It’s essential that all women and men of this earth learn to see the truth. It’s very important that we are no longer be blinded by the programming and conditionings of the system. This means finding the truth within. It is very important to understand that the truth must come from your own reflexion and consciousness. If you rely on the teachings of a sacred book, or a spiritual guide, a religion, a philosophy, or the guidelines of a school, a government, a sect, or an organization without having found after reflection that what they say is true and real, if you are relying on what some call faith or belief, then you are not Men or Women but blind automatons who perpetuate a system that is quietly destroying life on earth, the lives of our children’s children, the very existence of future generations. It is this blind belief in the dictates of a system, be it religious or secular, scientific or philosophical, capitalist or communist, educational or governmental, that has put us in this situation where the problems are so numerous and critical that they threaten the entire planet.

For this to happen we need to take the time to reflect. That is why the system has created an environment that is stressful and requires hard work to make ends meet. Even the children at school do not have time to think: they have to constantly pay attention to the teacher, do homework, memorize this and that, travel to and from class and even at home they do not think, hypnotized as they are by the media and electronic games. This is intentional, because a Woman or a Man who knows the truth is free. The system exists because it is made up of slaves. All those who pay taxes without having understood why the system exists, are in some way slaves of the system. The only ones who are not slaves are the ones who know why they pay taxes. I pay taxes to avoid having problems with the system that knows how to be extremely violent with those who do not want to comply with it, but I work every day to liberate my life and the lives of all people. I try to find the skillful means that will allow us one day to be free of this system that’s polluting nature and destroying the earth. Not by creating a new system, but by giving back to each human being his or her responsibility as a true human person, that of understanding the truth and the reality of the world.

In the understanding of indigenous peoples on all continents, spiritual sovereignty, that autonomy that allows them to contribute actively and freely to their community, is what defines them. There are no sacred books, bibles, gurus, spiritual leaders, secular authorities, schools, external governments or religions in communities that live in harmony with nature. All people in these indigenous communities are free to think as they wish. Their book of reference is nature, the universe, the immense work of the Great Spirit that does not contain a single lie! Having all the same basic reference that is true in all its aspects, they live in harmony, in unity, happy, healthy and becoming every day wiser and more powerful. The civilized man is sicker and sicker, dependent, stressed, polluted in body and mind, slave of a system that’s running as fast as it can towards the destruction of all life on earth.

How can this be done? It is up to you … but I know that it’s rather simple to drop some activities to have more time to think and reflect in the morning and/or evening. Not to believe blindly, to follow in a stupor what others say, but to look further … to rely on inner knowledge rather than faith. You will thus become what we, First Nations, call a True Human Being. And when that understanding within you happens, you will slowly become à free Woman or Man. With freedom comes health, joy and vibrant life for future generations.


  1. How do we get the most people possible to wake-up to this inner-truth in order to overthrow the actual toxic system? It is not an easy task! I would be more than willing to live on and from the land (it’s been my lifelong dream), but I can’t even afford to buy a piece of land to live on. I live in a very small appartment and can’t even afford to build even the smallest house on a piece of land. :’-( When and why was it decided that the governments would own land and that people would need to buy it?!! When the Europeans came to America and started their destruction!!!
    Since I was born, I hear nature’s spirits talking to me and I respect life in every form as it is our most precious gift from our Creator. I am sadden and sick to my stomach from all the destruction happening on Earth by mankind. What will be left for the future generations?! Maybe that is what Covid-19 is here for… to help the humans reflect on their behaviour and wake us up before it is too late!!

    • I hear you. You have my compassion and understanding. I suggest you read the books written by Vladimir Megre. The first tome is ANASTASIA. You will find encouragment and solace there. I did. Find likeminded people and dream of your family domain in nature… some day it will come.

  2. That’s it! You write from my soul! But I also observe that many people from the indigenous culture have forgotten who they truly are. Many have joined the religions, a lot of alcohol and drugs are consumed. How can the truth flow through a pure spirit, through a hollow bone? I have many questions about this … but yes, I completely agree with you in the context, that is what the essence is all about. Yet it contradicts itself

    • Most indigenous people in Canada act more like employees of the federal gouvernement than as natives today. What makes a true indigenous person in living off the land in a community setting. As the law on Indians in Canada and different genocidal policies has broken this relationship with the land its understandable. Yet all humans, everywhere have the responsability of caring for the earth and the only way to preserve the ecology is to live from it.


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