I would, first of all, like to extend all my sympathy and compassion for all those who suffer from the consequences of confinement, loss of income and lack of proper health care. My prayers are with you.

The current worldwide events were predicted a long time ago. In 1969 a delegation of several native elders mostly from the Hopi Nation and representatives from other First Nations went to the United Nations buildings in New York, to warn the world. Their message was that if the modern way of life continued, there would be diseases, destruction and global purification. They were not allowed in to speak to the Assembly of Nations. These esteemed and spiritually powerful elders carrying the wisdom of the ages had to return to their villages without having been able to deliver this important message for humanity.

When I was a teenager, I had several very surprising daytime dreams. When later I heard First Nations’ prophecies, I understood that these awake dreams were in fact prophetic visions. These prophecies of the Ancient Ones had similar images with different words and a lot more information. Thus, for the past 40 years I’ve taught, written and gave conferences to warn of what could come if we do not change our ways. I got similar feedback to what the elders received in 1969. With the result that now these times are upon us.

It is to uphold the order of creation that Nature reacts. Nature is always going to enforce the original instructions of creation, the spiritual laws of the cosmos. The return to a healthy planet, pristine nature and Real Human Beings in its bosom, is inevitable. As proof, nature is already hard at work to restore balance. She reaffirms her laws with diseases, ecological disasters and climatic disturbances.

Nature is always working its way back to balance. The world fauna is always healthy and will reproduce indefinitely, without the assistance of Man. The vegetation is always healthy and reproduces indefinitely without any need for mankind’s assistance. Nature will always coordinate the appropriate levels of each species population according to the needs of the whole. The universe is always in constant evolution towards greater manifestation and healthier beings. Thus, the ultimate wisdom, knowledge, healing herbs, foods and elements which ensure a healthy body, heart, mind and spirit, all come from nature.

Let’s look at what holistic natural health care is all about. When we look at nature, it teaches us that everything is interconnected. The world originates and continues to evolve by the impulsion of Spirit which models the essential energy that imbues the universe. We could define this energy as a plasma filled with the forces and powers of nature: gravity, light and electromagnetism. Every wisdom tradition describes this energy giving it different names: prana, chi, orneida, mana, etc. It is the energy which is the foundation of atoms, molecules, stars and galaxies. This fundamental energy is organized and modeled by Creator Spirit. The creative spirit for us corresponds to our soul’s desire to live on earth which gives birth to our body.

The Universal Spirit that initiated the Big Bang described in modern physics forever continues its expansion. This permanent evolution subdivides itself into innumerable forms of manifestation in constant evolution. The raw material (or raw energy, same thing), animated by this consciousness becomes life, and on earth these forms of life reach their highest evolution in Man[1]. Being the most advanced evolutionary species on earth has resulted in Man acquiring free will and creative intelligence. Our current technological inventions are one aspect of this creative intelligence. Free will also gives us the possibility of choosing the wrong path. Today’s catastrophic world situation is not the first time the actions of the Humanity have led to global purification. This is one reason First Nations’ prophesies are so important, as they also describe the distant past and illustrate how serious the consequences are when Man strays away from nature.

This helps us understand how our spirituality, emotions and thoughts have a huge impact on our health, as everything is interconnected. Our free will has us making many “faux pas”, mistakes on our evolutionary path. This leads to illness as the laws of nature will create the disturbances intended to lead the person back to a healthy body, mind and sound evolutionary path. So, disease is actually a good thing! Thus, in the holistic approach we have created to address our current health problems we usually begin healings with the spiritual body, then the mental body, followed by the emotional body before addressing the physical body. The physical is by far the easiest to treat! When this groundwork has been done, healing the physical is generally easy. As everything stems from spirit and our thoughts and emotions have such a powerful influence over our health and well-being, this is just common sense.

We would have so much to gain by using natural healing methods. We would no longer have waiting lists for people to be treated! There would be many more alternatives to caring for people and smaller and more human-sized places to administer this care. Caring for people would be a lot cheaper and lot more effective. The treatments would be a great deal simpler to administer and the equipment and material to do so much less costly. Furthermore, the principle that it’s better to teach a hungry person how to fish than to give him fish is universally applied in a natural approach to healing. This advocates the responsibility of each person and community for their own health. There are multiple and tremendous social benefits to this approach.

As said by my powerful and loving ancestor, Sun Bear: “I don’t want to hear a philosophy that doesn’t teach me how to grow corn.’ This elder brother had understood that our teachings and spirituality need to be practical, that they need help us in our daily lives.

Health is always within our reach. The tools are there. It’s possible to find treatments, practices and supplements for optimal health. Nature continues to supply us all with we need to be healthy. We are still teaching and providing this information to all those who are interested.

We have an important sum of knowledge on natural healing methods. We have searched for years to find solutions to all these new diseases which afflict humanity. Many Medicine Men and Women, Shamans, Health Practitioners, Holistic Doctors and Surgeons, Healers, from many nations and from many countries, have freely shared their knowledge.

I know that humanity is going to survive these transitional times and find its way back to an intelligent, magical and healthy relationship with Mother Nature. It’s written in the book of times. Those who don’t embark on the arc will be taken by the floods. Its justice and it’s now inevitable. Those who do embark on the path back to nature will have children and descendants. They will live on for eons, in a paradise created by the shining sun of Creator’s love on the beauteous, welcoming and loving Earth-Mother!

Peace, Joy and Love to all

Blue Eagle

[1] Please consider the word Man with a capital M as Women and Men imbued with the power to create and the free will to do so.

2 thoughts on “MY TAKE ON COVID 19”

  1. This knowledge and life-wisdom is here since a long time – basically from natives all over the world. Ignoring it, what deep inside we know and what we can bring into action in daily life when we just listen to our inner voice, brings on suffering.
    We humans learn through love and suffering – and both are the great chance, the present situation gives to us to finally form a worldwide family where is taken care for everybody’s need and consciously given up the greed.


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