B: Dear Blue Eagle, there are a multitude of different and varied therapeutic tools in the world today that pretend to heal and cure diseases of the body and even emotions and mind. It’s difficult to know which one we should choose. Do you think that all healing techniques have the same efficiency, or are some preferable to others?

AB: in my opinion the technique really is of secondary importance. What really matters is the integrity and quality of being of the therapist. The compassion that we feel when we consult a healer has a powerful impact. There are many extraordinary therapeutic tools today. We continue to use shamanic techniques, the Native understanding and knowledge of medicinal herbs, plants and mushrooms and many other ancestral ways, which are always very effective, yet because of the pollution and stress of the modern world we also use many supplements and modern devices. But it doesn’t much matter what techniques we use if three things are not included in the therapeutic process:

1-that the person whom you consult has an attitude of compassion. Healing is a lot more than a profession, it’s a vocation. The heart space of the therapist is very important, because all people who are sick or suffering are vulnerable and are seeking health and happiness, very intimate needs. A real cure is going to affect all that we are, and not only the physical body. The healee also needs to have the same attitude towards him or herself. To find their way back to health, a person also needs to love oneself, and be convinced that they deserve to heal. If that’s not the case, a good therapist is going to work with the person to create this feeling and attitude. If a person has compassion for themselves and the healer also has that attitude towards them, this will create confidence, which plays an essential role in the healing process;

2-the healee and therapist both need to have flexible expectations towards the results of the healing process. Finding health can take you too many different places as true healing is becoming a better person. All disease is the sound of your innate wisdom calling you back to unity, harmony and the laws of the universe. It’s the alarm that warning you that something is not right in your life that you are not in balance or not in conformity with nature or divine law. Thus all disease and malady, although unpleasant, are really very useful, as they incite you to re-align with your essential nature and true goal in life. Our evolutionary path always carries us farther and higher and disease is a powerful indicator of the path we need to walk. This is only possible if you are aware of this potentiality, and ready to walk on that path. That is why the results of a real healing are often surprising and sometimes brings us to unexpected results and places.

3- the third imperative is that you do what you must to heal. If we specify certain herbs and you do not take them, or don’t make the effort to do the exercises or practices and\or different remedies required or do not follow them up to the end, they will not be effective, even if they were suited to your case. This may seem an evidence, yet we are sometimes lazy, or overworked and have difficulties following the modalities of our treatment with perseverance. In my work as a spiritual healer, I’ve seen this numerous times. The patient begins his treatment, but interrupts it after a few days to go on holidays, or other activities or just out of plain laziness. Healing with natural methods takes time, it’s gradual, we need to have patience with nature, and this approach often requires some effort, but when the treatment is followed faithfully, the cure will be definitive.

This is where there is a huge difference with the allopathic approach. The effects of medication is always rapid and taking them easy but the disease will not be healed, as the cause will not have been addressed. And almost always in the case of taking medication for extended periods of time the disease will mutate into another malady. With modern medicine we are not talking about healing but the management of symptoms. True healing occurs in accordance with natural law. The ingestion of chemicals, even if we name them medicines, will in the medium and long term inflict damage to the global health of the body as they are chemicals and they all have side effects. The body has difficulty recognizing and managing chemicals, as they are foreign to the biological processes. That is why they all have side effects and why they accumulate in the body creating in time other diseases to the satisfaction of the pharmaceutical companies who grow rich on the backs of suffering people.

Current modern medicine is a mafia. They have a monopoly and they systematically attack professionals using natural and alternative health methods to preserve their monopoly. It’s very significant that they only attack those who have a lot of success with their healing practice. The quacks and charlatans they leave alone, as possible scandals can justify their actions against the other therapists. Proof that modern medicine is not really trying to help and heal resides in the training that doctors receive. Simple common sense indicates that we are what we eat, that the right food is at the heart of a healthy body. As Hippocrates said, «May food be your medicine and may your medicine be your food». Doctors have seven years of studies to become a doctor, yet have little or no teachings on how food influences our health.

Modern medicine is excellent for poly traumatology, for the severely wounded, third degree burns and diagnoses. When there is a need to treat the human body as a machine, to cut open, to sew back together, to realign, clean up, put liquids back in, they are excellent. But to treat common or even life threatening diseases my humble opinion is we need to avoid doctors completely except maybe to get a diagnostic so the natural healer has more info. We always need to work with nature as that is where we will find true healing.

We should never forget that we are not only a body. We have feelings, thoughts and spirituality. Our feelings, emotions, thoughts and our spiritual evolution have an enormous influence on our health. When we look at a person coming to us, with our traditional native approach, we are not looking at or treating the disease, we are working with and treating the whole person. We are going to consider all aspects of their lives, their physical body, their emotional life, their mind set and beliefs and their spirituality. As one of my elders said: “If you’re doing your work the way you should, the person that comes to you will leave you a better person than before.”

There are my thoughts today on health and therapeutic methods.

Blue Eagle


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