The Mayan Calendar’s change of era in Decembre 2012

On the 12th of January 2013 I wrote :

I went to Merida, Mexico in December of 2012, at the invitation of Mayan shamans. This was for a great spiritual meeting. Cumbre Espiritual, to celebrate the beginning of the new era of the famous Mayan calendar. We were guests from all around the world, coming to share in this great celebration of the new era that began on December 21st, 2012.

I went there with more a sense of my responsibilities than because of wanting to go. Winter is always a time of introspection for me. My family also didn’t want me gone a few days before Christmas. But the Mayan repeated their request 3 times and so I put my question to the spirits. It was auspicious and my intuition was insisting I go.

Now that I’m back from this event, multiple facets and dimensions of what happened there are becoming apparent. The first impression that became evident is that I’m truly feeling the energies of a new era. The time for change has come. Here are my impressions on this event.

The first thing that we noticed was the great kindness of the Mexicans. Quebeckers have the reputation of being kind and I’ve often noticed this when coming back from my many journeys abroad. But I have to admit that the Mexicans take it higher. It’s true that we were in a privileged place, Mérida in Yucatan, upmarket tourist destination, and people there mentioned that this city was safer than most cities in Mexico. But everywhere we went we felt welcomed, served and assisted with great kindness and beautiful respectfulness without it affecting efficiency. People are more relaxed and slow than in Canada and in Europe, the warm weather making it a necessity of life. I had problems adapting to the heat. We left Quebec in a snowstorm and my body that enjoys winter had a shock to find itself suddenly under 35-degree temperatures. Thus, I think nobody moves too fast and that it is a part of the way of life of that place. I was fortunate that it was winter, as people told me what the temperature climbs to between May and September!!! Not for me  !!

Also, people very clearly have Mayan and other native ancestry. I could not see any noticeable differences between Mayan and Mexicans if not in the clothing. And they have great respect for their history and ancestry. One morning I was fortunate to enter the hotel restaurant during breakfast when a Mayan shaman was giving a traditional Mayan prayer of gratitude for the abundance of life. People who were regular customers of the hotel stood, very respectful and participating without any reservation to what was taking place. I imagined the same scene in Quebec to measure the enormous difference. In Quebec people would have laughed would not have participated and the gibes and the unfriendly remarks on the « sauvages   » would have fused everywhere. I have experienced this kind of situation. But there, nothing more than respect, reverence and joy that we could celebrate together. When going that morning to the Global Summit I discussed this with the taxi driver and he acknowledged that people were more respectful of their history, that they have more values, morality, ethics than the Americans and the other nationals that he had encountered. He was so proud and grateful that a foreigner could recognize this characteristic of his people. I have the intuition that the suicide rate in this country must be much lower than in Canada and the USA. When the people adhere to moral and ethical values and have respect for their ancestors, the mental and emotional health of all benefit from it. Quebeckers would have a lot to learn from the Mexicans. It’s a little known fact that more than 70 % of Quebeckers have some Native American ancestor in their family tree.

At the Cumbre Espiritual, this international gathering organized by the Mayans, there was a bit of everything. Gurus with their followers, Masuro Emoto the Japanese scientist with his interesting research on the memory of water; the novelist James Redfield, visionaries, crazy people, gifted healers, talented artists, the official representatives of some religions, Canadian, European and South American shamans and the local spiritual elders of the Mayan, Olmec and Toltec nations.Un ainé Tolteque

With these traditional elders we shared beautiful and powerful ceremonies, moments of complicity and we listened to each other’s teachings. Important moments where were celebrated the unity of all traditional shamanic traditions and the unity of all native people of the earth. In our celebrations there were no differences between the yellow people, the red, the black and the white, but a single humanity, a single true tradition which respects the earth and all the beings which live in nature. We all have the earth in common, we all share its abundance and need to protect it, as future generations depend on the health of the earth and nature.


The organization was quite something! I was surprised and impressed with the organization of the Venerable Madre Nan Khin representing the Mayan solar tradition making of an event of such magnitude a success. Their recognition and honoring of who I was and what I represented was more than satisfactory. And we had fun…

On December 21st, 2012, 6:00 pm, I gave my first ceremony. I had given several conferences and teachings but this was the first time I could put my prayers out there and offer the sacred pipe that very powerful and important medicine. What happened is in my view funny and yet very symbolic circumstances of this transitional era we are experiencing.

I was going to the ceremony with a friend, Patrick Dacquay, a Celtic shaman from France. We were laughing, as we had just realized that the ceremony was to take place on a parking lot.  Imagine two shamans used to rituals in nature being asked to perform their ceremony in a parking lot on an outdoor music stage. The great stage was about 20 feet off the ground and very beautifully decorated. We could sit 45 people in a circle on stage, more if they were otherwise arranged. We had about 50 people so had a very wide circle. Yet this was in a parking lot! We were surprised and having quite a bit of fun with this situation.

When going there, we were ushered past the parking lot that was just in front of the stage. This part of the parking lot had been cordoned off and something seemed to be happening there, there were quite a few people in that cordoned space. All around there was a lot of police presence and even some army trucks.  Right next to the congress centre was the Mayan Museum and the president of Mexico was to give a press conference to commemorate this beginning of the new era in the Mayan calendar, as this event had international attention and had been well mediatized. Thus, lots of security, another fact that seemed really odd in the context of a traditional ceremony. For decades, we have had to hide when doing our ceremonies as the Canadian and American governments for a time had prohibited our spiritual ceremonies. Also, because of the added security traffic had been diverted and nonstop cars and trucks were being channelled on the street behind the stage and to one side at a 90 degree angle. On the other side was the congress centre. Thus, constant noise with the usual very expressive honking typical of a Latino population. Several comments we made about the situation had us laughing at these very unique circumstances.

As I was preparing my ceremonial medicine, I began the teachings that would prepare  those who came to celebrate with us. Its very important that the sacredness of the sacred pipe be acknowledged and understood as this is a very holy and sacred way to pray and offer our gratefulness for life and our most sacred mother earth. Suddenly, one of the elders of the Olmec nation who was there, decides to speak, smudging the crowd and very clearly trying to make this his event. I didn’t know what to do! This elder for whom I have a lot of respect as we had shared teachings and ceremonies was one of the First Nations elders who had been invited by the Mayans. Yet, despite the times when I had been invited to speak this was nevertheless my first ceremony. I had an important prayer to offer for the change of era. Not knowing what to do about this situation without offending this elder I take both sections of the pipe in my hands and asked this powerful medicine to resolve my dilemma. With this intention I join the two parts the bowl and the stem, activating the sacred pipe. As I glance up the elder by chance looks at me. At that moment he is afflicted with a coughing fit that he can’t seem to stop.  Silently thanking the pipe, I resume my teachings and appeasing the people as some had been taken aback by this elder’s interference. This has a calming effect and the ambiance of reverence I need to instill in our circle starts to arise. As everything calms down, our elder managed to calm his cough. There, with an air of haughtiness and boldness, he stands up again and repeatedly asks for silence. Suddenly, there are repeated explosions! Right in front of us burst out huge fireworks to celebrate the president and this event. No longer possible to say anything as the noise is very loud and the fireworks splendid!  You’ve probably guessed that the parking lot that we were invited to avoid was where the fireworks had been installed. It was so close that I even wondered if some sparks would not reach us. The whole circle in the surprise and joy of that moment began shouting in Spanish and English ” This is for you Blue Eagle! “. The moment had us laughing to tears! Never had we seen ceremonial circumstances so comical. And there was nothing we could do but enjoy the show.

Our Olmec elder was completely distraught.  Twice his attempts to secure my event had been baffled. He sat down and I saw that he would not speak again. As the fireworks ended, I resumed teaching. Then I began the ceremony. A great peace descended on our circle, like a luminous bubble, and we hardly hear the traffic any more. It’s like we were in another dimension. The prayer is powerful and true. A very solemn and truly magical moment. We felt something shift, a transformation in the energies which were and remain inexplicable. When we had a sharing circle at the end, several mentioned the fact that the traffic noise had seemed to have suddenly and inexplicably abated.

When returning with Patrick to the hotel after this memorable evening, we agreed on an interesting fact. Even in the worst conditions, far from nature, with numerous and inevitable obstacles, this ancestral shamanic ritual managed to recreate the energies of truth, the ideal of spirit and the atmosphere of nature. In spite of the chaos of modern life, we were able to call upon the new world, to create it amongst us and to experience a magical moment in what seemed a different time and space. And we had a lot of fun and laughter!

What’s significant is what I feel now that I’m back home. I’m really feeling the possibility of transformation for our modern world. Certain intuitions are showing me that teachings kept secret can now be revealed. Public and political people who were clearly coming from the darkness are now being accused and brought to justice. The new era is being honored by a flourishing of new harmonies, songs, poems and wanting to go back to the land and make gardens with the family.

I now understand why it was so important that I be at this event in which I was reluctant to participate. I felt honored to be there and the people of that organization did honor me in a way that I now understand. I’ve always dreamed and worked toward a way of life where there is respect for nature, intelligence in the way we relate with each other and love for the land and all beings. It’s as if now I feel that there is a broader commitment to making that happen, that a new world will emerge from the ashes of our technocratic societies and hold auspicious promises for the future. The energies that I feel since my return from Mexica seem to be announcing that the changes we need to make to harmonize with nature are now possible. The visions that I’ve had ever since I was a teenager are going to manifest. Feels good….

I would like to thank  Simeth Maya of Palenque for her insistence in inviting me and for the support and organization of Venerable Madre Nan Khin.

I’ve had a rather spectacular increase in the stream of wisdom thoughts and inspirations that come during my morning walks. It’s now like an inexhaustible stream which sometimes lasts into the day making it possible to write down a lot of what is being shared.

What our modern world lacks is wisdom. Applying wisdom to our way of life is the only way we’ll be able to transform our modern technocratic lifestyle which threatens the future of the earth and all living things. Truth and clarity of thought in education are the ways of the future. We might be able to avoid the planetary purification announced by the prophecies. Although these purifications were in past eras a way to erase the errors of man, they are not ideal today. Such disasters would have affected nuclear power stations which would then spread incredible destruction. And there are so many other sources of pollution that industry has piled everywhere. It would be better to heal the earth gradually, as each of us becomes an artisan of this healing, this great peace which could quietly settle on the earth mother bringing health and happiness to our families.

I have a sense that I’ll be able to write the path with all that comes in my mornings, a way to transform the polluting and stressful lives we have today to the joy, intelligence and peace of a life within paradise.

Impossible you say? No, in fact the world is shaped by our thoughts. You can continue to live in the same place, at the same job with the same people and nevertheless be in a new world.

Writing about it will not be enough. Everyone has to walk their own path. Yet I know that the very first steps will already bring you feelings of joy and peace.

Thus, that’s my experience of the 21st of December 2012 and the change of eras announced by the Mayan Calendar.

2019 11 03

I’m now writing to you eight years later. The stream of wisdom which flowed through me in the days following that event took the shape of a book that was published by Les Editions du Dauphin Blanc.  The Circle of All our Relations

Humanity did not heed the messages delivered during this change of era. Pollution continues everywhere and is accelerating. 90 % of the world fauna was decimated in the past 10 years. I no longer think we can escape the global planetary purification. The signs of the virulence and chaos of the elements, floods, unstoppable wild fires, droughts, wind storms, cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, climate change, the earth is screaming its imbalance and asking for the help of Men. Yet nobody listens. Even the voices of the native indigenous people all over the earth are being ignored. Those who really understand nature and how to live in balance with the earth, those who know what we need to do to change our ways are on the contrary being the object of cultural genocide, racism and violent attacks. The pharmaceutical and medical corporations are using the justice system to attack and destroy our healers and guardians of tradition. The Canadian government speaks of reconciliation yet our native women continue to disappear and be murdered. Police and armed forces do not hesitate to use brutality to stop our protests to try to stop the desecration of the earth-mother.

Nevertheless the new world is there. Meetings like the one in Mexico are important and continues although in more secret as the system wants our death. Our hands are still extended to all, in forgiveness and understanding. If humanity wakes up and is one day ready to transform our consumer society into ecological communities, we’ll be there to show the way. Family domains continue to appear all over and there are many people who have understood the message. But this consciousness has not reached the political scene, the governments of the world continue to be manipulated as they have for millennia by the power of the banks, corporations and financial system.

It’s important that we continue to pray and to call upon the help of our ancestors and Great Spirit’s helpers. Only the spirituality of our origins can correct the current situation.

I shall always continue to work for peace, love, in joy, in unity with nature and the earth. I am not alone, we are a multitude! The light will always eventually dissipate the shadows. The truth always triumphs.

The modern technocratic machine does not like nature and thus all those militants that stand up for Mother Nature. You can imagine the life we have … Thus, your support is greatly appreciated. We thank you for your prayers and support.

On the brink of eternity, I greet the future gods and goddesses of the earth. That’s you, men and women who take responsibility for the earth by cultivating your gardens! You are the hope of all future generations.

Blue Eagle




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