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As there is a time for everything, a different place for each one, since we don’t all have the same characteristics and functions. I would like to read what you think of the role and function of the hermit. You often emphasize community and the contribution of each one to the whole, but it seems to me that you spent 3 years in hermit mode before returning in this world and that your inspiration, your muse, Anastasia is she not a recluse?

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A Man who doesn’t know how to appreciate solitude has nothing to share with others. [1]» Reclusion and solitude in nature are important and I would even stress as being essential in the life of all human beings in this day and age. I’ve been fortunate to have been on vision quests and retreats in the forest. I also have a solitary nature, I like being alone to think things through. My sweetheart has often said that I live like a bear. So, yah, I’ve had my times as a hermit. Because of this I am free of many of society’s absurdities and conditioning. I have no manners, I say things directly as I see them. I don’t put on white gloves when the time comes to say what true and real. I sometimes like releasing a loud fart to see the reactions of people born into the ways of the world where simple biological functions are frowned upon. To see these sounds have such an impact on their feelings is hilarious. I also do this with the hope that they will begin to understand the nonsense conditioning with which they are afflicted. This comes from the sense of what is true, real and important, and one of those important things is an active sense of humour.

To live in solitude, to live as a hermit does not prevent a person from sharing with the world. Since you mention her, yes Anastasia lives as a recluse. When she was very young, the only human beings she saw were her grandfather and great-grandfather and only from time to time. She had a lot more daily contacts with animals than with humans. She lives alone in the Siberian taiga with her 2 children and see their father only occasionally. Her father lives close by but otherwise there’s no one for miles around. Yet not many people have done as much for humanity and the earth as this woman. She understands the current state of the world, the reasons why we have such problems and the solutions to these problems with surprising clarity. This is a good example of the benefits acquired through solitude and reflection in nature.

Animals, plants and elements (water and wind) are always doing that for which they were created. First Nations call this the original instructions. The only ones who possess free will, the possibility of going against universal laws, of behaving contrary to his original instructions, is Man. Humanity has been under the crucibles of intensive programming and conditioning by religions and technocratic societies using money and the banking system for 12,000 years now. This is causing an accelerated destruction of the earth’s ecosystems and the gradual deterioration of man’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being and abilities. We are destroying at an incredible speed the world which makes life possible. This behavior is contrary to our original instructions and to universal law.

When we spend several days alone in nature, the truth of the world begins to rub off on us. This is because nature and all beings within nature always respect universal law. There are no lies in nature. All which surrounds us is true! If we spend a few days away from other humans and their ways, the nonsense of our civilized way of life becomes visible and we begin to think as real human beings.

It doesn’t matter what name we give to the truth. Some call the Primordial Intelligence that creates life and the universe Great Spirit, God, or as many First Nations in a simpler terminology, our original instructions. Yet we don’t need any kind of religion or science to understand that there are essential truths which apply to all beings and are the basis of life on earth. To think about this, to understand these essential truths is the responsibility of all Men. Because of our free will if we don’t understand and reflect on our original instructions we will not know how to live in harmony with the world and create havoc and destruction.

One of the most powerful methods to start resonating in harmonic resonance with our original instructions is solitude in nature. Being shielded from the world of men and surrounded with the universal truth of nature leads us closer to reality and our own truth. We also find joy, love, peace and serenity there and our personal life path, that is unique for every human being, will also slowly be revealed. This is an ongoing process as that personal life path is always changing as we evolve and develop.

Hence, what is the role of the hermit? The hermit is one who seeks spiritual truth and spiritual sovereignty within nature. He has, unbeknownst to ordinary mind, a very powerful influence over the world without leaving the solitude of his cave. It is the most effective spiritual questing method that exists but it needs to be preceded with extensive and appropriate training. That will be the object of another conversation as it’s not simple today to understand how the human mind works in relationship with the world in the context of the extreme alteration of our minds within the current technocratic civilization. But we should all experiment solitude within nature at least a few days to begin touching the truth and healing our spirit. And since we’ve mentioned Anastasia, she claims that to really start deconditioning the human mind and realigning it with nature laws is a process that takes 9 days in solitude within nature.

All First Nations know this. We still practise these retreats that we call vision quests and moon lodges. We even invite people from all walks of life to practise this. We know how this is done.

We offer our wisdom freely, with forgiveness for the attempted genocide on our nations and the theft of our ancestral territories. Resentment, revenge, punishment is not our way. Yet, we still wait for Men to come to our wisdom stream. The future of humanity and our planet depends on our finding our way back to our original instructions and implementing them in everyone’s lives. If we do that we will heal, wars will come to an end, pollution will be purified, almost all diseases will disappear and the earth and humanity will be made whole again. We will one day come full circle to the paradise where we were born on mother earth, as beloved children of Great Spirit.

Blue Eagle

[1] Words of spiritual teacher Daniel Zekoutte

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