It’s summer! The garden and forest love this hot, humid weather. The plant growth is visible day by day. I’ve beautiful and abundant wild flowers growing everywhere on my small family domain. They’ve come uninvited, yet their beauty is welcome. The voluptuous rapid growth of the south, the season of laughter and warmth is with us today.

Our tradition is to celebrate the solstices and equinoxes at the new or full moon the closest to those days. This year the solstice falls right on the new moon, today. I shall be in ceremony on this auspicious day, alone on my small family domain, praying for each of you.

First Nations measured the different astral events like the longest day and longest night (solstices) and equal days (equinoxes) using the medicine wheels. Medicine wheels are large stone circles aligned so that the sun rises at day break above the east stone. Once there were over 4000 medicine wheels on the American continent. This was also a tradition in other cultures. The best known is in England, Stonehenge. There are many teachings on the medicine wheel. May they be reactivated in these times.

Humanity has lost its way. We are in the times between eras of human evolution.  The climatic disturbances all over the planet are showing us that the time for reckoning has come, the last warnings are being given. Yet, those evil beings that are in control of the banks, multinational corporations and governments indebted to these banks and prisoners of the economy of their country, are not listening. Their dark goals are making Humanity every day more stupid and blind, unable to think or react to the destruction of our planet and its many life forms. Thus, our prophecies are unfolding as predicted. The earth cleansing and purification is coming and Humanity will be forcibly brought back to nature and its laws.  It’s a time to rise high up in the sky like the eagle and look upon the seasons of man’s evolution on our beauteous planet. Our immortal souls are going to draw important lessons from these times. We’ll never come back to these technocratic ways.

The summer solstice celebrations are of great power characterized by hot summer weather, rapid growth, endless activities, hot sweats, long days and the beauty of flowers and women.

It’s important in these days when solar energy is at its maximum, to accumulate! Two techniques can help with this. One is circle breath what certain Taoists call the microcosmic orbit. In the teachings coming from First Nations’ elders this is called circle breath. Breathing up the spine from earth to sky, and then breathing out and down in front of the body from sky to earth while accumulating in the second energy center behind the umbilicus. Then there is contemplative silence. We’re not always in a mood for contemplative silence in these days of great energy, I grant you that! 🙂 We’re rather in a mood to party. Yet a meditative attitude makes it possible to store this abundant energy so it can then be available throughout the following year.

There is a great wisdom in silence and contemplation at any time. But in this sacred day, blessed in the memory of the people, it’s good to be attentive, reserved and work with vigilance. Because a few hours of wisdom in these days of overflowing energy makes it possible to collect it for the long run.

Equilibrium is like the balance of waves on the sea. Higher go the waves lower the level of the hollow between them. Thus, if joy is intense and is expressed with loud enthusiasm, the following day one is tired and sometimes depressed. It’s wiser to remain calm, to bask in the joy but not let it carry us away in noisy exuberance. This is the most enlightened council that I can give you in these days when the south, grandmother of confidence, innocence, love, rapid growth, coyote and little mouse reigns over the land.

Happy Solstice!

Blue Eagle


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