fleurs-bleu-dans-ciel-bleuWe live in a destructive and illogical world full of injustice, wars, pollution and decadence. Power and money are the pillars of our system destroying nature and plunging whole countries into poverty. The majority of the population is working too hard, like persistent flies trapped in the illusion of progress and obligations imposed by our governments. Bureaucratic constraints are constantly increasing, as the decrease in our liberties. More and more laws are billed to better control people. Pollution and related diseases are getting harder to manage. In this context, how to have hope?

I can only speak of what I know. Every person has their own motivations. Confronted to the world and its problems, a single man is so small. Yet, what I was taught by Oh’Shinnah Fastwolf (an apache warrior-shaman woman) ultimately, all we can offer to the world is the way we live our lives.

There came a time when I lost hope… I was being attacked by the system on all sides. Certain people, whom I call bio-robots because they are programmed to attack anything that is contrary to the system, and some in the Canadian government, were seeking to destroy my life and my work.  They used defamation and heavy-handed slander in the newspapers, on television and on the Internet. They aimed continual and very evil mailings and posting on many web sites to all my students, business partners and friends for several years. Twenty-five years of work was destroyed and friends fled or disavowed me. I was also going through the separation of an 11-year relationship with the mother of my daughter who had decided to leave me. Despite 25 years of loyal and fruitful services I had been rejected by my long standing teacher because I did not blindly obey her orders. I was down, I hit rock bottom. I had given up. I was thinking that I’d bequeath everything I could to my daughter. I had hope for her, but none for me.

Fortunately, the grace of Great Spirit gave us Anastasia. A dear friend who had organized my teaching in California, sent me an email speaking of the books this woman’s husband had written on her extraordinary life and teachings. This woman, who lives in perfect harmony with nature, has shown us what the life of a true Human Being should be. Her teachings completely free us from the illusions of this technocratic system. These writings show us the path to our liberation.   Reading these books, that were exposing the truth so clearly, simply and straightforwardly gave me hope. I understood that if I was so attacked it was because I was doing the right thing, working for the light, and like so many others the system and its biorobots wanted to crucify me for doing so. I understood that we would be able to transform the world and we would do so by loving the land and our families and by taking responsibility for the earth on a human scale that we could manage. I realized that I could still love and that life would give me love. I started to build a new family. The gardens began to take shape; my energy to create and build projects came back. I felt rejuvenated. I found happiness and joy.

Love is the answer! I love the world, I love my family and I love you. In this love, there is inexhaustible hope. I have always worked in order to find solutions to world problems. Going against the general trend of things, where everyone is thinking that technology and the system and governments will find solutions to our earth-threatening problems, has always been very difficult.   When the Medias convey all the nonsense we hear every day, I rely on hope, on thoughts of my garden and family. Real life is here on earth, in the garden with my family. It is both the present and eternity. We belong to the land and the land belongs to us. The system cannot prevent us from cultivating our gardens. The truth will survive the lies. Truth will be victorious! Ultimately, the truth wins and leads us where joy and health reside, surrounded by life and love for eternity.

My hope now is inexhaustible. It’s so important to communicate this hope in a world that offers no hope to young people. A world where young people commit suicide is a sure sign that it can’t endure! Suicide amongst young people happens in all countries ruled by the technocratic system.

Technology is not the answer. We must roll up our sleeves and till the earth with simple tools! Life is. Life is to be a Man, a Woman. Being a true human being means taking care of the land, this pristine paradise that has been given to us from the very beginning. It can satisfy all our needs and fill our heart with joy and happiness. The lies that we had a difficult life before technology are just that, lies. Look at the relaxed healthy lifestyles of all indigenous people living in nature and that becomes obvious.

The earth belongs to us and we belong to the earth. If we till the earth and take care of it, it will bloom and become paradise. That is Man’s true mission on earth.  Then, our families will be happy. In happiness and love we will develop our bodies, minds and spirit to levels we can’t even dream of today… What is in store for those who choose the path of truth and nature, the path of caring for mother earth every day and taking responsibility for their family domains is literally fantastic. They will inherit the earth, they will become beings of light, and they will transcend the world and become true beloved children of Great Spirit. Their power will be incredible and way beyond today’s scientific understanding.

So, there is great hope for us. Take courage and look upon nature and your families with love. Not all understand these things and many have closed minds. To those we can only teach through example. Those who cultivate the land and their family in natural ways are healthy and happy. The way back to nature and our family domains, although difficult, brings infinite rewards. Nature will endure and so will the Woman and Men who take care of her.

Peace Light, Love and Joy to all!

Blue Eagle




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