THE WHALE – totem animal

Whale is a very important animal for planet earth. According to ancient tradition, the Creator’s helpers placed it here, at the very beginning of the creation of life on earth, to be the guardian of its archives. Whales keep the history of planetary evolution and the energies present during the different ages of the globe. It’s like a swimming library!

This is very significant today in these times when humans are polluting and damaging our beautiful planet. In the last 50 years or so, whales have begun to strand up on the shores of different countries around the world. This is new behavior that humans have never seen before. It’s in fact a message: whales accept to give their lives in the hope that humans will understand that their actions are destroying this beautiful planet. This message has not been heard; moreover, whaling has developed for various economic purposes, which has created a real state of imbalance in the whale population of the world.

Whales keep the archives and memories of the earth in two ways: first in their DNA, in their very large cellular mass, and secondly in their songs, which are very elaborate and contain a lot of information. These songs are very long and cover a lot of frequencies. The whales are clairaudients, quite telepathic, very psychically developed, and they can hear very low and high sound frequencies.

Those who have whale medicine can have access to the universal intelligence stream to get the information they need. They often have the ability to use sounds and music for healing. The drum is their preferred instrument, as they are often people with strong shamanic abilities. Drumming, as we have already discussed, helps to maintain a connection with the land, creating a safe anchor for those who travel on the subtle planes.

Some clairvoyant psychic healers have a tendency to become very big. I’ve often noticed this. It helps anchor them into the physical world after their traveling in the subtle realms and I suspect they might also be storing information. This could be an aspect of whale medicine.

The whale also teaches the ability to listen; indeed, to have access to universal information, to hear very deep messages, often requires a good measure of silence and listening. The whale can help us to achieve this essential receptivity. We call it “active listening”. Nothing is more therapeutic for our emotional equilibrium that having someone who is able to truly listen and hear us when we need to let go of all we’re experiencing. Life is hard on planet earth and if we have someone who’s ready to share our burden without putting in opinions, comments or unsolicited advice, it’s a blessing. May we all develop the ability to be good confidants.

Use whale medicine to hear the messages of the world. Use whale’s medicine to learn how to convey them through song and music. Defend the whale if you can, because we must not lose their priceless records, which are valuable not only for the planet, but for the whole galaxy. Humanity’s Paradise-Mother-Earth experience is important for the whole galaxy and even, if we succeed in what’s the mission of Man on earth, for other galaxies as well. This is one of the reasons why the whales came from a planet near the king of stars in this galaxy, Sirius, to keep the archives of our planet and humanity. Our potential and galactic mission is very grand if we ever wake up to the responsibility we have to protect and enhance all life on earth.

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