Morning rises on the sea of cloud free awareness.  As it awaits the sun all of nature quivers silently in infinite peace. Like beads between the fingers of a monk, like water around the rocks of a stream moments of infinity go by, one by one.  Dreams of the night fray like clouds in a wind of light.

The world of blind men continues their technocratic pollution in spite of this moon which shines majestically. They’re like a harnessed horse with blinders hiding the truth, moving forward under the whip of money’s machine.  But the morning continues to rise and all will hear the songs of life. Those which do not listen will not live on the body of this majestic goddess with her valleys and mountains of incredible beauty.

Go, go, heart of the universe, go, go, conquer the world of blind men who would not understand… may they find a home where their eyes can open and their hearts weep to reunite with their eternal family.

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