Many friends in recent years have developed problems of electromagnetic hypersensitivity with the pain and discomfort associated with this pathology.  This threw me on a search for a solution.  After a few years I managed to combine my knowledge of the virtues of stones and crystals and associated shamanic techniques, to prepare an electromagnetic protection amulet.  Once finished I sent out for experimentation-evaluation to 4 people who had problems with this condition. 3 have replied to date.  I have compiled their testimonies below.

There are very few of these amulets available at the moment, these require a lot of work. Nevertheless, I have about thirty ready to go.  Since the materials and the work time involved is considerable the amulet is quite expensive, therefore, I will for the moment study the offers one by one. It is important for me at this time that these go to those who suffer the most from this problem which will greatly increase with the arrival of the G5 wireless networks. If you are interested please write me a comment at the end of this article. The comments being moderated if it concerns the amulet they will be answered by email and will not be published.

Here are the testimonials.

From Shoshanna, Portland Maine, USA, October 2020

I am a nurse who, for many years, has worked in the operating room. I love the work that I do but in the last eight years I have found it challenging for my body and system. All my life I have been someone with vibrancy and vitality…someone who has energy to spare. But over these eight years I found that deep fatigue became commonplace for me. I saw my doctor multiple times through those years to have lab work done to see if something metabolically was wrong or if I had Lyme Disease, which is very common in my area. The results always came back negative. I even started having focus problems and sleepy feelings at work but yet I was getting good sleep at night.  The interesting thing about all of this is that I would feel better on the days I was not working. I began to wonder if I was feeling effects from the numerous machines in the operating room…the EMFs.  I contemplated changing my job so I could feel better but this would also be a difficult choice as I love my work.

Fast forward to a conversation with Blue Eagle. I was explaining my symptoms to him and he said he had something that was helping others with the effects from EMFs.  I said I would try it.  I received my amulet and decided I would give it a month’s time to evaluate its efficacy.  However, within a week I was feeling better at work and leaving work with more energy than I had in a very long time.  I am very grateful for this positive change in my life.


From Diane Pelletier, Quebec, Canada, September 2020

While I was working as a telephone operator, during a thunder storm I received lightning in my headset, which caused me brain injury.

As a result of this incident, I became highly electro-sensitive. I had an acute intolerance to all cell phones. I could no longer drive on the highways because of the power pylons, cell phone microwave towers and other wave communications devices. I could no longer go to shows, movies, shopping malls, jewelry stores, banks or other places with alarm systems, cell phones and laptops. I could no longer cook on my electric stove and if it’s  a stormy day or storm days I can’t even get close to it. Different lighting was hurting me, especially compact fluorescent and neon lights. As well as an acute intolerance to all WI-FY waves and Hydro Quebec’s radio frequency meters.When I started wearing Blue Eagle’s protective amulet, the first time was at home, someone visited us without turning off their cell phone. A minute after he came in, I felt a current of waves going around my body. I never felt it again afterwards. Twice friends came in and didn’t turn off their cell phones and I didn’t feel any electromagnetic waves. When I went to a store I didn’t feel any waves or pain afterwards.   I can now drive under the large Hydro Quebec pylons and near microwave towers. It has been 13 years since I could drive under the main power lines. I no longer feel any negative effects when near compact fluorescent lights.

From Jean Pierre Landi, Guadeloupe, September 2020

Hello Blue Eagle,

Here are my impressions of the amulet you made.

We have been living at the foot of a line of 5 wind turbines and close to a telephone relay antenna for 18 months. One day I woke up blocked, pain all over my body and mainly in my joints. A friend of mine, electro-sensitive, came one evening and left in pain. It is thanks to her that we made the connection with the electricity generator at the foot of the wind turbine which is 500 m from our home.

I had intense joint pain all over my body with stiffness in all my limbs that prevented me from moving normally.  I could no longer close my fists, open a water bottle or lie on the ground.  I also had pain and difficulty standing up after sitting down. As soon as I took the amulet in my hands I felt an immediate relief, then gradually ‘I had less pain and after a month the pain almost disappeared and the stiffness decreased. Today I can clench my fists and open a bottle and move normally. I can do my gymnastics on the floor again and I can get up without help.

Of course I still have some stiffness and residual pain in my wrists, but they are bearable. I wear the amulet on me all the time and sleep with it under my pillow.

It is really beneficial.

Thank you again for letting me try it because I am healthier.

Your friend,




  1. Hi Blue Eagle,

    I would be quite interested in this amulet. That said, I am not sure if I can consider myself a severe case, but I do certainly have some sensitivity to EM. There may well be many other people who suffer more strongly.

    Hope all is well,
    Thanks, Till


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