So much useless suffering! Diseases, wars, discord among family members, lack of love, abuse, violence, famine, racism, the list is endless. Most of this suffering could be avoided and has been created because Men have lost their connection to the earth. Those who receive the bounty of the land and who can nourish their families with what they grow in their gardens have no need for the actions that create suffering for others. Their families are together all the time and nature gives them the activities that allow for maximum healthy development of body, heart and mind. Also any useless suffering is an indication that we are not following Great Spirit original instructions.

Do you really think our Creator created us to make us suffer? Our divine Mother-Father has only love for us. He-She gave us a world of extraordinary beauty which gives us all that we need. She-He lets us completely free to commit all the errors and inventions that our mind can imagine. But if these inventions are not in accordance with cosmic-natural law, we will suffer as it’s the only way that Creator can show us the way to harmony and respect for the laws of creation.

The Creator never speaks to us directly. He-She speaks to us through his creation. In the smallest stone, insect, the snowflake and dewdrop, His-Her laws are encoded. Yet, we cannot understand them with the intellect alone; we also need to see them with the heart!

The only true and honest way to illustrate that is through one’s experience. What filled my heart this morning was to see the beauty of the sky, the faint but auspicious murmurings that told of the coming of the morning’s sunrise, that undefinable emotion that carries a message from the Spirits of nature. This communication, or rather this sacred communion, is what gave me the inspiration to write to you. It filled my heart and mind with joy, peace, love and light. These moments I take every day to walk my family domain, resting my gaze on my trees, the animals, the small mouse that crosses the path in front of me at top speed and the sparrow that greets me with its lively song so close, the scolding squirrel that comes down the tree trunk within arm’s reach to inquire why I’m in its path, all these simple things are a source of joy, of knowing what’s real and true in this world. This is what’s nourishing my sense of purpose and reason for being. Thus, despite this cruel world attempt to squash all our natural ways in the name of technocratic progress we continue to uphold our principles, our undying resolve to uphold nature’s ways. I bring this to the work place and in truth I see my colleagues as other children of the same Creator. Thus, my relationship with them is filled with respect, compassion, understanding and love. This creates the means to send out to the world, to many countries, natural products, songs, words, ways that will heal and fill the world with truth and loving care.

Let me describe how we can put an end to useless suffering, on earth, forever. May every family take the responsibility for a small piece of land and cultivate from nature the means to support their family and their community of like-minded families and family domains. As this has been taught to humanity in these turbulent times these family domains will lead us back to harmony with nature and thus with our inner purpose and healthy environment. All it needs is two acres, one hectare of land per family and the will to cultivate a small family paradise. Even the desert can have thousands of flowers blooming to the morning light, nourishing all that can support Men’s livelihood. Plant trees at the edge of the desert and they will attract the rain. Every year the desert’s foothold on the land will diminish. Nature’s laws are simple yet profound. We were imbued with the intelligence to make our planet a paradise, a self-sustaining beautiful and wonderful paradise. This is the only path to the end of useless suffering.

The only way to protect nature and the ecology is to draw our sustenance from nature around us. We belong to the earth and the earth belongs to us. No government or corporation has the right to interfere between Man and his land. No authority was ever given to men to interfere with the freedom of other Men to manage their family land in a natural healthy divine way. And for that to be respected we will need to work very hard. We need to defend nature and Man’s God Given Right to cultivate the earth for his family. Those who enslave the people with money and control our governments with their stranglehold on the economy would have it otherwise…. Yet cosmic law, the elements of the planet will bring us back into proper relationship with the earth, like it or not. The more we collaborate with nature, the more we’ll alleviate the powerful destruction of planetary purification that is now upon us. We will come back to nature, like it or not, and as we adapt back into natural communities useless suffering will disappear.

Do you know that a family domain cultivated with biodiversity produces a lot more edible biomass than land cultivated industrially? Sometimes 900% more? That the vast majority of agricultural lands today are poisoned and impoverished by industrial monocultures, erosion, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, killing in the process uncountable insects and animals, that all have their specific role in the global ecology? Do you know that genetically modified plants corrupt the essence of Creation’s teachings and laws with eventual horrible consequences? Do you know that a family or community can transform a barren earth to produce more than their needs and then support many people around them with healthy organic food in only a few years? This has been proven again and time again in many places all over the earth.

Did you know that technology is ultimately useless when we live in harmony with nature? All technology is dead, is made of death, and becomes a prosthesis, an orthosis, a crutch which atrophies the natural capacities that nature has so naturally and generously provided to all of us. All technology is a wall-barrier between Men and the laws of nature. Only by gradually reducing its use will we manage a harmonious transition to our full potential.

If we decide to work towards coming back to nature and start now, it will take many generations to slowly lessen our dependencies on technology. If we don’t, then the universe and the planets’ elements will do it for us in a very short time. The times are upon us now. Maybe Men will finally begin to listen rather than trying to silence our voice….

Our happiness, our health, our freedom and our innate divinity can only develop to its full potential when in contact with Great Spirit’s immense, interactive and all-encompassing instruction manual, Mother Nature.

After more than 12,000 years of wandering far from the original instructions of Creation we are now totally dependent on technology and an evil system that is controlled by those at the reins of its immense financial-economic mechanism. They are actively seeking to reduce our liberties to almost nothing to better control us and subject us to the system that gives them so much money and power. Yet we are the children of Great Spirit, we hold within us all power. We can find the way back to divine liberty.

I’ve been given to understand our global problems and possible solutions from a very young age. I’ve come to understand that the vast majority of those who have given their power and faith over to civilized structures, our technocratic societies, are programed to crucify those who speak the truth, That’s understandable, it threatens that upon which their existence has been structured. Thus, I now live a very quiet and simple life, as I look upon all that is happening with compassion and love for all this useless suffering.

There is no need to worry. Dispel all angst and anxiety from your heart and minds. This will all be purified. The laws of nature and the cosmos are supreme and Humanity 12,000 years of current civilizations are but a blink of an eye in the history of Humanity. We have inhabited this planet for millions of years. We shall find our path back to peace, joy, love, light, our freedom and power as Divine Beings, co-creators of paradise on earth. Our souls are immortal and will be purified of all that keeps us from divine truth and loving light. We will be free. We will come back to paradise on earth. Then, what little suffering there is, will have purpose.

From my small family domain, in love and light…

Blue Eagle



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