After a lifetime dedicated to teaching Native American spirituality and protecting Mother Earth, I’m going on well-deserved retirement. I no longer travel. I will no longer teach, except perhaps a conference from time to time for associations that protect nature.

The teachings continue! There are now a dozen active CCPs (certified shamanic practitioners) taking over. Information on their activities will soon appear on .  This site is not yet active but it’s in the works. Vision quests, sweat lodges, dances and meditations are offered in Quebec, France, Switzerland, and Belgium. Now that I’m assured of the next generation, I want to open new paths to wellness. I’m in the last years of my sixties. Soon to be 70. That’s something to celebrate!

I love to create! A new perfume is coming soon. For young women between 25 and 35 years old. It’s adorable! I would also like to offer jewelry and clothing always with the same orientation, making them utilitarian products that increase vital energy. I did this with perfumery! From perfumes that are mostly chemicals with the side effects that can have, I’ve made olfactory wonders that are entirely natural and have beneficial effects. The company is expanding. We are looking for partners to open up even more to the world, with more wellness products, initially with fashion and accessories featuring gemstones.

And of course, music! I’m with you from Monday to Friday,  half past noon, 12:30 pm Montreal time EST.  30 minutes of relaxing music with frequencies that increase vital energy. Ancient traditions for the modern world! Links to this below.

I thank you all for having accompanied me during all these years. Let’s follow the current, we’ll see where it takes us!

With Love,

Luke Blue Eagle


Luke Blue Eagle live on the web, relaxation music, Monday to Friday, at 12:30 pm Montreal time EST, and 6:30 pm Paris time.

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