In the traditional native healing arts I was trained in, we were taught how to communicate, harvest and prepare medicinal plants. We then had to find the 7 plants which would be the base of our healing practice. This is a specific way the traditional Anidagohah Clan Cherokee healers use in their practice. By communing and communicating directly with the plants, these healers develop a personal relationship with 7 plants that will be used throughout their lives in caring and healing for their people.

This training made it possible for me to devise natural aromatherapy perfumes. Although I had very little schooling in perfumery, I was initiated over the course of 2 days by a renowned French perfumer in the methodology used to make and design perfumes. Using this methodology and my communication with the plant essences, I created 8 therapeutic perfumes and am working on several others. These have been making their way to many people and different countries since the launch in 1999 of my first and most popular perfume, which was then called Invocation’s Liquid Smudge™ which is now called Chiiyaam. It came out of a need to purify without our traditional smoke offerings called smudging, which is burning sacred herbs to purify the space and people before healings and ceremony.  In some environments like hospitals this was impossible and yet I still needed the purification to be able to do my work properly. Seeing the success of this first perfume and responding to popular demand I then created Miwahu designed to attract beneficial energies and favorable circumstances. It’s the perfect complement to Chiiyaam.  I then create five Native Essences incarnating the energies of the 5 elements, Fire, Wind, Water, Earth and Sacred Sound.

In my work as the creator of the Invocation Native Essences I was recently confronted by a person who was using a logical, rational approach in trying to measure and quantify the effects of my Native Essences. The descriptive text of these perfumes has no point of reference which would allow to determine the end use or specific ailments to treat, as would be the case with medication. In his attempt to quantify and measure the effects of our essences, the person had no point of reference, or linear approach to determining what they are good for.

The gist of it, is that it would be a reductionist way to describe these fragrances. These perfumes are adaptable to the person using them. Due to their crystalline nature which amplifies intention, created by a shamanic ritual that I developed to encode them, they will adapt to the needs of the user. That is why my first creation Liquid Smudge had so many unexpected results as have shown the numerous testimonies that we received since it was created.

We are entering a new era, a new evolution of human potential, where we are going to be more and more able to work directly with source, with the primordial intelligence that create and sustains the universe. This original creative energy has many names. In Asia it’s called Ki or Chi. In India, prana. In Hawaii, mana. In our Cherokee heritage, orneida. Our current crisis in dealing with the potential destruction of our planetary ecology and debilitating social structures that are impeding our liberties and development and innate potential for enlightenment, cosmic energies are being channeled to earth to deal with this situation. More and more people are not buying the current narrative that describes this technocratic society as progress and are seeking alternative ways to live, heal and relate. We don’t have a choice in the matter. Either we evolve or the planet itself will purify itself of the human cancer that’s destroying so much of its flora and fauna. These life forms are a part of its organic life systems. Modern man is the only one in our long history as humanity that thinks the planet is not an alive and conscious being. The wakeup call is coming and has been for years and this is creating an accelerated evolutionary process in those who accept and work with the energies that are being channeled to earth.

A linear, quantitative approach is not capable of determining parameters which would allow to understand this process. This scientific approach to nature can only slow down and delay the fulfillment of our next evolutionary phase.

When medical science isolates the active principle in a medicinal plant and creates medication from it, the isolated substance loses all the history and the molecular and cellular context of the living plant. The substances obtained are chemicals. These molecules that do not stem from an organic living cellular context, are not recognized by the organs that have to process them and thus create a gradual poisoning, unwanted side effects and a negative impact on the environment.

The elements perfumes work with what homoeopaths call the foundation, the psycho energetics that relate to the physiological basis of our being. The basic elements of creation, fire, earth, water, wind, and sacred sound are the fundamental energy patterns and physical constituents of our world. This is why you’ll find an elements system in Chinese medicine, in Ayurvedic medicine, in Tibetan medicine and in our healing arts. These complex symbolic relationships correspond to how the constituent elements of creation interact within us.

How can we measure a symbol and its effect on a person? We know thanks to the works of Freud, Jung and Campbell, these pioneers of modern human psychology and the many others that came after, that symbols have a profound influence on our psyche and emotions and thus by harmonic resonance on our physiology. But from there to measure these effects?! We could, but only with a subjective and intuitive approach and access to the superior abilities of the clairvoyant mind. The way we can develop such abilities, is as it’s been for thousands of years, within a context of person to person transmission of traditional knowledge, training and experience. The modern, scientific world has no access to these superior and evolutionary powers of the mind, as it most often denies their existence.

Various technologies such as kirlian photography can help us by giving us a image of what electromagnetic energy is and can do. Indeed, there are several technologies that can measure the electromagnetic energy fields of the human body. This science has developed mostly in Russia and in Germany, but it’s not well known in Canada or the US. The Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida USA, who are pioneers in using food as a powerful healing method, have and use such devices. Yet, HHI does not have the personnel that can offer the intuitive interpretation of the results. A health system that can’t process information on the psyche and its relationship with feelings, emotions and the environment cannot really meet the complex needs for global healing we need today.

We are going to require a holistic approach to health, healing and right relationship with our environment, which transcends ordinary mind. We now urgently need to access our superior faculties and evolutionary potential. If we develop the natural educational methods that can train our young generations in this broader more global vision of who we are and where we live we’ll be able to gradually heal our world and its ailing humanity.

The recent events have shown us how nature can bounce back quickly and different species of fauna and flora that were nearly extinct be restored to more balanced numbers when we protect them. Yet, what has been left out of our approach to restoring nature, the ecology and the environment, is the human element. Man is a part of nature! Humanity is the key player in the evolutionary process of this planet and solar system.

Our current educational structures destroy the connection between child and creation. The potential each of us has when born is that of being deities for the earth and all its life forms.  All of creation aspires to our love and will willingly serve us to obtain it. The current system where children are locked into buildings with only a few minutes a day to be in a schoolyard where there is little real nature, destroys the innate abilities that would allow our young to understand nature and our complex relationships with the environment. Except for very rare instances they do not live with and see adults finding and growing their food from the land around them.

The only way we can protect the ecology and environment is by directly drawing our day to day subsistence from nature.

The Chiiyaam, Miwahu and 5 Elements Native Essences can help to re-connect with nature and the intuitive and evolutionary abilities which are attempting to wake in us. These fragrances were created with this spirit and have a molecular structure which interacts with every individual at his or her level. To subjectively and intuitively “feel” the effects of each Native Essence can lead to better health, and an understanding of our innermost relationships with the elements of nature. They can facilitate transcendental experiences that are happening more and more to people from all walks of life. These are the signs of a new world that is coming. In this new world Human Beings will live long, healthy and happy lives in harmony and peace with our beauteous and so generous Earth Mother.

Blue Eagle


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