Hello Blue Eagle, for some time I’ve been curious about magnetism which is, if I understood it correctly, a practice to help and heal people using the electromagnetic energy surrounding us. What is your point of view on this subject? Is it a practice used by Native Americans?

Thank you.


Hello Vincent,

Yes, it is the practice which we use. But to understand it we need to put more context.

The correct term here is not magnetism but the laying on of hands. And yes its basis is the use of human electromagnetic energy. This practice is known by every ancient traditions of the world and is described in the Bible (Luke 4:40) ( Acts 8:14–19). (Acts 6:5–6).

About thirty years ago, a doctor did some research on powerful esteemed healers in several countries and compiled the techniques they used. She then wrote a synthesis of the practices common to most of these healers and tried to reproduce the process herself. It worked so she the taught it to other people who also managed to help people by laying on of hands. So she wrote a book published in the United States which is entitled “Therapeutic Touch” by Dolores Kreiger PhD < >. I met Mrs Kreiger who is a very good friend of OhShinnàh Fastwolf, a spiritual elder of the Teneh (Apache) whom I’ve studied with for years. Dr. Kreiger’s approach has the merit of being simple and effective. This practice was taught too many nurses in the United States and to many health practitioners. It’s a simple and effective way of bringing healing, solace, relaxation and a general increase in vital energy to those who receive this “therapeutic touch”.

I was taught a similar technique by my Cherokee elders. It’s considerably more complex and intricate requiring years of training but in substance it’s based on the same basic principles. We call it the shaking hand method because the practitioners of this method often have their hands vibrate at high speeds when the energy reaches certain levels.

To better understand the universal principles underlying the laying on of hands and why we find people in all parts of the world using it, know that the hand is naturally endowed with healing energy. If we bang our knee on a hard surface the first thing we do is to rub this knee with the hand. Our body knows that the hand has healing energy and the reflex is innate. In the same way if a friend or relative is sad or suffering we instinctively touch them, holding them or taking their hands between ours. Our souls know that the hands have healing energy and the reaction is spontaneous and accurate.

Healers are people who have been endowed from birth with greater energy than most. But we need to understand that we all have this capacity. And thus the incredibly important work Mrs Krieger has done and the subsequent organizations that have promoted this approach to helping and healing.

In our traditional training in the shaking hand method, exercises are given to increase the level and strength of the electromagnetic energy which can be passed on to others through our hands. Although all people have this power there are those who received more talent or capacities and who have greater results. As in the music or the arts, there are 2 aspects to the practice: there is the talent and then the work we put into it. I saw musicians with very little talent succeeding by means of putting a lot of practice into their music and the others with a lot of talent doing nothing. The same thing is true for the laying on of hands.

In therapeutic touch we offer healing energy. We are not really touching the body as the hands are generally at the beginning of the etheric web, the first electromagnetic field around the body, thus approximately 30 centimeters from the skin. And yes it can be also used to help and heal plants and animals.

Being a healer or health practitioner in my opinion is not a profession it’s a vocation. On the other hand, we all have the potential to help and offer solace and assistance with our hands. It is simple and useful to know the basis of laying on of hands to assist our family and our friends in times of need. There are organization teaching this and the book by Mrs Krieger is a good guide. The process is also described in my book on crystal healing.

In the formal training that I offer on healing with crystals, the first stage consists in learning therapeutic touch. We can then move on to learning to amplify the process with crystals.  If you are interested in learning this I will be offering a training in English in Wendake First Nations, Quebec City region, in April 2020. Crystal Healing Course BE version usa canada

Peace and Light

Blue Eagle




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