Many people today, in spite of progress and science, talk about how difficult it is to live. They speak of the need to flee a world where there is aggression, authoritarianism, violence, lack of respect, injustices, restriction of our fundamental liberties, families where true love is ignored in order to better conform to a system that does not acknowledge our emotional needs, scorned by an elitist educational system, indifferent governmental bureaucrats, all the irrationality and evilness of men conditioned by our technocratic system. I hear so many voices talk of the suffering of living in a world where this ignorance and violence are institutionalized and where laws lead us to slavery and the destruction of nature. The outrage that these conditions are maintained by governments being manipulated by a global financial system. Yes, it’s hard, especially when it’s our family that adheres to this system and takes advantage of it to manifest an authoritarianism and a selfish and polluting laxity. How can we live in such conditions?

It’s a fact that we can’t change anyone. Every human being has been blessed with an extraordinary quality that has been given only to man: free will. The only thing we can change is ourselves, our way of life, and the way we live. As an elderly woman warrior shaman of the Apache nation, OhShinnah Fastwolf said, the only thing we can truly offer to the world is the way we live our lives. The only way we can really show the way is by example.

I don’t go to family events or have a social life. I find it impossible to maintain clear energy and a serene attitude in ordinary places where family and friends meet to celebrate this or that mundane superficiality. My lifestyle is solitary, I live like a hermit, and often when the weekend comes the only people who hear me talk are the ones who read this blog. In this way I have managed to live my lifestyle to the fullest and the works that emanate from this inspires hundreds, thousands of people. I am not unhappy in my solitude, on the contrary, I can listen to the silence where birds sing, trees rustle and smell the essences of the flowers that embalm my garden. All these voices speak to me and show me the laws of the One who loves me unconditionally, without limit and in all purity, Great Spirit. He/She has created a world of infinite beauty for all men. On my mini domain, Her/His will and His/Her laws become apparent and there I find wisdom, health and strength on a daily basis.

This solitude gives me a lot of time to write, compose music and fragrances that can ignite the consciousness of those who would walk on the beauty way. My whole life is dedicated to the healing of the earth and its conscious humanity. I am not alone, far from it, in wanting to co-create paradise on earth. On this path I have found peace and this helps me purify and heal from the diseases, conditioning and programming that has been imposed on me by our technocratic system. I’ve had the same education we all have. I did not have parents or grandparents, guides or spiritual teachers to show me the way when young. I had to find it and walk it by myself. So I made countless mistakes. The only people who never break the dishes are the ones who never do the dishes! I have made many mistakes, but I have had the merit of always walking the beauty way without ever deviating from my ideals and never stooping to the lies of the technocratic system. And thus now, paradise is quietly blossoming around me.

It’s the only thing I can do to help. My example is the only way I can respond to the cries I hear in the night, the comments, emails, and voices that come to me. Yes, life is hard, but we are Men and Women, with the power of co-creation and free will. The power of a Man is immeasurable, without limit… The technocratic dark forces have done their utmost to extinguish and eliminate this power and make us soulless bio-robots, but they have not succeeded. Proof of that is our suffering. The god and goddess within us, sons and daughters of Great Spirit, suffer from seeing the conditions that are not those of an infinite beauteous creation, but the multiple pollutions created by an irrational, blind, violent and sclerotic system. The consciousness of our suffering is proof that the system has not succeeded in stealing our soul. And that soul is directly connected to Great Spirit.

Our suffering, our diseases are a conversation with Great Spirit. These difficult conditions are telling us that we and/or our human environment are not in harmony with the laws of the world, those of nature. This is what shows us the way. This is helping us to walk again on the path of beauty, health, to the bliss and ecstasy that come from the contemplation of co-creation. Thus, although it may seem a paradox, our suffering leads us to what is true and good, to joy, peace and love.

This is why we should not try to mask our suffering with dependencies, addictions, distractions and constant entertainment of all kinds, but rather accept our suffering and delve into it. It will help us understand the lessons it is carrying. It’s not an easy path … but it’s the path of consciousness. Our steps on the path of consciousness lead us to the good, the beautiful, the truth and realizations that are eternal. Our soul is eternal. Thus, all our steps on the path of consciousness remain with us forever. That is the true wealth that can never be lost!

Joy and Love from my heart to yours

Blue Eagle


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