Why are we on earth? What is the mission and purpose of mankind?

These questions are fundamental because answering them helps to solve many of the problems we have on the planet today. Pollution, disease, and people who cause others to suffer in a thousand and one ways, exist only because we are not fulfilling our role, our reason for being on earth.

Yet it is possible to answer these fundamental questions quite simply by looking at the specificity of humanity as a species amongst the others who share the earth with us. Mankind has two characteristics that differentiate it from other species. Free will and the ability to invent. Man cannot create new things if he does not have the free will to invent things that do not yet exist. But why does he have free will and the ability to create?

Man’s role in the world is to be a co-creator. He possesses within him a parcel of divinity that enables him to visualize and then manifest within the world what he visualizes. This can be beneficial and full of beauty: gardens filled with flowers, fruits and various herbs and vegetables that give health and strength in communities that celebrate the joy of life in celebrations filled with dance and song: or evil and ugly; nuclear bombs, weapons of death, consumer foods based on genetically modified organisms, in societies where the law favors the rich, injustice, corruption, misery of the poor and disease. It is the free will of man that allows this freedom of choice.

The way in which the Primordial Intelligence communicates with Man is through its creation. Indeed, the natural world continually reflects and displays the laws and truths of the universe. There are no lies or deceptions in nature. Thus, the school of life, where children must learn, is nature. Not the enclosed school rooms where we format them to fit into the system, but the gardens and woods where the abundant life of the earth is expressed. When man neglects the earth and struggles in the technocratic system, he suffers; families are broken up, diseases multiply, pollution, destruction, injustice and wars proliferate. This is how we can determine precisely what is right and good and what is wrong and evil. By the effect of our activities on the world. That is how we measure whether or not we are fulfilling our mission as humanity on earth.

Our role in the world is to be co-creators of earthly paradise. We say co-creator, because, first of all, we have to understand nature, the creation that surrounds us. Once we have determined the purpose and interrelationships of the natural species (all plants, trees, grasses, insects, animals and elements) we can reorganize them in order to create a world that is even more beautiful and better suited to our desires and needs. This is why we talk about co-creation. We must create in collaboration with the laws of the world. It is with the harmony already existing in nature that we must create. This parcel of the divine within us, free will being proof of its existence in us, means that all in nature will respond to our will to co-create. You have surely already witnessed people who have a green thumb. If we ask them why their plants grow so well and are so beautiful, invariably they will tell you: “But I love them and I talk to them!” Everything, even the animals and the winds will respond to the desires of Man.

So, how can we return to the cradle of creation? How do we find our home in this world where we can live free and healthy? With our ability to co-create! We must understand that our role, our goal in life is to be the creators of paradise on earth.

How do we accomplish this? Each person must answer this as best they can. This is not easy in societies that have not respected the laws of nature for millennia. Our societies have even striven to eliminate those who live in harmony with nature. The indigenous and aboriginal people of this world have suffered unimaginable violence in the name of progress at the hands of so-called civilized nations. Yet, having sat and studied with the wise men and woman of what remains of the native nations in Canada and the United States, I can truly say that they have far more wisdom and power than the most celebrated scientists in technocratic societies.

Men are not what they used to be. They are diminished physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They boast of their so-called technological advances, yet they are weak of body, heart and soul and are destroying the life-giving ecology at great speed. Clean air, pure water, soil that gives life to plants and animals are the basis of our existence. Yet this technocratic world, which boasts of its domination over nature, is slowly destroying itself more and more rapidly.

I realized this at a very young age. All my life I have been searching for the answers to these questions. I understood as a teenager that the indigenous people of the earth had part of the answer. Later, after studying many different ancient traditions and wisdom from all over the world I realized that there was only one path that brings us back to the health of our humanity and planet. That of slowly and quietly eliminating the need for technology and coming back to simply living in the bosom of nature. Freedom, simplicity, love, community, health, maximum development of our bodies, hearts, minds and souls are the recompense for coming back to the truth and reality of our natural world.

There are different ways to achieve this. One of them, which seems to be the easiest to achieve, because it is simple and relatively easy to do, is that of family domains. I have described these family havens in several of my volumes and in this blog there is this article about them.

The prophecies of the native people of this continent describe the consequences of these wanderings of humanity far from the laws of nature. I have also received and cultivated the gifts of the seer since I was a teenager. It is one of our natural abilities that hardly exist anymore in technocratic societies, along with many other abilities that were common in the past. Thus, I can say with humility and sadness that we have reached the point of no return. Humanity has gone too far. This humanity is no longer in a position to turn back. On the contrary, our poor little voices lost within the immense globalist web and world order are being persecuted as they have been for millennia. It is now the earth itself that will bring corrections with its elements: wind, water and fire. The planet will move. It is already moving and its movements are accelerating.

Yet there is survival. Humanity will continue. Technology will not return after the great planetary purification. We will return to the health, joy, freedom and harmony that are the essence of our existence in earthly paradise.

Our souls are eternal. Never forget the immortality of the soul, for without this certainty our lives have no meaning. There is no fear, no anxiety in the being who rests on the wisdom of his soul. There is the path of beauty that leads to our continual development from incarnation to incarnation, towards ever more love, light and truth.

Peace, Joy and Love for all.

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