A Handicaped employee who REALLY wants to work!


I’m the creator of the Invocation Perfumes Co. Today I went to our beautiful boutique where I recognized Victoria’s hand. Everything was beautifully placed. I’m hearing Steve talking all the way back in the factory. Coming into production I see Shanna.  She’s at work with her two fingers and her head bent down all the time, very handicapped, but always smiling, doing her job. Steve looking very upset explains that she has travelled 10 km. in her wheelchair for severely handicapped to get to work. He is very agitated and worried. Understandable, Steve Blouin from Wendake First Nations has been sponsoring since the beginning our giving work to those who are most affected by the First Nations situation in Canada. Our mission is to help all of humanity, so, we start by giving to those most forgotten and impacted by our modern life, the First Nations, and the environment that supports them.

Shanna had forgotten to call the day before for transportation. She wanted to come so bad that she left a long time in advance to make the trip. Dear sister with the her impressive smile can’t even talk! Not very easy in life! When Priscilla came back from lunch, she saw her under the shade of a tree on the street corner waiting for her shift to start! I had such a great laugh. Such  an impressive demonstration of courage and determination to come see us. Shanna was happy, but surprised at Steve’s reaction as he rushed to find her a ride home!

Come and visit the Invocation shop to find out why she loves it so much. You’ll see the beautiful products we’ve prepared for you! And who knows, maybe encourage the Shanna’s of this world ! 😀

www.invocation.ca   www.boutiqueaiglebleu.com


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