When looking at the concepts of abundance and health, we see that they are intimately connected in spirit and in reality. The consciousness of Man determines the nature of his circumstances and the environments in which he evolves. We are less and less dependent on the shared consciousness of humanity when we strive towards unity with the will of Creator.

We have the power of right action which is dependent on our aligning with the laws of Creation. We evolve in a universe which was created by the Creator. The universe is the reflection of His/Her thoughts. Every star and every atom, every galaxy and every molecule are the demonstration of the active consciousness of Creator. His/Her supreme creation is Man/Woman as we have received the power of creation. We are the creators of the world in which we evolve. The fact is, there is no objective reality. The objective substance of the physical world is illusory as its ever changing. What is real is consciousness. The world that we experience is the subjective manifestation of the thoughts and dreams of our shared consciousness. As we have received the gift of being able to create and invent and free will to take that power in any direction we choose, our illusions also take shape and substance. That’s why the pursuit of truth is so important.

If we understand this, we become aware that our environment and our life circumstances are directly influenced by our consciousness and thus by our thoughts.

We speak of co-creation when we create while respecting the natural laws of the world in which we live. The great book which allows us to see and understand the laws of the world is nature. It is the book of life, the only sacred book which never will mislead you. Nature always waits patiently that we draw from it’s inexhaustible source of wisdom and understanding. That is why a small daily walk in a park or forest or other natural environment is wholesome even if the benefits of this action are not immediately perceptible except on the physical level.

Our consciousness is very vast and it is often masked by the never-ending mundane thoughts which obsess us every day. Nevertheless, the simple act of being in nature a few minutes every day, yields immense benefits which challenge any description. There are no lies in nature, but the truth. Being in nature every day will slowly impregnate our consciousness with clarity and truth, even if they are not immediately apparent in our minds. By harmonic resonance we will slowly begin to understand reality. Two keywords here: to be and to be. Be in the house of the Creator this immense and infinite nature and simply be, relaxed, tranquil, open, a child in the safety of Creator’s house.

To bring this full circle humanity will have to relearn how to live in nature. The only way to protect the ecology is to fulfill our needs directly from nature with the other members of our family and community. That is easy to understand. It’s the only way we will save our planet.

Our health is a barometer which indicates to what measure our personal and collective consciousness and thoughts are aligned with those of Creation. Our abundance is also the measure of our harmonization with nature, which, we see, is infinitely plentiful. True abundance is holistic and not to be mistaken with financial wealth. To manifest abundance and health in this modern world we need to adapt to the functioning of the complicated structures of the technocratic system we live in. So we need to use our intelligence to first manifest health and abundance for our families and secondly to transform the system so that it slowly moves towards harmony and conformity with the laws and the will of Creation as illustrated in nature.

Creator wants our happiness, as any parent wishes for his/her children. Thus, health and abundance are contained in the power of His/Her creative thoughts for Her/His children, you and I. The only thing that is required to manifest health and abundance is the constant use of our human capacity to think with correctness and clarity and to have the courage to enact what our minds have shown us to be true. And for that to happen nothing better than to take some time daily to go stroll in a natural environment and reflect on life and the health and abundance that mother nature wishes to bestow upon us. If that is not available, then it’s simple, create it in your thoughts! It will manifest…

Peace, Joy, Love to all

Blue Eagle




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