Dear readers,

I’ve been absent on the English side of my blog for quite some time now…  Very active on the French side although I’m now taking a 30 day break from everything.  Every year, around winter solstice I take a least a month to renew.  I’m like a bear, I like to hibernate.

Things have been moving very fast now to show us the truth of who really governs us. Not pretty but it’s our reality. The solutions to this predicament have been given but amidst the avalanche of info out there it’s gone unnoticed. I don’t really feel it’s my place anymore to speak up and call for change.  The ancestors and nature spirits are clear about this. The ones who are going to do the change of eras are the fire, the earth, the water and the wind…. The planet needs healing and mankind is not doing enough.

I’ll be back end of January.  I do want to do more for you…. My life is really busy all year despite this semi-retirement, I’m not traveling anymore.  I enjoy this time of my life.  Good to be an elder and look upon the follies of life with detachment.

When I do come back I’ll be trying to give what I can to bring solace, peace, love, light and joy to you all.  Music at least once a month. If you have any requests don’t hesitate to ask.

May these winter months bring you renewal, peace, rest, comfort, and beauteous dreams!

Love to all

Blue Eagle

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