We are spirits of light. One thing we tend to forget is that this light needs the earth to flourish, because we were created for the earth and the earth for us. Sometimes, in the evening’s following the days when I have worked and practiced well, when I go to bed, closing my eyes I see the light that, like a column of life, connects me to the world above. One of the first shamanic tests that my elders asked me to prove my mastery of the teachings was to produce light, visible light that everyone could see. This test is done at night or in a room where we have eliminated all light. In front of 120 people and about twenty elders I did this on a memorable summer evening. The fireflies, by harmonic resonance, began to blink with light in the grass around me.

Sometimes, on moonless nights, alone in the forest, I could follow tracks in the snow. The first time I noticed this ability was on a snowstorm night. A friend and I had 2 kilometers to go through the forest to get back to a friend’s home. I was following the tracks that we had made during the day several hours before, but they were almost blown away by the wind and snow. Our progress was slow because we were against the wind and it was a moonless night, very dark, very difficult to see what was left of our tracks. I needed a lot of concentration to follow this imperceptible trail and after an hour I asked the person I was with to take the lead so I could rest a bit. She couldn’t see a thing. Since then I realized that it is the reflection of my light on the snow that allows me to walk on moonless nights moon in the woods. With old age and declining vision, this ability has disappeared. But the memory is vivid and nourishes my confidence in the path traced by our Native ancestors.

Bearers of light, guardians of wisdom, we will all gradually become living testimonials of spirit. Each one of us preciously shelters in our center a living parcel of Great Spirit. All power and might are contained in this condensed atom of light, which is also our primary identity. This is why the visions, dreams and synchronicities called coincidences that you ask me for explanation are not within my competence and out of my understanding. It is you who created them, you who can understand them, not me. Except during the vision quests and moon lodges where we follow together a whole ritual process of rites of passage, then yes, but otherwise, all the answers, all wisdom and all power are within you!

We are light animated by the spirit of life, created to beautify the earth with ineffable beauty and joy. Yes, for a time we have lost our way, but it is always possible to find that way again, even on the darkest nights. And the answers, the enlightened guide, we carry within us … it is always there in the secret chambers of the heart. Let’s give that guide the reins of our lives, let’s be silent enough to hear this little voice that never imposes itself, but is always there…

Peace Joy and Love

Luke Blue Eagle

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