THE DRAGONFLY – animal totem

Dragonfly teaches the art of seeing right through the illusions of life and being able to play with them. Dragonfly is of shape shifter medicine and dragon lore!

If we look attentively at a dragonfly we’ll see that its wings are made of semitransparent scales which reflect the colors of the rainbow, often with alluring very rare tones. We liken this to the mythological dragon scales. There is a very interesting story about this in Jamie Sams’ Medecine Cards: Dragonfly was once Dragon. Dragon was full of wisdom, and flew through the night bringing light with his fiery breath. The breath of Dragon brought forth the art of magic and the illusion of changing form. But then, Dragon got caught in his own illusions. Coyote tricked Dragon into changing form, and the shape of his new body became like Dragonfly’s. In accepting the challenge to prove his power and magical prowess, Dragon lost his power.

This totem will help in working with the elementals, those spirits that inhabit the elements of fire, water, earth and wind. The dragonfly is at ease with all the elements. Its larva lives in the water, it will hatch on the earth, it flies with the wind, it loves to bask in the sunlight and when it does we’ll see in the iridescent membrane of its wings, the colors of fire and the rainbow.

Those who work with elements often have a special relationship with the dragonfly. Of all the insects, the dragonfly flies with the most dexterity and swiftness. They are the apex predator of the insect world. They eat at a surprising speed the stinging insects, gnats, black flies and mosquitos. Not only are they enchanting to see but they are thus very useful.

Dragonfly teaches us to see beyond appearances. It teaches us to see things as they are,not as they appear through our filters of our prejudice, conditionings, programming and limitations created by our ignorance. To learn to see clearly beyond illusions and appearances frees us from those thought forms which suck up our vital energy, dimming our vitality and mood. When we enter the shining world of the spirits of nature, these beauties that we find near the water, trees, windy places and sacred fires, we get closer to the essence of what it means to be human.

Those who are attracted to the dragonfly or who have this totem are often colorful people, endowed with great energy. They sometimes have the ability to do surprising things which sometimes seem supernatural but really are only a reflection of the natural co-creative powers of Man. They know how to describe common occurrences so that they reflect the mysteries of life, so ordinary daily events suddenly become interesting and magical.

Those who are of the dragonfly totem make magnificent narrators. Some have also received the gift of being able to commune with the elements. These ancient powers of mind with nature, calling the rain or stopping the storm, so often described in the ancient stories of our people, have been almost completely forgotten today.  Yet with the climatic upheaval and meteorological chaos that we see everywhere on earth these days we would indeed be in need of those who know how to communicate with the elements!

They were magnificent the days when dragons were still with us. Only the greatest and most powerful shamans were able to guide these fabulous beings. The last surviving dragon was seen about a century ago slowly shifting out of our realm as it was sleeping in a deep cave in the Smokey Mountains. When dragons don’t have the guidance and consciousness of knowledgeable, wise and noble people to guide them, they slowly go to sleep and shift out of our reality.  They still thrive in other dimensions. Such is their power that they can only return when wise and powerful shamans who can speak to the elements can once more be honored by the people. Thus, supported by their communities these special people can then tame the dragons and guide them so they can once more put us in awe of their beauty and majesty.

It is said that the dragonfly is the guardian of those who are Peacekeepers. I’ve often seen great assemblies of dragonflies dancing in spirals above the sacred fires of wise elders that were sharing ancient knowledge and wisdom.

You can call on the dragonfly to better understand and communicate with the spirits of nature, especially the elementals, the world of water sprites, gnomes, sylphs and salamanders. They can also open our vision to the small beings who take care of the plants and trees, those called the little folks.  But above all call upon the power of dragonfly to see the magic in everyday life and resist the mundane, heavy illusions of progress and technocratic ways that are rapidly destroying our natural environment. Do call upon dragonfly’s medicine to protect those who defend our rights and our liberties with civil disobedience and peaceful resistance against those dark forces who would enslave us. They have put us in boxes and a way of life that’s sucking us to the bone of our vital energy, prisoner of a technocratic system that’s killing the earth and all its inhabitants. May we reactivate our courage, and our ability to be in awe and devotion of our beauteous earth mother and all her children. May dragonfly inspire and protect us on the peacekeeping path.

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