Jacynthe: do you believe in angels? And if yes, what are they exactly?

And entities? A lot of people believe that there are lost souls who can disturb the living, and that we sometimes need to “clear” places because of dead souls or others in the form of entities; do you believe in this phenomenon?

BE: Of course, there are all sorts of beings not embodied in a physical form that people call angels, entities, spirits, etc. There are many nuances here, mainly because of vocabulary. This subject is vast as there are a lot more forms of non-physical consciousness, which exist only on a subtle level, beings of light or electromagnetic energy, than physical forms of life that are embodied in solid matter. First Nations have always been in communication with many of these different forms of consciousness. Some have the mission of helping humanity and nature in a great variety of different tasks. Those whose mission is to help people in their spiritual development are called “angels” in the Judeo-Christian faith system. In Native culture, we call them ancestors. Ceremonies to honor our ancestors and communication with the people’s ancestors is common to all aboriginal people all over planet earth. It is the base, the foundation, the corner stone of our lives and our spirituality. The relationship with one’s ancestors is completely logical, rational and essential in the understanding of our human condition.

A striking example which can illustrate this relationship and its impact on daily life in aboriginal nations is that of the Mongolian shamans. When invited to share with them, I travelled to Mongolia. I shared ceremonies with them and I met their ancestors. The Mongolian shaman’s way is special and probably unique. They embody their ancestors during their ceremonies, allowing them to use their bodies and their voices during the duration of the ceremony. Thus, they begin speaking a former form of the Mongolian language, with ancient pronunciation in a poetic style full of imagery. When not in ceremony, the shamans are unable to speak in this manner.

One of the many benefits that have arisen from this relationship is that they are now writing all the ancient healing methods that were lost. These techniques were forgotten during the repression by foreign religions which have happened in so many other countries of the world. The same thing happened here in Canada as the Christian religions tried to obliterate our traditions and the knowledge of our ancestors. One of the shamans doing this work is a medical doctor that is successful in treating many ailments and preventing many diseases with these methods. The ancestors communicating with the Mongolian shamans are always those that are in their family tree even if they are sometimes very far in the past. Thus, we can see that the ancestors are always there, and that they can help us. This is a validation of the ceremonies that all aboriginal cultures perform to honor their ancestors. There is but the modern technocratic world which dismisses these practices as superstition and who relegate their elders to be forgotten and neglected in old people’s homes were many undergo the many brain diseases and memory loss typical of our modern population whose brain tissues are polluted by untold chemicals.

In your question you also mention lost souls. It’s a fact that in our modern world where death has become a mystery for the technocratic scientific mindset, many souls are lost between worlds. They are often in great distress and try to draw the living’s attention to their plight. They are lost, cannot communicate, are all alone with all the psychic problems they had when they were alive. Sometimes they don’t understand that they are dead, that their physical bodies don’t exist anymore. It’s extremely painful for those who have committed suicide to try to escape their plight, who find themselves in the same psychological situation but without a physical body to resolve the challenges of life. In time, some of these more evolved souls can learn to influence the physical world (make noises, influence the electricity of houses or moving objects). They are trying to communicate with the living as they are suffering and are looking for an escape from their plight. Imagine seeing and hearing the people around you but being incapable of communicating and having no way to touch, eat, drink, or doing any physical activity yet being fully conscious of your surroundings. A sterile, difficult, painful and solitary existence. Some people are aware of their energies and can be very perturbed by their influence, others can see them. We have ceremonies to help these souls find their way back to the light. I’ve helped several families confronted with these kinds of problems and have taught my students how to do this as there is a lot of them today.

We could avoid all this suffering if we understood that a person is also a soul and a spirit and not only a physical body. There have always been ways to assist the dying that are a part of every ancient culture’s rites of passage. Prior to this technocratic civilization, every nation had this knowledge. For example, all people used to wake the dead that is watching over a person’s body who has died, for three days. This was done preferably there where the person fell and died. We avoid disturbing the body and its environment. Thus, the soul had time to retrieve all the physical body’s memories. The eternal spirit of a person, which knows no limits, leaves the body at the moment of death. But the soul needs to collect the memories, acquired wisdom, experiences and spiritual growth of the person before reuniting with the spirit that will carry it to the light and the next stage in consciousness. It takes up to three days for the soul to collect all that has formed a person’s personality and experience of life as they are recorded in the cells of the physical body during life. Thus, a peaceful and serene atmosphere should always accompany the dying and dead preferably in an environment familiar to the deceased and its body should be moved as little as possible during three days. The soul has to find the spirit when it leaves the body and that is why you should not move it.

Regrettably, that is not what happens today and that is why there are so many lost souls. We may have invented many technologies, but they are not conducive to our happiness and they have invaded our life to the point where we have forgotten our true nature. God willing Humanity will once again resume his search for wisdom and a true meaningful relationship to the earth. We pray that our primordial human nature will again be investigated and asserted.

May all beings find happiness and the true meaning of life.

Blue Eagle




  1. With all respect for native traditions,
    It comes a time when one should ask itself;
    What true healing can one seek from mental bodies of dead people?
    True healing can only come from God/the One Source Consciousness.
    We are not meant to stay between the realms – we are meant to move on.
    Opening our existence to connect with entities can create a lot of damages and pollution.
    Entities becomes attached to us and start living off our life force, creating many diseases/distortions.
    I used to be a channeler and I would take medicine and allow spirits to dance through me. I was very innocent and I thought that was a good thing. I used to call them Eagle Spirits, term a shaman friend used to refer to some of theses benevolent spirits.
    There is a difference between what we call angels, entities and ancestors. Angels are the operators of natural law.
    There is some entities that are not mental bodies of dead people which we call non organic beings type B. They are a whole other story on their own. They can come and cause disruption or deviation upon individuals lives when they are not following natural laws.
    Ancestors, lost souls, etc. Are all mental bodies that are sticking around the limbo. For up to 13.000 years.

    There is so much more to be said about this.
    I invite you to look into Erfan Halqeh.

    Sending blessings your way dear

    • I’ve always thought channeling was a bad thing to do, unless its protected with extensive protocoles like the tibetan boudhistes and mongolians shamans do. I’ve worked with the Mongolian shamans channeling their ancestors and they come out OK. I’ve seen new age people do channeling and their energy body afterward was full of holes and they were far from healthy. The people stuck between worlds arn’t in their mental bodies, there’re souls, lost souls, and its an act of compassion to help them find their way. And they never get stuck thousands of years, there are guides that take care of them. Creator spirit would not allow useless energy like that sticking around in limbo as you call it. As yes there are lots of different kinds of non corporeal entities, and the highest angels were once human. They’ve evolved far past that and are immortal guides for souls on many worlds. We call them ancestors. As for the different classes of angels that were not human some are far from helpful, if you don’t know what your doing. They mostly have no emotions whatsoever and have specific work they do. Interdimensional being are often called upon to travel to different places in time… Yes vast vast subject.

      • Thank you for your answer dear
        It’s a pleasure to have this conversation. I would like to share more about this if it ever comes in

        I am curious where your name originates from. If it was received by vision? I resonate a lot with the energy of the Blue Eagle. I honor and value what you share.

        May Grace and Love be upon you

        Ps. Je parle français également. Je suis née à Québec.

  2. PS. beaucoup de mots ou phrases de mon texte ont été changés lors de la transmission du commentaire… merci de votre compréhension. Jacinthe
    En espérant que ce commentaire ne soit pas encore “dérangé’… ???

  3. ok, problème avec l’ordinateur qui changent mes mots… “que les gens ignorent ” . Je ne corrige plus si encore des erreurs dans mes phrases. Je ne comprends pas ce qui se passe. Désolée.

  4. correction ** Que de choses inconnues par la majorité des gens ou que la majorité des gens ignorent ** je ne sais pas ce qui s’est produit, ma phrase a changée… merci

  5. Allo Aigle Bleu,

    Vous êtes Toujours passionnant. Beaucoup d’explications ici et c’est très apprécié. Que de choses dont la majorité des gens ignorent. Je ne peux m’empêcher de m’interroger sur pourquoi les gens qui se suicident se retrouvent entre deux mondes. La religion Catholique a longtemps condamné les suicides et ils étaient enterrés dans des fosses communes à une certaine époque. Est-ce parce que ce serait une offense envers le Grand Créateur ? Serait-ce là une punition ?
    C’est incompréhensible le mal que les Européens ont commis en arrivant en Amérique du Nord, aux Premières Nations. Tous ces massacres. C’est abominable. Que sont devenues toutes ces âmes ?
    Ma liste de questions est longue tant le sujet est vaste. Que dire de la nouvelle technologie ( tél cell, ondes 5G, etc..) seraient-ce des moyens qui favorisent et qui sont utilisés aussi par les âmes errantes pour communiquer avec nous et lorsqu’elles communiquent en manifestant leur présence, le font-elles toujours respectueusement ? Y a-t-il des âmes plus ‘méchantes’ que d’autres ?
    Merci du fond du coeur pour tout ce que vous faites, Aigle Bleu afin de rendre notre monde et LEUR monde meilleur. Vous délivrez des âmes souffrantes et libérez du même coup des familles aux prises avec leurs “présences”. Vous êtes d’une infinie bonté.



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