The Evolution of Family Domains

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Hello Blue,

I have a question that’s really insistent in my mind and won’t go away. I would like to hear your vision of the evolution of family domains. Do you think that ideally we should all live like Anastasia in nature without any luxuries? What I trying to say, is it necessary to reject all the inventions of the technocratic system? There are inventions that I do not find negative, as internet, computers, techniques for ecological houses like sun panels, geothermal science, etc. or again free energy for electricity, cars in a distant future that don’t require petrol? Do you think that we shall all live like the inhabitants of the planet in the film “La Belle Verte” by Coline Serreau or shall we retain some of the technological inventions?



Hi Nina,

There is the ideal and there is where we are today. What’s important to understand is that current technology is an impediment to our development on all levels (physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually) and that it creates pollution and causes destruction that are threatening in the long run all life on earth and on the short run our health and that of many species. On the other hand, it’s impossible for the vast majority of men and women on the planet today to go back to nature. There are neither the knowledge nor the abilities to do so. We have been considerably altered by living with the help of all our technologies, the money technology being the most harmful. What men were just some centuries ago and what we are today is already very revealing. If we take time to think of what was our physical strength and knowledge of nature, our emotional equilibrium (the longevity of couples and the unity of families is a strong example), the memory people had, their ability to think for themselves and most revealing of all their spirituality which in many people today is either nonexistent or completely dependent on a religion that causes wars or gurus and sects that dictate what you must think and do. Take an animal that we’ve removed from nature and has lived with men for several generations. If it returns to nature, the chances are that it will not survive and yet it has a better chance than we do as their minds are not an obstacle for their instinct as ours is. Humanity has millennium of conditioning and dependencies on technology. These technologies in most cases have replaced the natural abilities, capacities and knowledge of nature we once had. Thus the path back to nature will be a long one.

All this is thus going to happen gradually. We will first need to use the resources and technological tools to build the new earth, that is, our family domains. Gradually we will free ourselves from technologies to live more and more simply and closer and closer to nature. Ultimately Man will no longer need technology. But the time which we shall take to go down the road which leads to freedom must be counted in centuries. Once we’ve understood the errors of our ways and the destruction it has wrought on us and the planet the millennium, it has taken to cause this damage will take centuries to mend. On the other hand, we begin to feel the beneficial effects right from the first moments we walk on this path.

People enjoy living in community. To facilitate relations and community sharing, there will always be some simple technologies in our ecovillages. But it’s not all men who will use them. Some will refuse all technology and it will be those who are the most enlightened and the most powerful among us. So, yes, we shall gradually move towards a life without technology but this will be moderated by our abilities and individual likes and dislikes. Freedom will exist to follow the way which is convenient yet responsible and respectful of nature and mother earth.

This is how I see the evolution of family domains.

Peace, Love and Light

Blue Eagle



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