Yesterday, I saw clearly the need to have a political voice. Yesterday’s inspiration is not so clear today. I regularly have these inspirations that show me the importance of having a voice that reaches the political class, but the next day that voice goes silent, as if the task was impossible to accomplish. I am not talking about going into politics, but about speaking to the whole population in such a way that politicians have to listen. In fact, I think that my inspirations show me a time in the future, those prophetic moments that show me one of the countless possible paths of the future. Yet these moments are so powerful that I have the impression that I will soon act, but the next day, nothing…

One of the things I saw was that there is something that could unite the world’s population behind a common goal. An objective that could create peace and heal our relationship with the planet and nature. This goal would be to preserve the earth for future generations, for our children’s children. We all have that aspiration or we wouldn’t be human. One day, I believe we will realize with acuity that our technologies are catastrophically damaging our lives in every way: our bodies are less strong and resistant than they used to be, diseases are very numerous and constantly increasing, our emotions have degraded and are hidden behind social conventions, addictions and the beastly apathy of work-tv-sleep, and our intellect no longer has the memory and speed it once had. Not to mention our spirituality, the number of people who no longer believe that there is a conscious intelligence that created and continues to maintain the universe in which we live is incredibly high. It would be like a man who believes that he has no parents… There are very few who feel this bond and more and more who believe that it does not exist!

There are times when I see with such clarity what to say, how simple, pleasant and logical our return to paradise would be. Yet the next day I am confronted with the blindness, ignorance and chronic apathy of the people who struggle to find the energy to get to the next day. How can we can heal our relationship with nature when we are struggling to find what we need from day to day? The forces of darkness have succeeded in blinding us very effectively and there is only a light that shines from time to time, like fireflies in the great forest of a world population that runs blindly towards its own destruction. The Coline Serreau, Pierre Rabhi, Richard Desjardins[1] of this world and the few indigenous peoples who succeed in fighting to preserve their lands are like brief glimmers in the night of our collective madness. And yet, we must continue to call out in the night so that those who are crying can finally find their way back to their ultimate “home”, the family domain freed from the constraints of the governments enslaved by the powers of darkness and money.

My inspirations are still too weak and too incomplete to go anywhere, but with each passing day I feel with greater power the moment when our combined voices will be able to influence our politicians in the right direction.

One of the benefits of knowing the truth about our true nature is to feel our own immortality. Believing is not enough. We need to feel the truth in order to give it power. We thus have eternity in front of us to realize our goals. It will manifest.

These are my thoughts this morning.


[1] This is a translation of an article first written in French so these people Coline Serreau, Pierre Rabhi, Richard Desjardins are very famous ecologists in Quebec and France.

2 thoughts on “MORNING THOUGHTS”

  1. bonjour Aigle Bleu, si vous permettez , la date de cet article original n’est pas indiquée,
    puis je vous dire au de la des personnes connues ,une multitude de personnes partout dans le monde, agissent accent dans leur quotidien et leur environnement pas simplement pour préserver , plus simplement pour créer avec des de nouveaux challenge efficace et modeste financièrement, dans le seul but de cesser épuiser notre Planete Terre ….la restauration seule est déjà une mise a mort pour qu’elle soit valable , la créativité doit y être adjointe
    la crise sanitaire a aussi engendrée un électrochoc de conscience, façon de vivre le quotidien, et remise en question: les niveaux de conscience different et cela pour le bien de chacun et de tous
    Respectueusement à vous

    • savez vous j’ai perdu trace de la date mais c’était dans les années 2012 ou 2013. J’ai depuis perdu toute espoir que la politique pourrait régler quelques chose. Nous attendons avec patience la purification planétaire annoncé par nos prophéties. Et nous voyons les éléments devenir à chaque jour plus chaotiques en réponse au déséquilibre planétaire d’une humanité qui ne fait plus partie de l’équilibre naturelle. L’équilibre va revenir mais pas avec l’humanité actuelle. Dans quelques milliers d’années il ne restera aucune technologie et seulement quelques rares nations autochtones dans les pays ou il y avait pas de centrales nucléaires ou du moins pas trop nombreux. L’amérique du nord sera tropicale avec le centre en savannes comme ceux en Afrique. Le renversement des pôles….


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