My leitmotif in these days of ultimate challenge to the intelligence and heart of man is: The earth belongs to us and we belong to the earth.

We come from the earth. We’ve evolved here for millions of years. Thus, our bodies become vibrant when we are immersed in the natural elements. For thousands of years now civilizations have forced the people of the world to adopt a technocratic way of life increasingly far from the laws of nature. We now see where this has led us!

It will be generations before we are completely readapted to a natural way of life again. In spite of this, with the very first steps in this direction we feel a wonderful joy awaken within us. This is the Creator vibrating in our hearts. The Great Spirit has created a beautiful planet for us. When we take care of this planet, our hearts are happy and our minds are efficient. We understand the invisible realms even though we cannot see them, because they are reflected in the natural order of the world around us. It is true intelligence and a healthy intellect that can read the laws of the universe in the natural world with no need for apparatus to do so.

How can we return to the great tree of peace? How can we repair the circle of all our relations? How can we solve the thousands of problems afflicting humanity today? By taking responsibility for a small piece of land. Every family must understand that we belong to the land and the land belongs to us. Cultivating in biodiversity a single hectare of land can sustain a family for eternity. This is true wealth and happiness and it is so simple! Real wealth because everything we need can be provided by the land and it also gives us health. Nothing can give as much nutritional value and medicinal elements as the food from our gardens. True happiness because it is with our family on a daily basis that we accomplish the simple gestures that guarantee the continuity of our families and communities. Right relationship with the land also gives us lots of time for fun and spiritual moments with community and friends!

Many people believe that science and government will find the solutions to our ecological and social problems. They are mistaken. Science and government are the source of the problem! Science without spiritual understanding is one of the most dangerous things there is. This type of science has created nuclear bombs and remote-controlled drones that kill people from a distance. Governments use this science to turn mankind into bio-robots and cyborgs with little or no feelings. This is destroying nature at a phenomenal rate. Science and governments will never be able to find solutions to our problems.

It’s the community of happy families taking responsibility for the productivity of the land they live on that are the solution. The only way to protect the ecology is drawing your sustenance from it. Humanity is an integral part of the land.

It all begins in our thoughts. We have to think and decide within ourselves what is true, what is real, and what needs to be done.

We belong to the earth, and the earth belongs to us!

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