From the beginning of times, as Man evolved in his relationship with the earth, there have been important moments at precise times every year when communities would assemble and pray. They would give thanks for the abundance of nature and perform the native ceremonies and rituals that reaffirmed Men’s unity with creation and the agreements with the spirits of the elements, plant and animal worlds that allowed for harmonious living on earth. Through these celebrations and spiritual assemblies we remained in harmony with the world we used to live in.

The world is the same, yet we have been manipulated in such a way that we no longer assemble to honor nature and the spirits of the land around us. First came the religions that outlawed our native practices, (a perfect example is the inquisition in Europe), then the governments (as an example the laws in Canada and the USA that outlawed Native ceremonies for many years) and now the worldwide financial pharmaceutical conglomerates that have taken all of humanity hostage with the programmed and conditioned fear of an invisible enemy. Proof now exists that this virus was created by man, it’s an artificial, rather benign form of cold virus that they have created. The fear around it is also artificial and has been slowly programmed into mankind over the past decades.

Thus, the ancestral agreements that were renewed with the spirits of the elements and nature are no longer performed.  People are isolated and under the control of an evil empire promoting a chemically induced life style that has so profoundly altered them that they no longer seem human.

Balance with nature is a precarious thing. The climatic disturbances that are growing and becoming more and more violent and dangerous throughout the world are the signs that man’s relationship with the world has been broken. Our food is poisoned and altered and very few now know how to grow it naturally. Our world fauna has been killed away, only 10% of it remains and has been replaced with the manipulation and torturing of livestock kept in horrible conditions.

Yet, we are calling this progress and think that this technocratic society will find the answers to the alarming problems that signal that our health and planetary climatic conditions are in jeopardy.

Do we have solutions? Yes, yet nobody is listening.

Yet, we continue to practice our ceremonies and nature continues to respond. When we call the rain and thunder it comes. When we pray to give thanks to the spirits of nature eagles fly overhead telling us we’ve been heard and rainbows appear affirming that we’ve done them well. This fills our hearts with joy and hope.

We will endure.  The earth will be purified and all this crazy, evil, chemically altered bio robotic system will be destroyed. The transition will be difficult but as always those who honor and remain faithful to nature will survive. The earth will regain its balance as the powers of the universe are so much stronger than this technocratic world order. Conscious cosmic entities and powers are forever working to bring us back to the immutable laws of nature and the planetary equilibrium that favors the vitality of all life forms.

We tried to appeal to Man’s logic and understanding, we did advise of the solutions and ways that would avert the planetary cleansing. We harvested rejection, slander and hardship. So it is, thus we now look forward to planetary cleansing. There is nothing we can do to prepare for this as the changes will be so dramatic and the upheaval so intense that nothing we could do could alter its course.  What we can do is come back to nature, each one in their own environment.

May you also find peace, love and joy within and with nature around you.

With my love and joy

Blue Eagle

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