THE WOLF – totem animal

wolfThe wolf teaches us goodwill and communal harmony. In the Native tradition, it symbolizes the teacher, the one who guides the community. Wolves have a very strict community structure, they always work together and each one has its place so this is why their sense of community is well-developed. Older ones teach the younger how they should behave in the pack.

The wolf medicine solicits human beings’ fundaments, a deeper dimension Westerners call the unconscious and what we call moon medicine. At the full moon, wolves will howl to the moon: it’s a call to their teachings.

 Those who have this energy are attentive to the messages of their dreams: their intuitions. They share their intuitions to guide others, find and create new paths. In the First Nations, they formed the warriors’ clan because their community spirit and their organization (when they hunt) favored the protection of their packs against human predators and made them effective in their efforts to bring food to the community. Their senses are very well-developed. 

They also have a lot of psychic energy through the connection they have with the moon, which symbolizes the energy of the unconscious.

The wolf medicine will be used when we feel stuck in life because the wolf is the one who opens doors, who gives access to the teachings of the moon. When we’re blocked, we need that further impulse which comes from the depths of our being. Therefore, by using this medicine, we progress in our evolution and get a better understanding of our original instructions. This medicine also promotes teamwork, relational organization and transmission of wisdom and knowledge.


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