It’s interesting to reflect on how we have gradually relinquished our liberties to the point of being in the process of losing this world we’ve been born to. This mainly comes from the fact that we’ve not been trained to think! We’ve been programed to accept what’s taught, written or said by authorities, schools and media without discrimination, without questioning the validity of that information. The system has trained people to accept their lot. People have not learned to think for themselves, to reflect on life and its purpose. On the contrary schools endeavor to keep the children very busy assimilating all kinds of information, very often not pertinent to their lives, so they don’t really don’t have time to think.

This creates a sad situation where, although most people realize this world is going straight into the wall, that it’s utter confusion, war, pollution, racism, corruption, seemingly unstoppable diseases and an illogical way of life, they think they can’t do anything about it. And if they do try to do something, it’s often short-lived and not very useful as they really didn’t think it through before acting.

In reality we are very powerful when we take time to think. Our thought process is in fact what creates the world! As a powerful thinker in Russia has stated, there is not objective reality outside of consciousness. We are different from all species on earth in that we can co-create the world. I speak of co-creation because we can only create with the laws of the universe as they are, with the fundamentals of creation. Yet, most scientists and inventors have not taken the time to reflect on why they create and the impact of their inventions on mankind and nature. Their inventions are mostly motivated by money. So their inventions add to the pollution, and general degeneration we notice in humanity today.

If you take time to really look at who we are now, you will find that we are but shadows of what we once were. Physically we are much weaker and less resistant than our forebears and there are a lot more diseases with new pathologies arising every month and countless debilitation handicaps of body and mind. Emotionally we are starved and can hardly control our need for love, often eating it or using various dependencies to supplement our emotional needs. Mentally we have not been trained to think and our memory is shot, but a fraction of what we used to be able to remember. And spiritually, catastrophic, we need priests, gurus, religions, books, bibles and the like to teach us Great Spirits’ laws when in fact everything coming from Man these days is flawed. More and more people are atheists no longer in contact with their souls and spirit. And now the governments of the world have taken it upon themselves to tell us what is right and wrong to the point of seriously limiting individual liberties. The powers behind the governments are controlling us to the point that we are slowly becoming cyborgs, bio robots effectively without soul. Simple proof of this is the current world paranoia that’s a complete illusion. You just need to follow the money. Who’s benefiting for covid19? Being in the healing world all of my life, knowing who the really good healers and health practitioners are, I know there are several ways of healing this affliction within minutes. Absolutely no need to panic. Yet, that info is hidden away, and those who speak the truth are persecuted. So many of the really talented health practitioners have been accused of illegal medical practice and fined large sums of money and then slandered on the media. Why? Follow the money. This is but one example of how our inability to think has brought us to the brink of disaster.

In reality the truth is constantly shown to us through creation.  Everything in nature is true. You will never find a single lie in the forest or the plains, in the river or the stream, in the clouds and the wind. All is true; all is speaking of the fundamental truths of the universe. When we spend time in silence observing the nature of truth in the world, we become wise human beings able to help others and having significant beneficial impact on all life forms around us. Otherwise we continue to pollute and destroy, ourselves and the world.

The philosophy of nature will guide us back to the healthy pristine ecosphere of planet earth. There humanity will once more enjoy strong perfect bodies, heart and mind and become what’s humanity’s true mission on earth: creating paradise!

Joy, Light and Peace be with you all

Blue Eagle

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