TELEPATHY – we all do it!

My blog, was started in May 2008 on the marketing advice of the Invocation’s Perfumes management. In time it became a true passion. This passion began hesitantly when I began to receive comments to my articles from my readers and then in earnest when I began to feel them.

When I was in training to become a spiritual healer with my Cherokee elders of the Bear Clan we were trained to communicate by telepathy. We had to receive and emit shapes, images and then precise memories. In time it became a second nature. It is not always easy to feel everything, especially in a couple when the spouse is not well. But sometimes it is very useful, for example when an employee is not well, to be able to act before it damages productivity. In healing work, it’s very useful. I remember certain mornings when walking in the forest I would have conversations with my elder who was more than 500 km away. It’s a natural ability we all have. I just had the opportunity to learn techniques and exercises and to be able to practise this during my training as a native spiritual healer.

Many years after, this ability gave me contact with a frequency which I could call wisdom. There are currents and waves of subtle information which come from the egregore of enlightened ascended teachers that guide us. During my morning walks in nature I would tap into this. It was so amazing that I felt a powerful urge to share this with others. Especially with the mass of corrupt and perverted information and data that medias flood to us today. It is then, approximately one year after having begun my blog that I felt this link with readers. It was as a current, a thread of communication, a vibrational sharing and suddenly the impulse to share this wisdom stream found its vehicle. So, I never run out of inspiration to write on my blog. What I often don’t have is time. 🙂

Telepathy is natural. We all have this naturally in its latent state and it often exists without our being conscious of it. It happens spontaneously between people who are close. How many times have you said the same thing at the same time with a friend or lover? How many times did you know intuitively know who was calling when the telephone rang? How many times did you feel that a lover or friend was thinking of you? They are all spontaneous experiences of telepathy. Most animals are telepathic. Have you seen how birds when practising migration flight in the fall know how to change direction all at the same time with phenomenal speed? Did you know that before a natural disaster all the animals have already left the places where they occur? Try this: go to a fence near a field where cows or horses are grazing. Focus on one of them and emit flattering thoughts of love: “you are so beautiful, so graceful, so strong” etc. In a very short time you will see the animal coming towards you or looking at you, even coming to see you. If that doesn’t occur, it’s simply that you have not learnt to send your thoughts in a focused and concentrated way.

This enables us to better understand how we originally had a real and powerful collaboration with animals. In paradise, as we truly did live in perfect harmony with nature in the beginning of our existence on earth (the caveman stories are lies that are easily debunked) families all had animals who would do different chores for them. These were wild animals, who lived free and came only when called. We’ve lost this capacity to communicate with animals, but when I see the young people today, if we begin training them early by inviting them to exercise this natural telepathy, how they come to it! It’s easy and normal for them and with what joy they communicate with animals. The reality of it is that it’s very important to live in harmony with the animal world and in the ancient history of humankind we have always shared the earth with animals and communicated with them. Only recently has Man lost the understanding of his true nature. Only recently (in comparison to the eons we have lived here) has fear insinuated itself into our consciousness. Only recently have we been afraid of not having enough food. What an illusion it is to feed thoughts of scarcity! On the contrary the earth is so plentiful. But this fear lead men to try eating animal flesh. In reality its madness to eat animals! It contaminates the relationship we could have with them, as then we smell like a carnivore which is in contradiction to our true nature. Simple common sense indicates, on examination of our teeth which are those of an herbivore and our digestive system like those of the plant-eating animals that to eat cadavers decreases the vital forces that can regenerate our bodies. But even there, it’s a process. It will take time, but slowly and gradually, we can work towards a plant-based diet and live in harmony with our co-workers on this earth, the animal kingdom.

Being in harmony with the world, with nature, is fundamental to being human. We have a long way to go. We are destroying the earth. This is because we have listened and believed the voices of the dark forces who by means of schools, media, institutions, religions and governments have filled our minds with lies and our bodies with disease and pollution. So yah, there is a very long road before us to turn all this around. And it begins with small daily actions. Walking barefoot on the earth in the morning, cultivated sprouts in our kitchens, growing edible plants in our houses, and cultivating our gardens. Then in time we can build communities of family domains which is the global solution! Thus, we shall once more become the deities of this magnificent earth mother and joy, kindness and love will bloom again for all our relations including the animal kingdom.

Some readers when reading these articles asked how they could develop this natural ability, telepathy. The exercises which were passed on to me are a part of the training to become spiritual healers of the Bear Clan of a specific Cherokee band. I’ve also practised telepathy with teachers of the Apache nation. It requires years of training. I’ve recorded many on-line teachings but they are all in French. On the other hand, this ability being natural, it can develop naturally. I can give you a few pointers to do this.

To begin it’s important to understand that the whole universe is a vast field of information where everything is connected by an energy network weaved in a coherent and all-encompassing web. Quantum physics have begun to discover this with their string theory. This can also be verified by the documentation of different groups of researchers and animals who did not know each other, had no communication, were separated by great distances, and were making important mile stone discoveries at the very same time. Everything is connected, all the time. What is needed it is to become aware of these links and to feel them. It is possible also to receive information from the mental body, what modern people call the brain but should more accuratly be called the mind, but it is much more precise when the perception is holistic, that is, when the perception is received by all bodies simultaneously (physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies). That is why I speak of feeling rather than hearing. It is thus essential to practise a form of meditation which integrates all of our being and the universe which surrounds us.

I invite you to take time to sit in the morning and evening and to observe your feelings and thoughts, without judgment and without trying to influence them. Just become aware of what moves through you. Everything being connected in the universe, we are naturally attuned to certain thought forms or dimensions of this universe and its beings, like a piano which vibrates on precise frequencies. Or like a radio, which needs to synchronize to a specific channel or station to receive it, so you are synchronized by your experiences, education, friends and family with certain thoughts forms and dimensions which operate in your dimension of the human experience. To observe your thoughts will help you to distinguish what belongs to you and what comes from these dimensions to which you are attuned. It also helps you to choose and not be a victim of the vibrations and the unhealthy thoughts which could influence you. You are not your thoughts. It’s very important to understand that you are not your thoughts and that you have free will and the ability to synchronize with and choose different thought forms. In time you can choose what dimensions in the vast fields of information of the cosmic and human universe you want to receive and communicate with.

Love and Light!

Blue Eagle





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  2. Bonjour Aigle Bleu,
    Un grand merci pour cet article qui m’apporte beaucoup. Cela fait du bien de lire au combien la telepathie est en chacun de nous, la communication animale importante, la connexion en general avec la nature est vitale.
    En vous souhaitant une belle soiree,


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