A reader is asking: what the meaning of disease? I can give you my understanding, stemming from a lifetime of research on this subject.

Disease is the Great Mystery, Great Spirit, God, our internal Source, our Essence or whatever name we choose to give to our Essential Nature, Who’s trying to communicate with us.

First, we need to understand that disease is not our natural state. Our deep, fundamental being, as well as our body, answers to laws which are universal and they reflect both the perfect and eternal health which is the inheritance of all those who respect the laws of nature.

If we are in dissonance with the laws of the natural world, our Superior Power will indicate immediately that there is a disharmony. If we do not listen, It will insist by creating in our body discomfort and if we are still hard-headed, disease. So indeed disease and malady are positive. Indeed, they become the signal which is going to allow us to straighten out our lives, harmonizing our way of life, thoughts and feelings with the laws of the universe.

When we respect the laws of nature, we enjoy perfect health, constant joy and are often in awe of the beauty of the world which surrounds us. Our potential is infinite, I indeed say and I measure my words, our potential is infinite. We were created by Great Spirit in His Image. Men got lost along the way and we are now in an illogical, destructive, manipulative system, which deliberately ignores the laws of nature to align itself with the requirements of an economy that has become more important than the health of Man and his environment. That is why there are so many diseases today. So many in fact that this same system has had to create hospitals. Doctors and hospitals are recent in humanity’s history. The need for these institutions, before the technocratic era, did not exist.

It’s specific to Mankind to be a victim of its own errors as Man possess free will. The sons and daughters of the Divine have this freedom to go against the unchanging laws of the creation as this ability is necessary for us to exercise co-creation. But it happens that we become hard-headed and don’t make the right choices. We are harvesting in these times 12,000 years of erroneous choices. The forces of darkness and destruction, that will always be present in the universe—as there is always a dance which balances between life and death—have been very active during these millennia. From the very first civilization men organized, in ancient Egypt who invented money and the following indoctrination of the Hebrew nation who went farther to invent banks, these forces have succeeded in decreasing the potential and freedom of near all of humanity. People think they are free and yet their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual abilities and health are in constant regression with every subsequent generation. The only way to prevent man’s liberty is to program and condition him into dependency to many types of technology money being the first on that was used. Thus one’s vitality is sapped from birth. Diseases are thus very numerous and new diseases appear every year.

For example, if food containing OGM is ingested, the bodies which digest them will eventually become mutant, even more distant from the purity of our natural origins and thus from the perfect health which is our inheritance. New, very virulent diseases will appear and doctors will not know how to correct these problems because they will be very complex. It’s the very DNA of Man that will have been altered.

The universe teaches us that creation is perfect, that there is no need to change what is already complete and whole. If we have a deep understanding of nature surrounding us and live in harmony within it, it will give us all what we need to be healthy. That gives us the liberty to develop all of our potential which often results in spectacular achievements and foremost the beauteous co-creation of paradise.

Thus, disease is an alarm bell reminding us to come back to nature’s laws. It’s very important as nothing is more beautiful, whole and holy than Great Spirit’s dream, the magnificent Earth Mother created for his beloved humanity. Human nature is an integral part of the earth. In fact, in the beginning we created the earth in association with God (thus the term co-creation), thus everything was given to us, nothing was forgotten. We are the ones who have forgotten the earth and the infinite gifts of nature. But, like every mother, nature is always ready to help us correct our errors, so that our children and the children of our children can have a healthy and joyous life.

May disease thus become our roadmap to finding the path back to the light of truth. Disease is not our enemy, but our accomplice and our friend, the one who shows us the way that we can take to find joy, health, beauty and love! May we learn how to recognize in disease the unchanging logic, order and perfection of creation and the love which shows us Great Spirit’s infinite wisdom. This is not an easy thing to do today, but it’s better to work with the universal laws rather than against the universal laws.

Let’s give a small example to illustrate this. If we approach the healing of a health problem with natural remedies, examining life habits, events and foods which could have created the problem, at the onset of treatment there will be often a small increase of the symptoms. It is good sign, it’s that the healing work has begun. Healing completely will take time, as everything in nature takes time. But when done this healing will be permanent, this problem will not return. If we approach the problems with chemical medication, in approximately 60% of cases the symptoms will immediately disappear. In 50% of the cases where there is success, the body will do the rest and we can after a short time cease taking the medication. On the other hand, this problem can return, as the cause of the problem was not resolved. In the other 50% of cases as soon as medication is stopped the symptoms return. It will be necessary to continue taking them permanently. Soon medication will start intoxicating the body. As we know, that all medication has side effects these side effects will start getting worse. They will have to be treated with other medications. That wheel of dependency on chemicals will start turning, leading you gradually towards more and more problems and eventually death.

Other numbers that I’ve already mentioned that can help to understand. Before the coming of Europeans, there were in the First Nations of the northeast of Canada 86 different diseases, mostly with the eyes and lungs because of the smoke and humidity. In today’s medical books there are numbered close to 130,000 diseases. Before the coming of the Europeans, several nations would proudly differ to the wisdom of still healthy elders who were 120 years old and older. Today old people in technocratic society are often senile, losing their mental faculties to degenerative diseases, no longer recognizing their family members and eventually reaching a vegetative state often well before the first centennial.

Current technocratic civilization say that life expectancy is increasing!! Yet there has always been in all ancient world traditions and in my personal experience in China, in Japan, in India, in Russia and in America very, very old people who are still very healthy. They are called immortals. Even in western culture, in its oldest sacred book, the Bible, it is written that some had reached 800 years, 900 years and King Salomon 2000 years of age. My friend Leonard Orr, the inventor of a purification technique with the breath called Rebirth, met 8 immortals in India. The youngest was 300 years old, the oldest 2000-year-old. We also have some well-hidden immortals in America.

You do not find that these affirmations invite reflection? What this subject and the philosophy that underlies it evoke are very important food for thought. Our thanks to the reader who asked that question: what is the meaning of disease?

Peace and Light

Blue Eagle







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