HUMMINGBIRD – animal totem

The keyword for hummingbird medicine is joy. Like the bee hummingbird feeds on the finest food of the world, flower pollen. This fine nectar is the love fragrance of life. Like the bee, hummingbird enables pollination of the plants flowers essential for their fertility, perpetuation and abundance.

Hummingbirds are very special and unique amongst all birds. They can hover in midair, fly backwards, upwards, downwards, their wings beating at a phenomenal speed creating this humming sound that gives them their name. Amongst all the birds, it occupies a unique and special place

Hummingbird is endowed with beauty, and this beauty produces joy. We cannot put hummingbird in a cage, it dies within 12 hours. This reveals a very precious teaching: we cannot imprison, attach, or put joy in a box. Love, the very substance of the life for hummingbird, likewise is never comfortable in any kind of prison.

Joy and love strive on beauty. They run away as soon as there is ugliness, sourness or bitterness. They only associate with what is beautiful and fragrant like flowers.

Hummingbird medicine is that of artists and lovers, all those who work with beauty and joy. They need freedom, but if they have this freedom, they can create treasures which will feed our soul and spirit for a long time.

To see a hummingbird is always a message of love and joy.

Women hummingbird are extremely sensitive and often of a beauty that takes our breath away. They need to be approached with extreme sensibility and sensitivity they need a very delicate touch but if we are capable of that, they can then carry us to the sky.

Men hummingbird are very intense, always in search of more beauty and subtlety in all dimensions of their lives. They are very difficult to conquer, but once conquered, they will always be faithful, not through dedication to commitment, but by dedication to love.

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