THE WILD TURKEY – totem animal

Here is another animal associated with the South. Certain nations even call it the eagle of the South.

The gobbler as it’s also called because of its typical throaty sound, represents the most spiritual and important medicine for all First Nations, that of generosity and sharing. We even have special ceremonies for gifting others called the giveaway or the potlatch.

Turkey is a bird who doesn’t fly much and who’s rather plump. It’s one of the biggest birds in America, as it can reach 14 kilos (30 pounds). Gobbler was associated with generosity due to the ease of its harvest, its large numbers and the abundance of its flesh. From there came the tradition people have to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It was originally a First Nations tradition to honor and celebrate the abundance of nature at the fall equinox.

Native People in North America have a special medicine which is called the giveaway. It has been seen that a clan member gives away all their possessions, with great joy, to help their people. Those who show such selflessness and abnegation in the spirit of sharing are among the most respected by native communities. This tradition also honors the laws of nature. Abundance must flow or it will spoil. To receive one must give, as shown by the breath, to be able to inhale we must first exhale.

Thus, wild turkey is the medicine of saints who are demonstrating extraordinary virtues. They transcend attachment to the ego and act in interest of the others. They know that all life is sacred and that Great Spirit lives in all things. Thus, by helping others they get closer to Great Spirit.

To feed the people, to look after one’s family and community is a teaching we’ll find in all religions and spiritual traditions. To be able to share without attachment to material possessions or wealth is one of the greatest qualities one can develop on the spiritual path. On the good red road, those who demonstrate these virtues are honored and are in the esteem of the people. As the gobbler represents this medicine we will call it the eagle of the South.

Happy are those who have this totem, as by helping, feeding and caring for others we take care, feed and help ourselves. Indeed, nothing is separated, everything is connected, and by giving we open the door to receive. You will notice that the most selfish people are often the most unfortunate, and those who work to help others with sincerity and an open heart always have a smile on their lips even when surrounded with other people’s disease and misery.

Men who have gobbler medicine are often a bit spectacular in their behavior and appearance. They do not go unnoticed and their generosity is accompanied with an imposing presence which makes them talented philanthropists. Yes, philanthropy can also be an art! The imposing presence of men with gobbler medicine does not come from an oversized ego but rather from their altruistic virtue which transpires in the way they dress and carry themselves. They are great fathers and family men.

The Woman with wild turkey medicine is more discreet, but her activity is all the more effective and imbued with compassion. She excels as a therapist, nurse or doctor, and will manage a huge family with many children and adopted friends with ease and perfection without ever getting tired or excited.

Call upon wild turkey medicine to know the joy and satisfaction there is in helping others. Appeal to its medicine to release your attachment to materialism and money and increase your connection with the true values in life: wisdom, family and friends. Appeal to wild turkey to learn how to sincerely offer prayers and offerings of gratitude and thanksgiving. Expressing our appreciation and thankfulness to the world around us creates joy in the heart and that joy will in turn insure à healthier day, as joy and gratefulness will boost your vitality, immune system and positive thoughts. Positive thoughts and emotions create good vibes that benefit all our relations. In truth, offerings, prayers, the giveaway, potlatch and other rituals and ceremonies that honor our ability to give and share, carry great wisdom. May we once again reactivate the wisdom of our ancestors and honor the gifts and teachings offered by the gobbler, our beautiful wild turkey!

Blue Eagle

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