Two suggestions from two different readers have come to me this week. The first one, what is the difference between the personality, the ego, and the authentic being, the self, and 2nd where do I find all my inspiration. Curiously, these 2 subjects have common roots.

The personality or ego is the limited, programmed and conditioned person who does not think for himself, but limits his/her concepts to the criteria collectively accepted by the human world in which she/he lives. For example, accepting the government, current pharmaceutical medicine, pollution, taxes and a way of life which destroys nature, without discussion, without thinking, without a question. It’s the person who thinks that his body, feelings, thoughts, and experience of life determines reality and what life is all about. Such a person often has no intimate knowledge of Great Spirit (it doesn’t matter what name we give to God or this creative intelligence), has no direct conscious experience of the source of life and does not understand the fundamental unity which exists between molecules and galaxies. This is a deliberated choice, the decision to wear blinders and remain oblivious to reality. It’s a fact that in this way everything is simple, we do not need to think or reflect, truth is what we’ve been taught at school and in society, we have no need to question, we can go through life on automatic like a programmed biological robot with no need for the uncomfortable twinges of our conscience. The ways of society then become very important, social status, money, glory and reputation, entertainment, pleasures, attachment to possessions, materialism, etc. everything that is appearance rather than authentic being.

The self is the unlimited person created by Great Spirit in His/Her image. It is Man and Woman, gods and goddesses to whom the earth belongs and who belong to the earth. This being is sovereign, free, with an almost infinite potential. Curiously, this state of being gives a true understanding of reality and thus great humility. The ego, the personality, is moulded by pride, but the self is forged with humility. Do not confuse humility with the feeling of inferiority which is created by the conditioned ego and personality. The reference for ego is society. The reference for the self is its own divinity. The reference for the ego and personality is the outer world, the human world around them, as it influences their thoughts and feelings and conditions their experience of life, whereas the reference of the self is communion with the soul, an inner, internal experience of reality which transcends the world. The self will periodically want to experience solitude, moments of interiority where he/she can reflect and find the truth within. The personality avoids solitude and will strive for honours, social activities, and assemblies (like sports or politics) that will justify and confirm its understanding of the world.

“A person who does not appreciate solitude has little to share”, once said an enlightened being. When we enter solitude the goal is to understand the truth within, not to flee the world, but on the contrary to be better able to share with the world. We are in constant interrelationship with everything that is. True inspiration comes from within, from the sacred communion with the unlimited and divine being whom we truly are. Within this reality of being, inspiration is inexhaustible, but always expresses itself to help, to heal, to share and to be for others a source of joy, love and peace. In such a context, we have a very fertile even unlimited creativity. The source of all life will pour through us, and it is from that source that we find our sustenance and life.

It is so simple. This reality is the same for all human beings even if the majority today choose a different way of experimenting life. It is not better or worse, it’s just a different path. Yet, humanity today has real life threatening problems. Our way of life is destroying the future of our children and all life on earth. Thus I believe we cannot afford to choose the superficial materialistic way of life rather than the path to our own soul and unity with the world.

It takes courage to choose an inner truth rather than outer conditioning. It takes will power and constant awareness to choose what is real and true rather than to depend on what others say about it. As humans we have free will, the power to choose… Our choices will determine the future of humanity on planet earth.

Blue Eagle




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