SEAL – totem animal

The keyword for seal medicine is play. The seal is of these animals which live on the ground but who are more at ease in water. They are maritime mammals rather slow and blundering on the ground, but very graceful, fast and excellent swimmers in the water.

The seal is a gregarious animal which likes to be with its own kind. It’s very playful and intelligent. It’s very comfortable everywhere where there is ocean and fish. Seal knows how to store sun energy. It also knows how to surround his body with blubber that allows it to be comfortable under all climates. It can even sleep on the ice and feel right at home.

Seal is an excellent communicator. Thanks to this medicine, those who have this totem are excellent orators, comfortable in all environments. They have the ability to entertain and make people joyful while having a depth of thought resulting from their understanding of the different layers of our being. They are capable of bringing to the surface of consciousness the treasures of the unconscious and translating them in a way accessible to others. It is the rare and precious medicine which makes people of the seal often interpreters the narrators of the invisible realms of our psyches.

Seal people are often travellers. They prefer to be on the move rather than to have to stay for a long time in the same place, but when they’ve found a place that they like, they can rest there for a long time.

Seal people always know how to find what they need and also know how to share with others. They make very good friends. They are excellent key resource in any organization, and being an artist is a role that fits them well.


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