A small thought for you all on this Christmas morning.

Last night I dreamt that I was burning the old Christmas trees in the backyard throwing them down from the back balcony. It was a huge bonfire full of joy. In my meditations during my practices on this day that I consider as any other, I realize that the most important work as humanity in these days of transition is to free ourselves as much as possible from all the programming and conditioning that has been transmitted to us by the governmental and religious systems. Millennia and millennia, 12,000 to be precise, of false information that have programmed us to be slaves to systems that are governed by money and power over others. We see in these days of transition the immense damage caused by these systems that separate families, that separate lovers, that separate from almost all human contact, that prevent us from having access to natural care, to the activities that motivate and inspire us, to the exercise centers that maintain our health, to our spiritual centers, who persecute those who speak for freedom, who persecute those who speak for health, who persecute those who speak for spirituality, who genocide indigenous peoples all over the planet to make way for a technology that destroys land, nature, animals, plants, waters, winds and Mother Earth.

All forms of technology take us away from nature. Freeing ourselves from conditionings therefore, means moving quietly, one day at a time, towards a way of life where the only technology that is used is that which we can make with our hands. It will take generations, but we have to start now! We can use the technology that is useful and available in this goal, building our family estates and gardens. It makes perfect sense as simple common sense dictates. But the ultimate goal must be total harmony with nature. We must save the planet, this is the mission of all conscious beings today. The only way to protect the ecology is to live off it. We are not many conscious beings, I admit, but the merit accumulated by our thoughts, words and actions, motivated by the reality and truth of the world, is eternal. For it is the divine plan and the very nature of Great Spirit’s laws to always bring us back to balance and life!

I wish you a joyful retreat in peace, rest and rejuvenation.




  1. Thank you so much for your healing message today. I totally agree that we need to restore balance and life, and that involves being at one with the natural world. Thank you also for all you do and for the invitation to join together to make this happen.


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