THE ANT – totem animal

The word-key for ant medicine is patience. The ant can go considerable distances to bring a little food to its community. It can accomplish a stunning amount of work. It never stops accomplishing its tasks and it has incredible strength: she can carry several times its own weight.

The ant combines the power of several animals: it’s a builder like the beaver, it has the aggressiveness of the badger, stamina of the elk, it knows how to look at details like the mouse, and is as giving as the wild turkey.

This is because ants work in the spirit of the whole, the ant community. There, every ant has their place, each one knows what they have to do and be for the whole. Every single individual is in service to the group. Thus, self-sacrifice is a part of ant medicine. But its most important medicine is patience.

People who have this medicine are very active. They have a strong community spirit and know how to foresee the future and plan like the squirrel. They are satisfied with their small part in every moment of every day. In our current society with this tendency where everybody always wants everything right away this is an important virtue.

Another element of ant medicine which is very useful today is the ability to go slowly and deliberately and to know what one’s role and mission is. Ant has a knowledge of what is in its universe and a confidence in abundance which is very important. Thanks to this confidence, it always acts with great conviction. This gives it exceptional working power.

Those who possess this medicine knows how to trust and demonstrate patience in all situations of life. When we need these qualities, it is good to call on ant medicine.

Confidence in the abundance of the universe is sometimes forgotten in a social and civilized context where programming and conditioning and centred on the feeling of scarcity. This is intentional as it deprives people of the confidence that nature and the universe will always supply us all with what we need. So, most people become dependent on the system rather than sovereigns being co-creators of paradise because of their knowledge of the workings of nature.

The ant can help come back to our original instructions and mission on the planet of being the gods and goddesses of nature. It can help us acquire the natural confidence in the abundance of nature and this magnificent universe which gives us all that we need.

Appeal to ant medicine to find your place and role in the community and keep it. It is very important to know oneself our strengths and our weaknesses. Our talents and abilities are always there where we have our passion, there where we have joy and enthusiasm. Then work is not work because we love what we do. When we have determined our strength, passion, life path and mission then we need to work at it patiently but relentlessly. We need to find an echo of our joy, passion and convictions in other people with whom we can make a success of our work and our lives. If you work as the ant does, you will be an unstoppable force and will in time be able to move mountains if it serves your community. May the ant help us change our world that so urgently needs to come back to the wisdom and simplicity of nature.


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