One of the most powerful tools used by the system to control the population, is the feeling of guilt. Guilt is a plow that plows the furrows where grows revolt, hatred, manipulation, segregation and racism. It was encoded in us by religion and the judicial system, passed on by families and schools from the youngest age through an education based on reward and punishment.

Disregard of the rules, regulations and laws brings reprimand and punishment. We also learn to expect a reward for the good actions or work that we do. Reward and punishment are supposed to maintain us in the straight and narrow, those ways which were decided by others. In such a system, those who do not manage to adapt are rejected by society. To give us good conscious, we give those people the label of criminal, crazy or sick and they compose the population of the handicapped, poor, miserable, homeless and imprisoned, those purulent wounds of our societies. Our educational system is built on fear, that of punishment or the absence of reward. Fear engenders guilt. And guilt engenders shame.

It’s very helpful to feel remorse and recognize our errors and mistakes. This will give the energy to correct them and\or look for help to resolve our issues. But guilt and shame are negatives emotions which paralyze. They are emotions calling for punishment. That is the main conditioning created by the current educational model.

Our need to find a culprit, a guilty one, for all the problems we encounter is an erroneous programming that’s built upon guilt. No matter what the problem is, the social civilized tendency is to find a culprit to punish to justify the inconvenience, injustice and suffering that was experienced. Certain persons today are even going to accuse the weather for their temper or depression looking at what’s without rather than within to find a solution to their problems. Thus, most of our social problems perpetuate as there is never a solution, the culprits and source of our problems being without, outside of us, where we have little or no means of action.

Technocratic society assign more importance to a laws, rules and regulations than a person. For example, we can be hard and cruel to another human being in the name of a law or regulation that they infringed. Punishment is dealt out, and can create indelible harm on the personality of a sensitive person (for example a child), as our inner souls are incapable of understanding why such importance is given to principles, laws or often arbitrary or cultural rules and regulations. Thus punishment will incite revolt and gives a message which will often alter in a permanent way the use of consciousness to determine what is good and what is evil, what a lie is and what is truth. Indeed, the person injured by punishment is immediately going to notice that this punishment is only inflicted if noticed by a person in authority or one who is going to denounce them. Thus, no need to determine good or bad, as rules, laws and regulations are often arbitrary or cultural, what’s needed is avoiding being caught, rather than the behavior in itself. The revolt that arises from punishment thus finds a way to express itself. That is why crime and injustice are so widespread in our current societies. The problem is that we are trying to program a person to do well by means that are cruel and violent or with rewards, all things that come from without. Yet the real education which allows us to develop our consciousness to naturally do what is good and kind is absent.

In First Nation’s original culture and tradition children were never punished. Every person is considered unique, a whole entity and thus susceptible to behave differently from others. All are loved and accepted for what they are. In communities or national decision-making, all are consulted even the children. All are able to live as they see fit as the basic community values are taught by example, by seeing what is well considered and helpful around them. First Nations didn’t need rules and regulations. They were invited to reflect on their inner true nature and the connections which unite them to the community, nature and the world. Thanks to this reflection, personal freedom in full respectfulness of all in the community becomes one of the intrinsic values of their lives. Native people need no reward to motivate their generosity and self-sacrifice. They find their motivation in the act of giving and serving, as those gestures give birth to joy, happiness, unity and love. Thus, motivation for one’s conduct comes from within! That’s why a police force and prisons did not exist in indigenous communities before the forced European colonization. Armies, police, prisons were not needed as all know how to behave according to their conscience that has learned what is good and what is bad. A man’s word was his place in the community thus all were truthful.

To create a real education which will teach a person to have a good attitude, good behavior and to do what is good, kind and helpful, we need to foster an inner understanding of what is needed. This understanding has to come from within, and not from some outer authority.

That is why there is so much injustice in modern technocratic societies. Nobody has learned to take responsibility for their actions. All broken laws, regulations and rules entail punishment which is contrary to the ultimate divine nature of our souls and believe me, all people know this deep within. What has replaced our consciousness is the system, the government, the justice and the many different authorities that are responsible for our lives. The policeman, the bureaucrat, the civil servant, those whose work is to make people respect the laws and the often arbitrary regulations and rules will inflict punishment without hesitation, even if it’s ultimately cruel and violent, without a second thought as they don’t take responsibility for their actions. What is responsible as they say: “it’s the law”. “It’s the rule.” “That’s what responsible not me!”

The justice system in reality serves those who are most fortunate and can provide themselves with lawyers, bribes and other means of protection. The rich feel justified to take advantage of others because they have the means to do so and that their consciousness has not been educated to distinguish from within the reality of ethics and values. What they have been taught is that money can prevent punishment from being dealt to them. They don’t feel the need to take responsibility for their actions as they are the fortunate ones. That is the culture and reality of a system based on money, banks and isms (capitalism, communism) which are all different technocratic systems whose ultimate purpose is to control and manipulate the populations of the world in favour of those who have the wealth.

How to correct this sorry situation? The first step is to understand the true nature of what it is to be human. There is no need for faith, knowledge or religion, as if we truly observe and reflect on the nature of the world and universe we live in, we’ll see that there is a Primordial Intelligence at work which sustains the natural laws, and that those universal laws preside over the creation of all things, including Man. If we continue to reflect and meditate on this, we will find that we are a part of this natural Intelligence, that in truth it’s our essence, our essential nature. As we look further into the nature of man and the world, we will see that we have been given free will and the power of invention so that we can improve on the beauty and usefulness of nature around us. We have the ability and intelligence to understand the world and influence it to make it a paradise that enhances the life force of all beings on earth. If we invent things ignoring nature’s laws, as in technology, we create chaos and this sorry state of world pollution, injustice, wars and ecological crisis. If we co-create respecting nature’s laws we will live in paradise. That is our responsibility, mission and role as Human beings. This in turn will make it clear that we need to claim our spiritual sovereignty. We have been given free will by the Primordial Intelligence for a specific reason. We are free under Great Spirits guidance to decide of our fate and the world we live in. We need to take responsibility for the state of the world. We need to understand that we are the architects of our lives and that the way we live influences the world around us. Our days are the product of yesterdays’ thoughts, words and actions. We are responsible for understanding the consequences of our way of life. We have unlimited power at our disposal if we truly accept our divine nature. We can manifest peace, abundance and the intelligence and logic of natural, healthy lives. Nobody can deprive us of our spirit, of our divine human nature. They can try and have been successful up to now to program and condition us to accept technocratic civilization that’s rapidly destroying the world we live in, yet as human beings we are free spirits and can choose another way.

It’s very difficult to change centuries and millennia of conditioning and programming and assume our responsibilities towards each other, nature and the world. That is why the schools we give to our children are so important. ( One of the first things we can do is choose to no longer respond and react to the negative emotions which influence a lot of our lives, guilt and shame. We are free to choose the life we want. We can choose to be happy; we can choose what is logical rather than what is collectively and socially accepted; we can cross the lines predetermined by others to better see what’s on the road ahead of us and what was hidden by this arbitrary line. Let us be happy and proud to opt for the truth rather than for the delusions which are the standard of technocratic societies. We are free beings! We are the sons and daughters of the Primordial Intelligence within the world and we are the co-creators of the world our children and their children are going to inherit.

First Nations know all this. First Nations tradition have those making decisions taking into account the needs of the 7 generations to come. They take time to think and to make the decisions which are healthy, logical and which insure the perpetuity of the resources for the future of human and natural communities (plant and animal) of the world. When there are misdeeds or transgressions toward another person or the community, the processes of restorative justice are put in place.

Restorative justice as the name says, allows for the atonement of the transgressions caused by a person. These amends must be made by the offenders with their full collaboration. The decision of what amends are needed are found with the consultation, collaboration and approval of the people offended. Thus there will be true restoration and healing and not just punishment. So that the amends are truly accepted by the offender there needs to be real and sincere remorse. This is created by the process in restorative justice where the people offended can freely and sincerely express what has happened to them and the effects and consequences of the person’s actions. There are no accusations, no arbitrary punishment, just the truth, the description with emotion of what was experienced. Thus, there is healing for the people offended as they have been heard by the person responsible and the amends and atonement that is decided together will come full circle in fulfilling the healing process. This process thus has no guilt, no judgment, just the potential to really receive the full emotional impact of a person’s experience allowing for deep healing of all involved as the offender also has to be emotionally involved and fully participate is such a process. It’s simultaneously complex yet simple, as it’s really truly human!

Each one of us has the same responsibilities. We are all Men and Women co-creators with the Primordial Intelligence of paradise on earth. Our spiritual sovereignty implies that what dictates our behavior has to come from within, from a true sense of what is true, good, ethical and moral. Our consciousness has the ability to determine these values. The time has come to be responsible for the world which we create for our children and their descendants.

There is a fundamental difference between these two views: one where the outer world and authorities condition our lives; and one where we are the navigators of our own destiny. The system doesn’t want free navigators it wants slaves. The agents of the system, the governments and their institutions, have effectively managed to control our lives by conditioning our choice of food, medicine, clothing and dwellings, even our sexuality and love lives are controlled by these forces. Yet, the spirit of Man cannot be enslaved. It’s up to us to begin the work of liberation, not by disputing the established order or in loud demonstrations against perceived wrongs, which are outer gestures that are easy to manipulate, but by transforming our lives from within.

True freedom comes naturally without us needing to really do anything. If we are awake and aware and take time to think things out, our consciousness will make changes without too much effort. Let us be watchful, attentive and let us observe our thoughts and our actions. We shall distinguish those that are dictated by guilt and conditioning and those who are the true expression of our identity as co-creators of a kind and truthful world. Then what is needed is to have the courage of our convictions and act accordingly.

Sometimes the numerous traumatic emotions and reactions created by guilt, punishment, segregation, injustice and racism have imprinted deeply on our psyche. We need to purify our emotional stream and one of the best ways to do that is to find a true confidant. The utterance and enunciation of these emotions then need to be experienced in a physical way as in laughter, tears, crying, screaming, cramps, shivers and similar expression that demonstrate that the trauma is moving out. It’s being transformed and these outer signs are the soul’s way of showing you that you can release, forgive and put behind that which is of the past. Emotions are like water. If they flow and are expressed, they immediately become different as water will adapt to any container it’s put in. The true nature of our emotional body is love, joy and peace and emotions are always trying to revert back to these foundational sentiments. Emotions are not really acknowledged in this artificial synthetic technocratic way of life and yet pent up and repressed emotions stagnate, rot, mould, ferment and creates problems which can become disease, addiction, perversions in behavior and other problems which will create even more guilt.

It’s important that we go through this liberation process so we can pass this understanding down to our children. They in turn will develop into true co-creators of paradise and will liberate this world from the throes of pollution, corruption and corporate criminal activity. This new world will be the manifestation of the true perfection of creation.

Returning to paradise is very simple and possible as it still exists all around us. Nature has never forgotten the laws of the universe and will always show us the way. We have for a time forgotten our original instructions and listened to the artisans of this technocratic system. We have been manipulated into being a part of this evil machine that has become a global cancer for the earth mother. We can free ourselves and become the healthy cells of a beauteous nature on a wonderful and ever plentiful Earth Mother. We can once again become the free navigators of our lives and recreate day by day, in tranquility and peace, the paradise of our family’s happiness and bliss, our family domains.>.

With love for you all

Peace and Light

Blue Eagle





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