the true magicians! All take up your magic wands and practice, practice, practice, with true and honest courage allow yourselves to become who you truly are!



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